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Feb 28, 2009


I've personally noticed " shoe heads " getting younger every year, from as young as 11 years old! I didn't start actually collecting shoes until I was maybe 15 and I thought that was young. These young shoe heads come by the shop all the time, and their knowledge about specific shoes is just nutts! Maybe since they started so young, they'll one day get over kicks before they turn 18, doubt it though!

My boy Ethan is only 11 years old and he said he started collecting shoes because his dad is a big shoe head. I overheard him schooling another person about the undftd splatter dunks, how it was only given to friends and family and how they were very limited. Like who knows that?

Check out them spiz'ikes
Then we got our boy KOH below whos only 12 years old. I didn't even know how to dress when I was 12 years old, but KOH got it down form head to toe.

Handful of " new arrivals " for today.

Its the end of the month! PEACE out FEB! and HELLO MARCH!
Feb 27, 2009


My boy Jason, #1 Dad in Long Beach, came down with his daughter to pick up some kicks and chit chat a little. Probably one of the realist cats I know from Long Beach! Thanks for always supporting man!

We did get a lot of " new arrivals " today, all price reasonable ofcourse, so come down to the shop!

Our Big homies came down to say wsup and pick up some fresh tees. This car is just asking to get pulled over! Mutha effin gee ride.


I SEE IT. Do u c it?
These guys don't mess around! When people say gangs don't exist anymore, thats because they live in the " GOOD " areas, but gangs are still alive in the Socal area. We don't support gangs but a lot of them are still our friends.

This shit must hurt
Keepin it black n white.
But we definitely don't support FAKE kicks. LOL
Feb 26, 2009


I've been waiting for maybe over a year for this to come out! For a limited time only, Del Taco has brought back their FAMOUS " Shrimp Taco ". If you had this before then you already know wsup, but if you haven't, this this is a MUST!

Our boy came down all the way from the UK to show us some love. He even showed us a video him and his friends put together. Its not on youtube so we couldn't post it up, but he said he'll put it up so one day we can post it.

Check out some pics I took while watching the video.

Recession FOOD. Ed is getting hit HARD with the recession, so all he eats everyday is microwavable hamburgers and venti americanos.

TANGOS?!? Straight from Ecuador. Perfect for your daily MUNCHIES!

Over a hundred people applying for 1 job opening @ American Apparel. Looks like everyone's desperate for a job, hopefully our economy gets better soon. We thought they were lining up for a Supreme release.

Deals of the day, aj 14 og white/red NDS sz 10 w/everything for $100!!!



AJ 3 sz 13 nds $150 + Spiz sz 13 nds $110
Feb 25, 2009

$2000 a PAIR?!?!?

So Lupe fiascos "Trilly & Truly" collaborated with Nike on an Air Force 1 Low thats set to release soon, and 4 colors are suppose to release where there's only going to be 4 pairs of each colorway coming out. So I'm guessing thats how they came up with a price of $2,000 a pair!

Only Nike can do this! The swoosh better be made out of real gold or something!

thanks highsnobiety :)

Michael Jordans new GIRLFRIEND

If ya'll didn't know..

The GREATEST basketball player ever, Mr. Michael Jordan has a new girlfriend, a CUBAN girlfriend! and her name is Yvette Prieto.  We are not mad @ you JORDAN!

Feb 24, 2009





Stumbled onto theshoegame.com to peep whats new in the shoe world, and it looks like a man by the name of "A.R. SHAW" is set to release an Air Jordan Documentary very soon. What ever happen to that other sneaker documentary that was suppose to be out by now.. I think Sean Williams was the man behind it, if anyone knows whats going on with that then be sure to relay the information to us.

But in the meantime, enjoy a little sneek peek of " 23 "
Feb 23, 2009


Why hello Jake n Lilly.

BIG ANT, Little Ant, IAN 39, came down to take me out for Lunch @ Spitz, sat down to talk about some business.


IAN 39

I love the recession, FOOD just tasted a lot more better.

new arrivals

EDouche showing off his Remington Track Bike.

edouche needs some new tires
Our boy ANWAR from Rogue came down to pick up some mula, drop off some kicks, and slang me some huf chukkas for $40! Can't go wrong!. Check out his personal blog right after you read this. click HERE.