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May 27, 2011

Memorial day TEE.

This weekend marks another holiday, not only can we pay our respects to those who have died in serving our country but is a great excuse for BBQ and BEER.

To mark this occasion RIF in Cooperation with Tantum created our Memorial DAY TEE.

Simple stars/simple tee one pocket.

Only 50 Peices produced, GET THEM at RIF starting MONDAY. First come first serve.

speaking of small quantities, our PATCHWORK tee made in a burnt Orange 50 Peices. Next Saturday.

Get em while their hot. More detailed pics coming this week.

good fridays.

Its always nice to see locals around Downtown LA that at one point were down on their luck and now slowly progressing into a better chapter of their lives. Although we are in the business in making money we ALWAYS try our best to help the less fortunate. With all of your help we have helped countless less fortunate people turn their swag on #swag

Here's Joey a nice guy who just recently joined a state program which allows him to stay off the streets and work at the local mission. You cant see it in the pic, but you already know he's wearing a fresh pair of white/grey dunk lows.

Joeys co-worker/homie sporting his new white and royal dunk lows. Shininnnnn

And little tokyo's finest ANDRE walking out with a fresh pair of AM 2010's. Nice shirt Andre ;)

Our shipment is here. what a LONG week. So glad its the weekend.

Get them while their hot 30 pairs left, and if you don't know what these are don't worry bout it bout it.

speaking of new arrivals, our last batch of RIF lights just hit the shop, get em while their hot.

Speaking of HEAT 1 of 24 pairs of Koston X KOBE SB's. Looking at the shoe its an interesting mashup of the KOBE 6 X Koston 1. Not to mention the packaging is top-notch.

Manny Fresh's new mobile phone. No more pager for Manny Fresh.

Manny X Lennard Cupcakes. Looking at this Pic you know they mean business. Nice blouse Lennard.

Alright all, have a safe and FUN filled weekend. PEACE.

Skeme - APE SH!T (VIDEO)

KRAZY (Ape Sh!t) from LAUNFD on Vimeo.

May 22, 2011


*PRE ORDER* AJ 3 Retro TRUE BLUE 2011 size 8 - 13

This is a first come, first serve basis, so please email us back at your earliest convenience.

If you are interested, please email us your full name, contact information and size.



If you didn't know yet, we've been taking in pre-owned "worn" shoes for consignment at a 80/20 rate, but our consignment shoes that are brand new will always stay at 15%.

If you are bringing in worn shoes, please make sure to clean them before you take them in and please no shoes that are damaged.

May 17, 2011

speaking of which.

Its been strange weather here in 334a Down Town LA, one day its mid 80's the next minute the temperature drops 15 degrees. One second a ray of sun beams through the shop the next minute thunderous clouds roll over the city of angels. NON the less its all business here at RIF. All work and no play...and who said no-one wears heat on bad days?


We are doing a GIVEAWAY for a set of RIF LA New Era Fitteds that we produced years ago, but we are only left with size 7. Theres only a handful of people out there who can fit a size 7 New Era fitted, so the odds are on your side if thats your size. Please carefully read the details below to see how to win. Making this as simple as possible!

1. Must be a follower via Twitter.
2. You need to be a size 7 in a New Era Fitted.
3. Send us a TWITPIC of your size 7 New Era Fitted right when the Bulls and Heat Game 2 start along with how many points you think Derrick Rose will score and you will automatically be put in the contest.

Whoever is the closest to how many points he puts up will win the 2 RIF LA New Era Fitteds and they will be shipped out on Thursday. You will be contacted via Twitter!

May 13, 2011

FRIDAY the 13TH.

Money making Carl always willing to help our customers, from over the phone all the way to the sales floor. Sometimes you can throw little things in his fro and he'll never know theres something stuck in it till he gets home.
May 8, 2011


Although it was a sad or frustrating disappointing day in Los Angeles, we didn't forget about today's occasion - Mother's Day. They only get one day to be truly appreciated rather than being everyday...

However, hunting for flowers were quite difficult especially when there's about 20+ flower shops next to each other trying to compete for the best prices.

Why not grab some food first before going around? Haha.


May 6, 2011

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.

If you don't already know we here at RIF are venturing out of our comfort zone and entering a territory where only the strong survive. For years and for some decades we have LOVEd and cherished sneaker and its culture. But with sneaker culture fashion was another important factor when considering what sneakers to wear. With the sneakers you decide to wear throughout your day you always want to make it complete with your entire ensemble. We wanted something to wear something that wasn't corny and something that REPRESENTED LA/TOKYO(we started in JAPAN) and our lifestyle.

So we introduce our RIF Pocket Tees, these will be a STAPLE in our collection for years to come, and when a pocket tee design is gone its GONE.

First it was our Paisley Pocket TEE next is our PATCHWORK Pocket TEE.

LESS THAN A 100 Made only available in our shop here in LA and TOKYO.


May 3, 2011