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Aug 30, 2011


During the Summer we can expect people from all over the world to come by the shop, people from overseas to people just a few states away, but nonetheless die hard shoeheads. We have this young dude, Kahmar Keyes from Philly who saved his allowance for 2 years just so he can fly out to Los Angeles and hit up all the hot spots and of course he couldn't leave RIF LA out.

Aug 29, 2011


Every couple years theres a new breed of sneaker heads that start their journey into the shoe game, some get over it after a few pairs of shoes, and some stay addicted for LIFE. I remember I started my journey back in 1997, my pops bought me my first pair of jordans from the Crenshaw Swapmeet when I was 11 years old. They were the white/black aj 13s for $30.00, and I felt like the freshest 11 year old kid in 6th grade, not until some dude put me on blast and said they were fake. I should of known they were fake because $30 was too good to be true and the "23" in the bubble literally looked like the "2" and "3" found on your keyboard, but hey i was 11!

Shouts to the young kids below from Pasadena, and Happy Born day to homie on the far right...we see the 3 purrs. I told them, Only the strongest survive in the shoe game...

Aug 25, 2011


99% of the time we post something about music, its usually about our boy Kendrick Lamar or any of the other artists from TDE. Our boy Kendrick just made history last weekend if you haven't heard, he had his biggest SOLD OUT show @ the Music Box where he brought out literally EVERYONE. He brought out Dr Dre and The Game, but he was later surprised by Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, Warren G, Big Sean, Talib Kweli, and Mosdef all on one stage!

Click More to watch video footage of Kendrick getting pass the TORCH.

Aug 24, 2011


I'm pretty sure 99% of our supporters all around the world have a personal Facebook, so please hit our official RIF LA Facebook page and "Like" us. But only click the "Like" button if you truly do! Thank you guys for all the support since day 1, everybody at the shop is putting their heads together to come up with something nice for everyone...so stay tune!

o yea and we post random pictures that were not suppose to on our Facebook ;)
Aug 23, 2011


Do you guys ever wonder why we have the best customer service in Los Angeles, or maybe in the world? Its because here at RIF LA, we all put our egos to the side and understand that nobody wants to be treated like SH!T. Like what do people benefit from making other people feel lower than them? you gain nothing at all. No one gives a f*ck about COOL PEOPLE, its about meeting good people who make you feel welcome when you come in. Oh yea and we all eat medicated cookies to stay positive :) i'm kidding!

maybe carl does lol
Aug 22, 2011


We are blessed to be surrounded by great people, people who we eventually call family or friends, good peoples would be the perfect word. Our good friend zDOUBLEe would fit nicely in that category of family, he gave us the opportunity to be apart of the TANTUM LA revolution, don't act like you don't see all these cats rockin TANTUM bucket hats and pocket tees. We've dropped a handful of RIF LA x TANTUM LA Pocket tees, but just recently we dropped our SERAPE Pocket tees in black, white, navy and finally a color way that is not available to everybody, the grey Serape Pocket tees. If your lucky enough you might be one of the lucky ones who get to purchase this color way! Stay tune for many more pocket tees to drop. #GPHGP ...and thank you for supporting the movement!

Aug 21, 2011


Our good friend Dre better know as Croatianstyle from ebay, was in the building chopping it up and picking up checks. If you don't know him, then you better do some research and learn some shoe game history. I don't know anybody who has more shoes than him, better yet more RARE shoes, so make sure to hit up with twitter or ebay to cop some goodies.

By the way, he's on our side... good peoples helping good peoples.

Aug 17, 2011

Kendrick Lamar via SNOOP DOGG

Watch out for DETOX Freestyle at the end.


Expect a couple RIF LA button pins in your shopping bag the next time you cop yourself a fresh pair of kicks.

don't poke yourself, unless your into that...jk

Aug 15, 2011


Nisei Week is an annual festival celebrating Japanese American culture and history in Little Tokyo. Nisei means 2nd gen in Japanese, describing the first American born Japanese. So at the last day of Nisei Week, they always throw a huge parade right in front of our store, like we literally have front seats every year. The streets start flooding with all kinds of people, of course predominately Japanese, but everyone is together celebrating and just having fun.

Manny made sure to put our benches outside before anyone took our spot.

Aug 11, 2011


Homies ScHoolBoy Q and Kendrick Lamar swung by the shop during after hours to grab some fresh kicks and of course some RIF LA tees to go with that. From the first time I met these dudes, I knew they were gonna blow up from the start. These guys never stop working, from dropping mixtapes and eps, to dropping a gang of videos and doing a bunch of interviews. So AGAIN, stay tune because these guys and the whole TDE Camp about to blow up!

Grab Kendrick Lamars Section.80 off of Itunes! I heard Qs like 22 tracks deep for his next project, so stay tuned for that.

Check out Kendrick Lamar in Amsterdam after the jump.
Aug 9, 2011


We rarely venture out of Little Tokyo, but today MannyFRESH brought up there was a Chipotle somewhere in Downtown LA so we locked up the shop for a quick minute to grab some lunch.

Meet the DTLA Hunting Club
Aug 8, 2011

Skeme The Duke

Shouts to everyone who came down for Skemes Meet & greet @ the shop, even the homie Baron Davis popped in! Like all the artists that come through RIF, do not sleep on them because you'll regret it!

Check out the RECAP of the August 6th Key Club show below:


Yesterday, we just release our new pocket tee "Serape" or Mexican blanket pocket tee.
As soon as we opened, people coming in and buying the black colorway in size Large and we sold out of the black size Large in an instant!

Also, be sure to check out the pockets because some pockets are in different colors.
So, choose wisely!

Come and get them before it's too late!

Our models:
Manwell wears an X-Large.
MoOrad wears a Large

Aug 7, 2011

NOW AVAILABLE: Serape Pocket Tees

Just in time for back to school, we just dropped our Serape Pocket tees in three different color ways and we even dropped our PUSHING WEIGHT tee in a clean burgundy/white color way. Limited quantities, only available at our shop and will be available @ La Avenue (Harajuku, Japan) very soon.

shouts to all of our supporters around the world.
Aug 2, 2011


Tomorrow (08.03.11) we will be CLOSED the whole entire day for our yearly inventory check. We will resume regular business hours the next day on 08.04.11 Thursday. Please spread the word!

If you have any questions feel free to email us @ RIFLA334A@GMAIL.COM

Aug 1, 2011


Look who's back after a short trip to his homeland of beautiful Mexico, none other than Young Carl! Ya'll already forgot he was half mexican? well he's back and he's ready to sell some shoes and meet some new women. Don't act like you don't see the new SWAG, Carl got rid of his huge fro and upgraded to a fresh taper...you can't forget the new shades he copped in Mexico.