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Jul 31, 2013

OPM x RIF Party

It's been a busy stretch at the shop, and it hasn't been uncommon to see 20+ people packed inside the shop all at the SAME time.  We appreciate the continued support and patience that YOU have all showed our staff when the sales floor has been VERY BUSY.

Manny is taking a quick break outside the shop to catch some fresh air.

Shoutout to Iamsu (@heartbreaksuzy) for stopping by and copping a pair of Solar Yeezy 2's.  Enjoy the shoes brotha.

Although RIF does see a variety of celebrity customers on a daily basis, we will always APPRECIATE the everyday sneakerheads who come to the shop.  Check out just SOME of the most recent RIF customers who have made their way from ALL over the world. 
Shoutout to these three who made their way all the way from Chicago. 
@b_o_fromda_ accompanied by T fly out the Chi and J Reed.  Enjoy the shoes fellas.

Shoutout to Connor who came all the way from Kansas to get some shoes, it was a pleasure to meet you and your family. We hope you had a great vacation and a safe trip home.

Shoutout to these two youngins' below for coming by the shop all the way from Colorado.  @typesessions1 and @dannymozo

The homie @bldngblk decided to stop by and get some quick CASH for his collection, he was very satisfied to receive his check for $2,000.

Our good friend @machocew came by and blessed us with one of his first t-shirts.  Nice to meet you bro.

Finally, the homie @Nixdad came through to the shop and definitely broke some necks with those Lightning 4's.  

You might wonder what the RIF staff needs in order to be prepared for the work day, and here is your answer:  A drink of our choice along with a pastry from Starbucks.  You can never go wrong with this duo.

It's not too often we get a KD IV Galaxy that comes through the shop in DS condition.  Expect these to be gone in a matter of DAYS.

We are proud to announce that we will be hosting a OPM x RIF party this FRIDAY, August 2nd from 8-11pm.  Be sure to come by for a fun night, we will have an open bar (while supplies last) along with food trucks.  All ages are welcome, 21+ to drink.  Be sure to arrive early as we will be reaching full capacity inside the shop.  SEE YOU THERE RIF FAM

That's all for this week folks, have a blessed remainder of the week.


Jul 29, 2013

Hidden Gems

There's nothing better to do during a warm summer day in downtown than cruise the streets in your car, blasting the A/C and blasting trap music as well.  Manwell decided to take his car through the streets for a joyride to get some much needed supplies for the traphouse.
The interior of Manwell's beam-beam is A1.
Manny keeps an eye on the road at all times, making sure to be as safe as possible when he's racing through the streets.
Downtown is rich in history, and all you need to see to recognize this are the buildings lining the streets.  Make sure you don't forget to look UP or you might miss the hidden gems of the city's most elegant architecture lining the streets.
In addition to this, downtown boasts a number of murals which are painted by some of the most talented artists around.  Peep this one below, it's pretty cool to see while you're on your daily commute through the city.

Manny reached his destination safe and sound, and in only 6 minutes it's safe to say he's the best driver the streets of LA has ever seen.

Take a look at some of the essentials Manny had to get for the shop.  Never underestimate the value of a pen or sharpie, these are worth more than some pairs of shoes in the shop, especially when we are down to the last ONE.

 Here's the sneakershots from the past weekend:
Nike Flyknit Racer


2000 AJ 6 Infrared
Jackie Jin in the Multi-color Nike Flyknit Racer

Cris rocking his AJ 4 Cavs

Jackie Jin gets a double feature on the sneakershot this week, he's on the left with the AJ 1 Banned and Danny rocking his What the Dunks

Nike Flyknit Trainer +

 South Beach LeBron 9
AJ 11 low


It's not too often you see one of these, a DS AF1 Playstation.  These were SOLD within 2 days.

Finally, we would like to thank the LA Clippers new associate head coach Alvin Gentry for stopping by the shop with his family.  Alvin told us his son heard about the shop and has been wanting to visit for a while, and with them coming to LA I'm sure they will be regularly stopping by.

 Until next time, have a blessed week.






