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Mar 27, 2011

you know what it is.

Saturdays always seem to be a bitter-sweet day to work here at RIF. There are HOARDS of people that come to the shop, some that don't have a clue about basic shopping educate. Those that prance around the shop with tried on shoes and take it upon themselves to photograph what they wore today right in front of shop mirrors.
Don't get us wrong, we love the company of anyone that's interested in sneakers or just wanna browse the shop. But we do have an issue with those that try on sneakers with no intention of buying and the sole purpose for trying on a shoe is taking a "WDYWTD" (what did you wear today) photo.

Rest assure not to worry, we definitely can spot these types of shoppers at RIF and your shoes are safe with us.

One of the best reasons for working on a Saturday are the different types of people that we encounter in the shop. Its like a life sized SLOT Machine not knowing who's going to come to in/or what your gonna get. One second a homeless person might come in preaching about Obama's economic policies and how the trickle down effect has modified the amount of hot lunches he gets at the mission. Then one second a LAPD officer (in full uniform) comes and consigns some Air Jordan Heat. We get it ALL.

Saturdays are just a toss-up of eclectic Los Angeles inhabitants, sneaker heads with a sprinkle of SKID ROW's finest.

What made this weekend that much more special is our homie MARK KAREEFA came through the shop with his new hair style. ahhhhhh huuuuuhhhhhh

Enjoy the random pictures of the day and please feel free to come to the shop CHOP it up about sneakers, relax and just enjoy your weekend.

Shoe shots of the DAY, " you know waatttt it isss"

2001.... nice!

Dog shot of the day." you know waatttt it isss"

Carl shot of the day. " you know waatttt it isss"

Random shoe shot of the day '95 . " you know waatttt it isss"

keep it simple & clean ..




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