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May 27, 2011

good fridays.

Its always nice to see locals around Downtown LA that at one point were down on their luck and now slowly progressing into a better chapter of their lives. Although we are in the business in making money we ALWAYS try our best to help the less fortunate. With all of your help we have helped countless less fortunate people turn their swag on #swag

Here's Joey a nice guy who just recently joined a state program which allows him to stay off the streets and work at the local mission. You cant see it in the pic, but you already know he's wearing a fresh pair of white/grey dunk lows.

Joeys co-worker/homie sporting his new white and royal dunk lows. Shininnnnn

And little tokyo's finest ANDRE walking out with a fresh pair of AM 2010's. Nice shirt Andre ;)

Our shipment is here. what a LONG week. So glad its the weekend.

Get them while their hot 30 pairs left, and if you don't know what these are don't worry bout it bout it.

speaking of new arrivals, our last batch of RIF lights just hit the shop, get em while their hot.

Speaking of HEAT 1 of 24 pairs of Koston X KOBE SB's. Looking at the shoe its an interesting mashup of the KOBE 6 X Koston 1. Not to mention the packaging is top-notch.

Manny Fresh's new mobile phone. No more pager for Manny Fresh.

Manny X Lennard Cupcakes. Looking at this Pic you know they mean business. Nice blouse Lennard.

Alright all, have a safe and FUN filled weekend. PEACE.


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