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Dec 31, 2008


Ofcourse we're open today! So if anyone need some last minute kicks to look fresh tonight or to end of the 2008 YEAR, we'll be open till 6:00 PM today!

We haven't updated the blog with "new arrivals" in a while, but I'm telling you now that we've been receiving a massive amount of consignment everyday, and we still got 40 pairs waiting to be put on, nothing but GOOD shoes!

I wish those 96' patents and reverse city attacks were my size!


Not a lot of people know, but we do consignment clothing items, but only GOOD stuff. Check out this sample Supreme New Era fitted.

you so funny man!

Can someone drop some knowledge on me about these dunk lows!?

QUESTION OF THE DAY "Could I get more pictures and the contact info on the owner?"

*If we freely gave out consignment sellers contact information, then whats the point of us being here!


JESSE from the BIG F13 rolled by rocking his fresh whites matching with his fresh white truck.

Happy New Years ya'll. FCUK 2008!...2009 HERE WE COME!
Dec 26, 2008


Christmas time is the best! Finally had a day where I fell asleep till 3:00 PM, now its back to waking up @ around 8:00 AM, back to the work life!

Lets not forget that the BIG 09 is right around the corner!

So we will now continue updating our daily blog tomorrow! In the meantime, enjoy Jeff & Eds "2008 WRAPPED UP" portion on theBEEZWAX blog.

Hope everyone got what they wanted for Christmas! If not, get yourself something nice!!!

Dec 21, 2008


So we will have a little game.

If someone can answer these 3 questions below, the people @ RIF LA will send you a nice little package for Christmas. Please provide your shoe size, shirt size and hat size, thank you. Include your email with your answer.


1. What event was held down that gathered all these individuals together who autographed the shoes?
2. Who is not a skater that autographed the shoes?
3. Who autographed the shoes?

Dec 19, 2008


We will have our RIF LA LOGO tees also available tomorrow. FINALLY!

Support ya'll!

Dec 16, 2008

RIF X NEW ERA. 12/20/08 12PM

ROOTED in Kichijoji Japan. La Avenue Has set a standard in shoe consignment and 12 years later it was a fitting expansion to seize the shoe market overseas. The inception into the United States was a calculated move carefully monitored and strategically planned. In the Fall of 2006 LA. Avenue opened its doors in Little Tokyo Los Angeles rightfully renamed R.I.F. abbreviated from the word ReInForce.

The shoe game in LA was controlled by a market that exploited those with money and cared for nothing more than making a quick buck. We wanted to set a new standard. Our main goal was to change the current outlook of re-selling and give to those who were unable to obtain rare kicks at reasonable prices.

2 years later we're here ReInForceing our ideal and thanks to all our supporters we are here to stay.

In celebration of our 2 year anniversary we are releasing our New Era X RIF caps.
When New Era invited RIF to make a cap we wanted to create something meaningful to US and represented the RIF lifestyle. We wanted to stay away from the VIVID colors that plague New Era caps today and focus on the simplicity of our shop, ideal, and lifestyle.

The first Hat we decided to pay homage to our hometown Baseball team, the LA Dodgers.
We focused our attention to detail and simplicity. With and base color of Dodger blue, white type/button, and green under-bill.

The second hat we took inspiration from LA Hockey team "LA Kings" using the signature black, white, green color scheme.

The type itself was a complicated decision to make, the hats font take cue from RIF's past( LA. AVE) Present(we're Located in LA), and future(type font) :)

more detailed pics HERE.


The Hat makes a perfect Christmas gift!

The New Era Hats, are limited to 60 per color. Will be released instore on 12/20/08 and remaining with be released online 12/20/08 MIDNIGHT.cost? $36.00
Dec 13, 2008


For those of you that ride track bikes are surely aware of tonights FESTIVITIES. The Arguably best bike crew MACAFRAMA is having their LA premier tonight.

Located at the Imaginasian Threatre.

For those who have a free day and have time to kill, there is pre-movie race!

