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Nov 27, 2010

Darker Shade of Brown Friday.


Mark and Friends soldiered the sale and arrived at 3 AM.!

Everyone had a FAIR oppurtunity to purchase the BEST DEALS on new and OLD sneakers.

Here's Efren Bringing his boys to scoop on the STEALS!

Red and BLUE Lobster Dunk SB's for $100.00? Not a bad deal!

Everyone waiting in line could see the DEALS already sold, but little did anyone know we were re-uping ALL day with new deals. Those who were patient were blessed!

It was a family affair, Fathers and Sons were present ALL say scooping on a BF deals.

Did we mention that it was a family affair, We're wondering what kids were telling thier parents on why they had to come to RIF at 3 in the AM.

A few shoe shots of the day.

Edouche in his CDG converse.

UNDFTD Poorman WEAPONS for $100.00, time to wear them out.

Patients was KEY in this SALE.

Manny Handling the LINE.


Everything in this picture was priced below $60.00, not too bad


Wasn't retail, $250.00?

Everything in this picture(on the floor) was priced less then $70.00 by the end of the day.
Patients was key.

What the Dunks for $400.00 Penny Foams for $100.00?

On the outside. Real Sneaker fiends and Supporters waiting more than 5 hours, but we're sure NO ONE complained by the end of the day

Justin being Justin.

Hours in.

This was at 4PM.

Manny and Murad, taking a breather around 6ish. Good work gents. Thank you ALL that made it to our SALE. WE not only exceeded our expectations but hopefully made those that attended happy with the prices and customer service.

We apologize to those of you out of STATE that couldn't partake in the BF sale. But RIF has something special for all the international and out of State supporters, stay updated on our blog.

Thank you again to all the purchased RIF SHOP Tee's ...to all that attended you know we did not enforce our rule of purchasing a TEE after a $100.00 purchase(if we did we wouldn't have any left) but assuming after selling over 200 TEE's we're doing something right.

Don't worry out of STATE and International supporter, our CLOTHING e-commerce sight will be up SOON and SHIRTS will be re-upped and ready :)

Thank you again ALL, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS from RIF.


Anonymous said...

Damn!! Wish I coulda been there!!! It sucks living in the Midwest!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That Efren guy is a big faggot, he's probably on ebay trying to flip those lobsters for $300, just like he's trying to sell some black yeezys for $2,000. come on man, get your grown self a job faggot.

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