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Mar 30, 2011

birdZ & the beeZ

Other than Friday one of our favorite days here at RIF are Wednesdays. Not only is it the MID-Week and almost FRIDAY... but for some reason this is the day that majority of you GOOD People come through the shop and drop off goodies. We are trully blessed. Thank you ALL.

RIF's favorite couple came down Alex and Johanna. Not only have they supported RIF for years but they are the one of the most kind and un-selfish couples we have ever met. Thanks again guys. Hope you enjoy those Easter's

Mar 29, 2011


The clock moved an hour ahead, the sun shining and the ladies of Los Angeles are parading around more scantly clad. This only means one thing...summer but most importantly spring is knocking on the door. Its almost time to put away those heavy parkas, boots, knit caps and make way for shorts, RIF Tee's and fresh sneakers. Though winter never really made a large impact with our daily lives/regiment here in southern California, its always nice to see the tree's blooming, sun shining and vividly colored sneakers releasing.

Looking closely at most of the sneakers worn by us here at RIF we all have one thing similar...we all wear dark, mostly black based sneakers. We thought it would be nice to change it up a bit and add color to our sneaker arsenals.

Here are a few notables that will be releasing from a variety of sneaker brands that just might make it into our weekly sneaker rotations...that's if we can sway away from our black and white chucks for the summer. Enjoy.

Mar 27, 2011

you know what it is.

Saturdays always seem to be a bitter-sweet day to work here at RIF. There are HOARDS of people that come to the shop, some that don't have a clue about basic shopping educate. Those that prance around the shop with tried on shoes and take it upon themselves to photograph what they wore today right in front of shop mirrors.
Don't get us wrong, we love the company of anyone that's interested in sneakers or just wanna browse the shop. But we do have an issue with those that try on sneakers with no intention of buying and the sole purpose for trying on a shoe is taking a "WDYWTD" (what did you wear today) photo.

Rest assure not to worry, we definitely can spot these types of shoppers at RIF and your shoes are safe with us.

One of the best reasons for working on a Saturday are the different types of people that we encounter in the shop. Its like a life sized SLOT Machine not knowing who's going to come to in/or what your gonna get. One second a homeless person might come in preaching about Obama's economic policies and how the trickle down effect has modified the amount of hot lunches he gets at the mission. Then one second a LAPD officer (in full uniform) comes and consigns some Air Jordan Heat. We get it ALL.

Saturdays are just a toss-up of eclectic Los Angeles inhabitants, sneaker heads with a sprinkle of SKID ROW's finest.

What made this weekend that much more special is our homie MARK KAREEFA came through the shop with his new hair style. ahhhhhh huuuuuhhhhhh

Mar 25, 2011


Clothing has always been an important factor when wearing sneakers. Whether consciously or sub-consciously. As a shop, RIF wanted to create something basic yet refined to our tastes as LA Natives. Though screen printed Tee's will always be a California standard, wanting something different from the norm prompted us to create our pocket tee. Like our store front in Japan, our shop here in Los Angeles and our overall lifestyle, we wanted to create something simple, possibly useful and something that reflected our personal style.

RIF POCKET Tee's will be a basic ITEM we will be using constantly. Much like today's screen printed tees... we will be using different materials/ colors and textures with our pocket tee.

( same style tee with different material and patterns for the pocket)
and not to mention when they are GONE they ARE GONE.

Our first 2 colors basic BLACK and Navy Blue. And you know we had to rep the bandana print.

Mar 24, 2011


Here at RIF LA we've been on a little blog hiatus focusing our attention on the HUNDREDS of sneakers that are in transit to and from our doors here at RIF LA. Though many of you think that you've seen it all when stepping into the shop doors, what you really see is only the TIP of the "business" iceberg we truly have going on here at RIF. (imagine having a 400 pair shipment of sneakers stuck in Customs in Japan because of earthquakes, which in retrospect isn't that big of an issue) KEEP in MIND we are the ONLY international CONSIGNMENT SHOP from JAPAN to UNITED STATES. Many have tried but who has succeeded?

Thank you to ALL that have supported us here at RIF both old and new customers. THANK You all that have been patient with orders, inquiries and picture request( we receive an average of 300 picture request daily, you all have Manny working a sweat) and THANK YOU ALL international customers, because of ALL of our international customers our sales have JUMPEDDDDDD in 3 months, recession what? WTF

Now thinking of all these issues we have here at RIF and issues with shoes, this does not even compare to the issues and problems that Japan is currently facing. Though everything and most importantly everyone is WELL with our SHOP in Harajuku, TOKYO it is hard to maintain a solid focus on sneakers with After Shocks and the treat of Nuclear Fallout around the corner.