Jul 25, 2013

Believe the Hype

By now I'm sure you have all heard of the latest hype about this pastry below, the cronut.  This was the last one left from the box we ordered from the local Frances Bakery on 2nd and Central street.  To keep it short and sweet, these are as GOOD as people say they are, believe the hype.

It has been a BUSY week to say the least.  We have been doing huge buybacks lately as well as receiving TONS of new consignment on a daily basis.  This past week has seen as many as 100+ new arrivals in one day, so be sure to check the online shop on a daily basis.  Below, you can see one of our 3 DAILY trips to FedEx just to ship all the orders.  #PushingWeight

The homie Jackie Jin decided to stop by and pick up a couple of heaters as well as chop it up with Heffe.

Shoutout to Bol Bol and his team for stopping by the shop.  

Also, shoutout to these 4 for coming through as well.  HUGE thank you to Carlo O'Brien (@coolcarlo), Christine Taylor (_cri), Matt Webster (mattatats), and Tyson Mcinerney (@yuntyco) for making the journey to RIF all the way from Australia.

Our good friend Derrick Williams is not only a sneaker aficionado who cops PLENTY of heat for his personal collection, but he is also a very selfless individual who recently decided to give back to the community with a contest.  He is going to randomly post on social media networks and make a  scavenger hunt for random pairs of shoes in the coming weeks.  Be sure to follow him @Dwillvii to participate and maybe you can be the lucky person to get a FREE pair of kicks.

Below, Francis Bustamante and friends won the first part of the contest.  He got a FREE Kobe 8 YOTS, congratulations bro and we hope you enjoy the shoes.

Can you tell which one is the 2010 DB 3 and which one is the 2013 DB 3?

The 2013 pair has a few subtle, yet noticeable differences.  The gold design on the upper is a touch darker on the new pairs, while the 3m is less bright than the older pair.  Overall, it is still a DB and quality seems to be up to par with many of the recent, yet higher quality Jordan brand releases.  S/O @enzothegreatest for stopping by with this pair.

The famous RIF bench, it was the original landmark of RIF before we got our signs above each shop.  

Here's a few sneakershots:
Connor in his Black Cement 3's

Carl rocking his 94 AJ 1's

Nick DePaula of Sole collector rocking some exclusive heat, Air Foamposite One from the Sole Collector x Penny pack.  Pleasure to meet you brotha.

Finally, a necessary set for any collection, there's nothing like the original colorways of Air Jordans, especially in the AJ One silhouette from 2001.

We hope you have a blessed week, until next time..


Jul 19, 2013


It's not too often that you see a ghost haunting the streets of LA, and chances are if you see this particular one then it's going to be on 2nd street.  Do you have any idea who this car belongs to?

Maybe you guessed right, our good friend Ben Baller decided to drop by the shop and chop it up with Heffe for a little while.  As always, it was a pleasure to see you Ben, and you can always catch him rocking some heat that he copped from us.

Here's a look at the new Jason Markk x Foot Patrol limited edition cleaning kit.  The packaging and aesthetics of this kit are unequal to anything Jason Markk has released before. 

Take a close up look at the Footpatrol signature logo with an addition of crossbones, seems like it adds a nice W)taps touch.

The contents: Two brushes (1 regular, 1 premium), a mini towel, and Jason Markk solution in a special bottle.

These are just SOME of the new arrivals, be sure not to sleep on our website which we update on a daily basis.

We have consignment sellers bringing in a LOT of shoes at once, looks like we got a full size run of some new Jordan 11 Lows, but these are more than likely GONE by now.  

Shoutout to the homie AJ and friends for stopping by the shop and copping a few pairs of kicks, it was nice to meet you guys.

It's not too often you see something like this, a customer rocking some Platinum Yeezy 2's and trying on some of the newest Nike Basketball Heat, Lebron X Denims.  That's not a bad sneaker lineup for one day.

Here's a young sneakerhead named Antonio who came all the way from Tucson, Arizona to pick up those Lebron X Denims.  It was nice to meet you and hope you keep holding down the sneaker game for all the youngins' out in Arizona.

We hope you have a safe and fun weekend, until next time.