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Feb 28, 2013

3 Hunna

While many of you know RIF LA is the go to spot for most sneakerheads in the greater Los Angeles area, we are now becoming more acquainted with our celebrity cliental. Shoutout to Young Chop (@Youngchopbeatz) and the Homie Wayne for stopping by! Real cool dudes, in case you DONT know Young Chop is one of the BEST producers today, of course Carl is keeping it 3hunna... He even asked Young Chop if he can be part of GBE... Looks like Carl is going to keep his day job.

 Derrick Williams (@DWILLVII) of the Minnesota Timberwolves has been supporting us for a while now.  He even donated some of his very own Player Exclusive shoes to the homeless a few months back.  As you can see, Kilroy Carl and Manwell are his Number 1 fans!
#GPHGP #1fans

Not only did Derrick pick up a few pairs of Jordans, he made sure his ENTIRE team was laced up as well.  Shoutout to everyone else who came through with him, we hope you ALL enjoy your kicks.  Be sure to check out Derrick's boutique as well (@VIIGRAND) via Instagram

Intern Connor and Manager Manny were caught BBS'ing on the job.  Get back to work kids

What the Dynamic Duo wore, Connor rocking his '01 Tres and Manny rocking his 2001 Bred 1's.  

Derrick couldn't decide which one was better... What would you go with?  The Black or Platinum Yeezy 2's?!

Derrick decided to keep it simple while he checked out these Blackout Jordan 5 P.E.'s.  Manny photo-bombing in the background

In honor of #ThrowbackThursday, Carl decided to put everyone on to his favorite G-Unit song... 
Thank you Derrick & crew for coming through to RIF we'll see you guys again next time you're in town.  Also, congrats on the good game against the Lakers (15pts and 8 rebounds)
Until next time, have a Blessed Friday- RIF LA

Feb 26, 2013

American classic

Each and every one of our customers know that RIF is the place to go to get classic Jordan's and Nikes, but apparently we're now the local spot for classic cars?! Shoutout to Scott for coming through this past weekend with this American classic, 1964 Chevy Impala SS.

While Jordan Brand has recently released the Jordan Retro 3 '88, has anyone seen these yet? My guess is no!  These are a 1/1 made by one of RIF's  supporters, Herbert Neil.  How do you like this take on the classic shoe?

Now Available at RIF LA:  LeBron X Cork

Don't forget to visit RIF Dos, aka the Clubhouse, whenever you're in Little Tokyo visiting the shoe store, take a look at our selection of Supreme, Visvim, Neighborhood, and More. Or just lounge around on the nice chairs like yours truly.

Stay Tuned for these RIF x Bespoke snapbacks

Our selection of Supreme hats

It's about that time for the Sneaker Shots of the weekend, sadly Kilroy Carl didn't make the cut this weekend :(
  Here's Intern Danny starting us off with the LeBron X Cork.  

Justin Hustle with the Raging Bull 5

Paul Whiskey rocking the 2013 Royal Blue 1's

Looks like we saved the best for last? KD IV Nerf

Looks like someone enjoyed our RIF sticker releases from 2012.. Stay tuned for our plans with RIF clothing, hats, stickers, etc.  in the coming days.  Until next time, have a Blessed week.

Feb 18, 2013

By Any Means

This past President's Day Weekend has been the BUSIEST weekend so far in the new year.  The team had to gear up heading into this chaotic weekend filled with some MAJOR releases with the Area 72 Pack coming out.
RIF essentials: Starbucks Iced Coffe x Royal Blue Jordan 1's 

One of the hottest releases of 2013 now available at RIF LA: The Air Jordan 3 Retro '88

This weekend was filled with major releases thanks to the All Star game.  Here's just a few of the shoes from the pack:  LeBron X, Barkley Chuckposite, and Kobe 8
What's your favorite shoe from the Area 72 Pack?

Manager Manny was ready to put in work this weekend and make sure the shop was running efficiently, he was especially happy to be rocking his favorite Supreme hat.  By Any Means

Intern Danny was #PushingWeight like usual, making his first of 3 daily runs to Fedex with packages, good work Danny  

Heffe and Carl couldn't believe how busy it was this weekend.  Jeff giving us his Not Sure if Serious face

Here are the Sneaker Shots of the weekend:  Who was rocking the best HEAT this weekend?!
Kilroy Carl coming in clutch and living up to his name with the Jordan Kilroy 9's and his signature charcoal grey sweaties.  Young Ignorance.

Amsterdam Air Max 1's

Air Jordan Doernbecher 4's

SUPER interns Danny and Connor.
Danny with the Red Supreme Lows and Connor rocking the Black Supreme Lows

Shoutout to Ben Baller for blessing Ed with this pair of Converse Missonis.  We appreciate it Brotha! Good People Helping Good People

We hope you had a great weekend, we appreciate the continual support.  
Stay blessed - ReInForce LA

Feb 12, 2013

Pushing Weight

Little Tokyo has always been a beautiful and comfortable location for us ever since we opened our doors in 2006.  Even if it's February, you can expect a clear blue sky and the sun to shine every day.  The perks of California weather in Little Tokyo is seen below.

Carl has been breaking necks everyday he works.  He's always featured on our sneaker shots of the day, and for good reason.  Who's gonna step it up and take home the honors of Sneaker Shot of the Day next time?!  Here he is rocking some Galaxy Foams.

Although Carl's shoe collection is superb, the homie Jacob Bobst came thru and had to SCHOOL Carl on some sneaker knowledge from YEEZY II's to South Beach 8's

This is another shoe Jacob had to teach CARL about, can you name this sneaker?

Let's give a warm welcome to RIF's newest intern, Danny.  As you can see he is #PUSHINGWEIGHT since his first day on the job.  This is the first of THREE deliveries we make on a DAILY basis, thanks to all the support to all our loyal customers who stay copping kicks online

We've been getting more shoes in the shop than ever before, so you know that means we are displaying more too.  The Wrapping station is routinely filled up with kicks that are ready to be put on our display floor, don't sleep on all the DEALS

Since Danny got all his work done, he decided to take a stroll through the Little Tokyo Plaza.  

If you're ever in the area, be sure to check out the one man band, Arthur Nakane.  Danny is his #1 fan after watching him perform, he even had to cop his CD.

Until next time, from Little Tokyo...

Feb 1, 2013

A1 Everything

This past Thursday night the RIF traphouse crew was cordially invited to celebrate
the grand opening of Yojie Japanese Fondue's THIRD location in Diamond Bar.  Shoutout to the good people at Yojie for taking care of us, hands down they have the BEST shabu shabu so be sure to check them out.  

After taking a look at the menu, we all had a plate of The Geisha which was a nice, lean serving of beef.  A1 food and A1 service, safe to say we were treated to A1 Everything

The first thing we all noticed when we arrived.  Who's Rolls Royce Phantom was this?

None other than the good homie Ben Baller (@benballer)
It was nice to see you and chop it up brotha.  Real Recognize Real.

Since we were all in a celebratory spirit, it was only fitting we popped a bottle.  Courvoisier all around for the RIF team

As you can see, the TURNUP was real for Manager Manny and Kilroy Carl.  

Sneakershot of the day: Carl rocking his Cool Grey 4's and Manny rocking the Shadow 1's

 Good Food, Good People, Good Vibes.
Congratulations again to Yojie, it was most definitely a great grand opening party and we appreciate the food and service.  RIF will definitely be back, we appreciate it again! #GPHGP