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Sep 30, 2010

we are Los Angeles.

Thank you to you ALL we are getting busier and busier... Edouche actually has to work now. Its looking like we need to speed up this expansion process :)

Well today we started off with a customer driving all the way down from SF to drop-off more than 30 pairs.( we appreciate you brotha) We also needed to have a 70 shoe package packed up and ready to be shipped overseas. Our super interns aren't SOO super when it comes to packing more than 2 pairs at a time SMH... Fortunate enough... we got our packaged boxed and labeled ready for pickup. P U S H I N G W E I G H T.

When we first met Manny and Juan, they dressed liked fruitloops X Skittles collab... after being here at RIF for a minute we told them that we had a dress code anything that doesn't imply that they lived an alternative lifestyle (not that theirs nothing wrong with the alternative lifestyle)

Thanks to the RIF makeover its black everythangggg ...maybe white/navy/grey once in a while.
Actions speak louder than words- Your Boy Edouche...although that pant rolling thing is a little suspect. AYAOOOO
Juan in a 3XL tall Life Takers shirt. 1 of 1 limited Edition. BIG DAHHH
With this price you can't be mad.
Giving those (W)taps Vans a well deserved rest.

Jeff rarely wears sneakers other than his Vans/Jordans but once in a while and if your lucky...you'll see him in other shoe heat. JEFF is the ANSWER.
We receive SOO much consignment on a daily basis, that we thought it's only necessary that we make short videos of what we receive from time to time.

"Manny, we're gonna make you a star"- Edouche

A few of the goodies from the day.

don't sleep.

Sep 29, 2010

RIF LA Nike SB Sample Dr FeelGood (vid 4)

Here we go again ANOTHER SAMPLE review for your viewing pleasure. Super Interns Murad and Juan at it again. Showing all you guys the DR. Feel Good Sample.

Never released and only shown here on the RIF LA Channel.

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Since we're on the topic of music (Motly CRUE) we dont want to be closed minded when it comes to music. Since Jeff and the rest of the staff love posting hip hop vids, heres a video I personally love watching :) -edouche

Sep 28, 2010

boy I thought you knew this.

Holland represent. Here at RIF we've been noticing a steady amount of sales for EUROPE. WEEKLY shoes are being ordered and shipped to Europe SPAIN, France, Poland, Italy and Holland. We were fortunate enough to meet 2 of our loyal customers from Holland.

Nice meeting you FELLAS. Have a safe flight back.

Across the Street at ARCHRIVAL Our boys Steve and Handsome Rob chillin enjoying the LA weather.

Handsome Rob in his Fatique Bucket, We haven't seen one of these in LA for a Minute.
Weather is over bearing here in LA right now. Rob needed to wear his NATIVE Slips. Not a bad look for the hot weather and 10X better then wearing some flip-flops.
Steve rocking his VANS X Visvim caste. Hope your foot gets better STEVE.

Never gets OLD. Jeff in his 92' Huarache

A few STEALS for the Day. Dont Sleep.

Our Boy James ALWAYS hooks us UP with food. We never ask he just HOOKS it up. We've been fortunate enough to meet some of the nicest/unselfish people around . THANK YOU ALL, we're here for you.

"Good people, Helping Good People"

This was the first time a Loyal customer brought us food from the homeland. If you don't know now you know.

Soo delicious even Manny ate it!

2 by 2

Thanks again James.

Speaking of GOOD people, The homies Juan and Carlos came through to drop off not one but 2 PIES. Fresh outta the oven. WE ARE BLESSED.

German Chocolate Pie for Edouche

Nasty Pecan Pie for Jeffrey.

And to wash it down. SAGO...Perfect for the SCORCHING Cali day.

A couple of shoe shots for the day.

Beat J's always have a little more personality.

Preme Blazers, I remember having a Baker's Dozen of this particular colorway. I sold all of them to one buyer for $325 a piece. SMH

Edouche is never balanced.

Good Idea, bad timing.

RIF Homemade BAG! 1 of 1

Another pickup for Jeff. His Baby shoe collection probably murders 75% of the collections out there.

Murad Bullshitting and USUAL.

The homie JOE from RADYO came by and showed us hit newest collaboration with EMERICA.

A perfect silhouette for those looking for a casual skate/lifestyle shoe. its RADYO!


Jonli X Guy talking sneaker politics.

Jeffrey James never not working.

Your boy Ed never working... Actually He's talking with our counter parts from China :) Making Moves.

thank you again to all our CUSTOMERS.

Stay updated with the blog and if don't already know. About our YouTUBE of PICTURE BLOG then your sleeping.

BLU - Your My Boy Blue (Video)

Theres Blu! I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one wondering where Blus been, but I guess hes been touring around the world blessing cats with some west coast hip hop. Hopefully we see a lot more projects coming from this dude because hes easily in my TOP 5 along with Kendrick Lamar reppin the WEST! RE.IN.FORCE WEST COAST HIP HOP!
Sep 27, 2010

Sample Nike SB Blazer (BLK/GUM) (vid 3)

Its that time for another RIF Sample Review. This time the team filmed a detailed video on Nike Blazer SB (Black/Gum) Samples that were never released.

Apparently these shoes are scrapped samples and instead released a CS/slightly lower cut Blazer SB.

Too bad these samples never released they are clean and simple with the original Blazer Cut.

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schools in session.

With a high volume of FAKE sneakers making its way on to United States soil. A collector needs to be aware that he or she isn't getting DUPED into paying outrageous prices for shoes with ABSOLUTELY NO value.

For years counterfeiters have been making fake luxury goods, but what these cleaver cons are starting to realize is the sneaker collecting is an untapped-ed resource for con-ing those with no idea what shoes are real and whats fake.

MoreSB4me created a detailed Legit Check Guide for those looking to buy the re-called Freddy Kruger Dunk.

Make sure you aren't the one getting duped and if you are don't bring them to RIF or we'll cut-em up.

thanks again MoreSB4me for letting us use your legit check guide.


Freddy Kruegers are one of the most sought after pairs in today’s shoe game. It’s no wonder why fake pushers have created variants of this color way. Some fake pairs are dead giveaways and are easy to spot, however there are fake pairs look almost identical to a legit pair. This legit check guide was created in order to help tell the legit pairs from the fakes. Here are a couple of highlights in telling the difference between fakes.

1. The blood on legit pairs has a violet hue compared to the very dark color on fakes.

2. The brown lace coloring on fakes is very off from the color of the tan nubuck.

3. The “NIKE” embroidery on fakes looks the same for all sizes and is very thin/small

4. The size tags for fake pairs have the same faded font print; fakes have the same date of 07/21/07

5. The heel stitching on legit pairs is straight without any sloped discrepancies.

6. The nubuck on legit pairs has scraped marks that are distinct, where as the fake pairs scraped markings are faded and looked scanned on.

7. Shapes of fakes will be off

8.All of the “good” fakes don’t come with extra laces because a fake lace bag would be a dead giveaway. In other words, fake pushers got smarter by not including a lace bag that would be easy to spot them as being fake.

9. Paint from the midsole and sole will blend together due to poor craftsmanship.

Remember fakes will vary based on whose making them, the pictures here were of two sz 9.5s one authentic one fake. Always get shoes legit-checked before buying.