Properly named:

The Race Route:

Approximately 29 miles, WORD to ZACH!.

(M) Start - Blends : 125 W 4th Street

(A) Checkpoint 1 - Drif LA : 704 E 1st Street

(C) Checkpoint 2 - Elysian Park Baseball Fields : Elysian Park Drive & Park Row Drive

(A) Checkpoint 3 - Echo Park Cycles : 1932 Echo Park Ave

(F) Checkpoint 4 - Griffith Park Harding & Wilson Municipal Golf Course : Parking Lot on Crystal Springs Dr

(R) Checkpoint 5 - Griffith Park : Griffith Park Dr & Mt Hollywood Dr (Option to bypass 2 checkpoints by
climbing over Griffith Park on Mt Hollywood Dr to Western Canyon Rd down to Fern Dell Dr to Los Feliz Blvd and
straight to last check point at Orange 20)

(A) Checkpoint 6 - For people who don't decide to climb over Griffith and return the way they came : Fountain
at Riverside & Los Feliz Blvd

(M) Checkpoint 7 - Entrance to Griffith Park : Fern Dell & Los Feliz Blvd

(A) Finish - Orange 20 : 4351 Melrose Ave

RIF Rider Zach, mashin on your lame ass.

His Steed


MACAFRAMA Trailer from MACAFRAMA on Vimeo.

Tonight is going to be filled with uncensored TOMFOOLERY! pics coming.

Dec 12, 2008


Sole Assassins will be holding down a sneaker/streetwear convention in the city of Long Beach. There will be a lot of sneaker vendors and also clothing vendors, so if you havent done your Christmas shopping then this is the place you want to be.

RIF LA will be holding down a table, bring some HEAT!

Dec 11, 2008


IAN BEEZY came down to drop off a load of TRANSPHUSION!!! Some new energy drink that goes good with your favorite vodka!

Nima and Mike swung down, they are starting a brand soon called "THE VALLEY BOYS"

Did someone say SHOES!? and i mean more SHOES!?

Like honestly, we've been receiving about 40 pairs a day and we are trying our hardest to get these in the system and on the website, so be on the look out everyday. Next week we're expecting a good 125+ jordans mostly 9.5 ds all 2001 and up!

PUDGE, the SMUDGE, fudge, mr. busy man, with a plan to save streetwear!


When I'm not at RIF... I'm getting my grind on with women's street/contemporary brand, Hellz.

I've literally had no sleep for weeks trying to assemble this shoot... but I'm really impressed with all the shots so I proudly present to you, our Holiday '08 collection "Born Bad"... styled and produced by yours truly. ;)

Shot by the magnificent Paul of the Social Trust.

A Hellz chick gets her shoe game right!!!!! 
(rockin' the Camo G-line FBT Visvim's.)

Check the rest of the look book here..
Fellas, there is no other way to say "I love you" to your girls with some Hellz goodies.... X-mas is around the corner, we are here to help.

Also you can visit our blog What The Hellz, for the latest news, adventures, and all things Hellz.. if ya didn't know.. well NOW ya know!


Dec 8, 2008


Our daily free pinkberry, thanks neighbors!

Also my daily free sushi, thanks kai!

The pares came by to pick up some steals.

Check out the slippers lol, ed in the christos

So today, we had this one dude bring in a pair of heinkens for consignment, but without even opening the box, I knew they were fake. The quality of the box tag was OFF by a mile, and it just got worse after I opened the box.


The lace bag is not the right size, this is way bigger.

The "7.5" is a give away.

Colors are way off

This dude said he got it @ UNDFTD, and I asked him which Undftd, and he said La Brea, but I was like, "UNDFTD LA BREA DOESNT SELL SBS HOMIE" you got caught! UNDFTD Santa Monica sells sbs and everything they sell is 100% AUTHENTIC.


The dude asked if he can take it back and I said, "what?, these shoes?"

Next dude who brings in fakes, we'll sneak a picture of your face and your numero!