So as Japan stays vigilant and steadfast in this time of crisis we will try our BEST to help relieve the stress of LA. AVE and NAPSIZE...WE will try our best to answer any INQUIRIES and CONCERNS regarding shoes, shipments and other questions that are sent to NAPSIZE and LA. AVE.

Please send questions and concerns with orders and shoes to mail@RIF.LA

Being based in Tokyo Town here in Los Angeles the tragedy oversees seems more at home with all the Japanese shops and Japanese tenants of the local area.

Mar 22, 2011


So, everyone is praying for Japan, thinking about Japan & worrying about Japan, question is, “What you gonna put on it?” LAX-JFK is teaming up w/ Tradition, Bloodbath, Brooklyn Projects, RIF LA, De La Barracuda (and other Independent Retailers to be announced) for a very SPECIAL MINASAN LOVE NIPPON Project (Translation: EVERYONE LOVE JAPAN).

LAX-JFK allocated over 3,000+ Garments to be decorated w/ special artwork & Slogan MINASAN LOVE NIPPON to be designed by Bloodbath Lifestyle Brand and Anenberg Lifestyle Threads agreed to produce the tees in the name of the cause. It’s that easy people. Philanthropy is a beautiful thing, get involved. Garments will be available at select retailers and 100% of the proceeds will got to REBUILD JAPAN. Most of my BEST FRIENDS are Japanese, combined with my love for the ANYTHING Japan (Fashion, Lifestyle, OG Iron Chef) we felt compelled to get up and do something! I’m asking YOU (friends/patrons/family) to do the same!

THIS SATURDAY MARTH 26TH, before the party, before the booze, before the beach… I’m asking for a dozen or so volunteers for some help w/ an inventory. I have 3,000+ Garments that need to be broken down, sorted and repacked. Since the proceeds are going to charity, our budget is limited, that’s why we need YOU to help! Please contact me via email (nacho@LAX2JFK.com) or call the shop at (310)532-2905 for details. We’ll need you from 8:00am until approximately 11:00am (or so), the warehouse is in Inglewood (very close to LAX). COFFEE & DONUTS will be provided by LAX-JFK, I hope you can make it. Wear your playground clothes, because you may get dirty!

RETAILERS can also reach out to carry the MINASAN LOVE NIPPONgarments, please contact me for details. Please contact me immediately, because we want all of the stores involved mentioned for their charity. It takes a Village to raise a child, it’s going to take more than that to rebuild the Village.

Mar 21, 2011

size 9 please?

BUNCH of goodies in a size 9 just came in, a handful of good classic air forces, runners, couple jays, bapes, etc. Stay updated on the website, slowly getting updated onto the website but a few have been selling within a minute of going up, so act fast! Linens and Taiwans go so well together :)
Click HERE.
Mar 16, 2011


We usually get a bunch of shoes in that we consider DEAL OF THE DAYS, but once in a blue moon we'll a shoe a pair of shoes in that we consider the STEAL OF THE DAY. These footscape woven hideouts didn't last more than 10 minutes.

Mar 13, 2011

Fukked UP! - SchoolBoy Q

ScHoolboy Q - To THa Beat (F'd Up) from Moises Hernandez on Vimeo.

Can yall spot Manny, Carl and Juan in the background, look near the top of the video when Q jumps off stage. LOL!


The Original Dom Kennedy is probably 1 of the best tapes Dom has ever dropped, everything was on point in my opinion, especially the beats. If you ain't got it yet, download it for free HERE.
Mar 11, 2011

size 9.5 please

57 pairs of new arrivals for today more than 75% of them are size 9.5, so check out the website or come by the shop! Don't sleep kids.

new arrivals, click HERE.


For those that have been under a rock the past few hours or don't stay updated with the current events. Japan has recently been struck with a 8.9 Earthquake. Please keep those in Japan in your prayers.

Mar 3, 2011


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Mar 2, 2011

Business of Selling Dreams

The Man's Guide To Love #28 from themansguidetolove on Vimeo.


Its the first of the month, and we just received about 60+ pairs of good quality consignment, mixture of everything, and we got a lot of size 12s in! So for all you size 12+ shoe heads always asking for your size and we never have it, heres your chance.

For todays new arrivals, Click HERE.
...expecting another 75+ pairs of new arrivals on Wednesday too!