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May 6, 2011

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.

If you don't already know we here at RIF are venturing out of our comfort zone and entering a territory where only the strong survive. For years and for some decades we have LOVEd and cherished sneaker and its culture. But with sneaker culture fashion was another important factor when considering what sneakers to wear. With the sneakers you decide to wear throughout your day you always want to make it complete with your entire ensemble. We wanted something to wear something that wasn't corny and something that REPRESENTED LA/TOKYO(we started in JAPAN) and our lifestyle.

So we introduce our RIF Pocket Tees, these will be a STAPLE in our collection for years to come, and when a pocket tee design is gone its GONE.

First it was our Paisley Pocket TEE next is our PATCHWORK Pocket TEE.

LESS THAN A 100 Made only available in our shop here in LA and TOKYO.


Do you REALLY wanna stay wearing RANDOM graphic TEES?

Land of the FREE, Home of the BRAVE Pocket Tee
Cause we KILLED that Mother Fucker Bin Laden we wanted to commemorate it with OUR RIF LA Pocket TEE.

DONT SLEEP. What's next for RIF? Sneek PEEK.

Japanese DESIGN. 100% AMERICAN MADE mother fucker!


Anonymous said...

Dope.. SO pissed i missed the paisley pocket T

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