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Oct 30, 2013

SD Sneaker Swap Recap

This past weekend, a few members of the RIF team had the pleasure of heading down to San Diego to check out the 2nd official SD Sneaker Swap event.  First off, we'd like to thank everyone who made this event possible.  It was a GREAT event overall and the turnout was tremendous.  It was a good feeling to see the sneaker culture in full swing.

There were plenty of give aways and raffles throughout the event.  They even had a wheel you could spin to win prizes, it seemed to be the crowd favorite.

A subtle, yet very key difference between this show and others of the past was the food.  S/O to the SNACK bar, we were able to get delicious meals here for a great price.  

Sinfully Sweet was among the vending tables at the event and below you can see some of their work.  Who wouldn't have a happy birthday with a Tiffany Dunk cake.

Personally, I grabbed the Yeezy 2 vanilla and raspberry cupcake which was BOMB.

They even had Air Mag cupcakes that each came specially packaged.  Be sure to check out their website here.

S/O the homie @Sk8theGr8 who was in attendance with a nice table.  He decided to bring out all the kids sized heat to the event which no one else had.

All GS sizes.

Here's a close up at the majority of his table.

Take a look at the toddler sized shoes as well.

Speaking of Baby shoes, check out this crazy OG Jordan collection featuring only size 10c J's.  This was by far one of the best displays at the entire event.  

The homie Lavish had his vendor table set up at the event as well, nice to see you brotha.

Take a look at some of the Heaters on his table.

Talk about a Lavish SET of shoes, his & hers featuring some of the most sought after kicks.  

Another table that had plenty of heat was the SharpShoeter's, nice to meet you man.  His table consisted of some of the older Air Maxes and SB's that you simply can't find today.

He even had a pair of Custom "Skunk" Air Max 1's.

Here's a close up of his table.

Shoutout to Kolorblind Shoes who was in attendance.  Nice to meet you guys, they had a TON of shoes for sale.

Here's a few close ups of their table.

Shoes on shoes on shoes

Take your pick.

The venue was so packed, people had to resort to setting up their kicks on the floor.

Here's a look at a few random tables from the Sneaker Swap.

Another table

Below, you can see an additional table.

The table below had plenty of heaters.

There's nothing compared to a pair of OG Space Jams, yellowed and all.

In addition to shoes, there was a pleasant variety of sneaker-inspired artwork on display at the sneaker swap too.  

This was a nice piece showing the recently released Atmos AM 90 "Duck Camo" 
We still have select sizes available of these shoes in case you missed out.

Here are the sneaker shots from the event.
Michael Lau Dunk SB Low

Cal/Marquette AJ 4 PE

AJ 4 Lightning

Nike SB Dunk High Supreme

AJ 1 Dave White

Nike SB Blazer Supreme

AJ 6 Infrared 

Nike SB Dunk Low Supreme

Nike SB What the Dunk

Overall, the SD Sneaker Swap was a great event that featured PLENTY of shoes, good people, and good vibes.  S/O to everyone that went, and we look forward to seeing you at the next sneaker event.  
DXC San Diego coming soon..

Stay tuned until next time, until then have a blessed week folks.


Oct 23, 2013


Normally, the blog focuses on the latest news happening at the shoe store, but today it's going to take a shift to see what happened at the clothing store recently.  Below, RIF DOS can be seen in a calm and peaceful state, but it has been a much more chaotic scene in this shop the past few days.

It's not too often we get in 6 pairs of Nike SB Supreme Dunk Lows all at once, so of course this group was subject to an improptu photo shoot.  

In addition to snapping a picture for the blog, we couldn't resist posting this Instagram-worthy shot.

Finally, we'll take the focus back to the shoe store with a couple of sneaker-shots.  It's not too often you see a South Beach LeBron 8 in a kids size.

Here's a look at a pair of OG Jordan 1's located in our display case.  They just don't make them like they used to..

Stay tuned until Friday for your next blog post, until then..

 Have a blessed week.

Oct 17, 2013

As Usual

It's been a busy two weeks here at RIF, we've been busy preparing for the 2013 Holiday season.  We are proud to announce that the NEW online web-store will be launching this Black Friday.  The new website will not only feature shoes, we will also be offering a CLOTHING section.  Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to the launch date.
Who's been keeping up with the Los Angeles Dodgers this season?! Manny was caught repping his LA cap at work this past week, who do you have your money on for Game 6 this Friday? We all know the Dodgers are going to keep ReInForcing Los Angeles.
Not only are some people supporting the Dodgers, others are pushing the WEST COAST movement till they die.
Danny making sure the sales floor is on point, as usual.
In addition to Men's size shoes, we also carry a limited selection of Kid-sized Air Jordans.
There have definitely been a few gems that have come into the shop lately that you simply don't see that often.  Below, take a look at Michael Lau Nike Dunk Low Sb's that come with the toy and special box.
With the upcoming release of the Bred Jordan 1's, it's only right to snap a quick picture of these 1994 Bred 1's.  Contrary to popular belief, no new releases come close to these beauties.
We'd like to thank the homie Carlos for blessing the team with this Mexican Pizza, we always appreciate whenever friends and family come through with some food.  #GPHGP
S/O to Ryan from the Sole Restorer team for stopping by the shop.
S/O to SD from GBE for coming through to the shop.
Here's a look at a few of the sneakershots from past week.
Yultron is rocking his 2013 Shadow 1's.
The homie Brian wore his 2011 Black Cement 3's.

Cris rocking his '88 Jordan 3's.
Noel in his Cool Grey 4's
LeBron 9 Low "Arnold Palmer"
The Perfect Pair wearing his LeBron 10 Black Denims.
Take a look at one of the most recent releases from Jordan brand, the AJ 5 "Bel-Airs"

Here's a look at the medial side of the shoes.

 Finally, a look at the mismatched tongues.

That's all until next time folks, stay tuned..

Have a blessed day