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Sep 4, 2010


We got a handful of consignment today, mostly jordans, used pairs and brand new pairs all priced reasonably. New arrivals Click HERE.

I bet you these TRES's below won't last a day. None are priced over $140 thats why~!

Manny's secret admirer dropped him off some rice crispy treats....lucky

Jeff said its like Christmas Day or your birthday when you get a package in the mail, you just want to open up your package up with a quickness!

Jeffs #OD on baby shoes....are those seattles?

His ladies trainer tres finally came in too, finding these in a small size is almost IMPOSSIBLE..thank you ebay!

Manny & Co.

Too bad we can't find the razor blade, because these would be some sliced up denims....SMH.

Vintage Sneaker of the Day: 1994 Air Strong Hi


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