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Jul 25, 2012

Robert Farris Jr.

Most people find motivation and inspiration from Actors, Musicians, and overall those in the media spotlight. Its human nature to mimic behavior and attitudes seen on the big screen and our PC's at home.

Its in our nature to act like those who are affluent, strong willed, and overall "swaggy." Our perception on what is important or who is motivational is sometimes seen through lenses that we cannot relate to nor comprehend.

When we step outside our homes sometimes a different persona takes over and we perform like those in whom we admire. Some of us act arrogant like Kanye, "tough" like Tupac , and sometimes devonair like Clooney. How ever we behave in public its sad that sometimes its never like ourselves at home.

Our Admiration is praised towards individuals we don't know and most likely will never meet.

And its only when its TOO Late we realize that our greatest influences and motivations NEVER came from our favorite Ball Players, musicians or those we worship on the BIG Screen... but from those in our very own homes.

This week our GOOD Friend and employee of ours lost his Father.

His name is ROBERT Farris Jr. Father to our very own CARL Farris and to those who do not know him, he is the one always answering your phone calls, answering your emails, conversing with instore customers and overall making sure that YOUR experience here at RIF is never forgotten.

Robert Farris was born in a SMALL town in INDIANA and later proudly served his country for 3 years stationed in GERMANY as a paramedic.

After his short tenure in Europe he moved to Los Angeles and attended UCLA to complete his BS in Psychology.

Later married and proudly raised two children one of which is the ONE and ONLY Carl.

Mr. Farris an eclectic man collecting, watches, cars, and even comic books. The passion and love for his hobbies never over shadowed his responsibility as a Father and ALWAYS made sure there was a hot plate on the table for his family.

Though gone, Robert Farris will never be forgotten and his motivational attitude, influence and integrity lives on through CARL.

RIF prays for the Farris Family through this setback.

 MR. Farris, save us a seat up there... I'm sure you'll be waiting ready to tell us what happens next to Peter Parker.

with love and respect, RIF.


RIF will be in attendance in the CELEBRATION of the LIFE of ROBERT FARRIS Jr.



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