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Oct 6, 2010

dirtbag crew.

Wednesdays are always our favorite days here at RIF... its the middle of the week and the weekend is fast approaching. Pretty relaxed Wednesday to say the least... a couple of STEALS came in and our boy SWEETS from HUF came by and chatted it up. Here's a recap.

Karl's baby watching service. After Edouche hired a new crew he passed on his babysitting service to Karl...RIF X KARL X Babysitting service.

Get your shine on youngin'


1/1097 guess which Jordans these are.
Our boy MATT from Corporate Cincinatti always makes sure to stop by RIF whenever he's in the city. Good to see you Matt.
The day slowed down a bit so we decided to pay a visit to our boy Sweets at HUF.
If you haven't already noticed HUF is taking HUGE steps with their in-house clothing. From making a few shirts and sweaters a season to creating entire seasonal clothing lines from t-shirts, hats, button downs, jackets, everything and anything you can think of.

As you can see moves are being made. One Day.
Cutting out the middle man. Huf brand shoes are the perfect sneaker for casual lifestyle and skate wear.
Your sure to find sneaker that you like with this line.
Dirtbag Crew.
Shirts and more.
If you need New Era Baseball caps, HUF has you covered.

Only if you saw what was in those boxes. HUF is definitely doing it.
Back home we're trying to make our own moves at our own pace, One needy person at a time.


Before again, Hopefully he puts them to use. Nice to meet you James stay up man.
Like we say. WE recieve goodies everyday. Thank you ALL.
The bus driver came in with The Fresh Pair of '99 AJ 4's. If you dont remember from our past BLOG entries is was one of his Grails. Its always good to see customers that hunt for their grails then after aquiring puts them to good use.
Too Fresh.
Just like they release in '99
Within a few hours of wear awwww nawwwww, so it begins.

DAMM. Its alright Chris atleast you wore your shoes instead of keeping them hidden in a BOX.

As you already know our other store is located in Japan. Under the name of LA. Ave. On the right is our good friend RIO. He will be making a trip state side this week so if you stop by the shop make sure to say hi.

more goodies to come.


Anonymous said...

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