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Jun 28, 2013

Final Product

Summer is officially in full swing, with temperatures now rising high into the 90's.  Not only has there been a lot of heat in terms of weather, but there's been a lot of HEAT shoes that have been coming through the shop.  Here's a Deadstock size 9 Galaxy Foamposite, it's no question these will be gone within 2 days. 

The RIF team has been very busy lately, here's the most recent scene from 2nd street.  As you can see, a U-Haul rental was necessary to bring an entire collection to the shop.

This is what the inside looked like when it was HALF way unpacked.  

It took a lot of people and quite a few minutes but we were able to finally unload the U-Haul and start unloading the boxes into our shop. This is a textbook example of why RIF uses the slogan, #PUSHINGWEIGHT

The final product, this is the biggest Buy Back RIF has done to date, and the person who owned this collection is going to use all the newly earned CASH to open up a Vape Shop.  Goodluck to you brotha.  Be sure to stay up on the site today as we will be putting up ALL these kicks.

Don't forget to stop by RIF Dos for anything Supreme, check out the Kermit deck as well as Medicom Kermit toy below, these are just some of the goodies you can come up on at our shop, we've got you covered from accessories to shirts or hats for this summer.

Have a Blessed day


Jun 16, 2013


Although we may be a bit late, a very interesting video has recently been released by ABC News, featuring a full coverage story on Sneakerheads.  Many of the sneakerheads in the video are between 12-16 years old.  DJ Clark Kent is also featured in the video, offering his opinion on the young and upcoming sneaker aficiondos.  With the young people being the future, time can only tell what the future holds for the sneaker culture.  We personally feel that with the youth leading the surge of the movement, sneaker collecting should have a very long and promising future. 
Jun 14, 2013

My Friends Place

It has been a busy yet very productive week for the whole team here at RIF LA, we look forward to heading into another busy weekend with the release of the "Black Grape" 5's as well as prepping for the drop of Kanye's newest album Yeezus.  

Shoutout to BJ the Chicago Kid for coming through to the shop, good to see you fam.

Shoutout to up and coming rapper Marty Baller for coming through to the shop for the first time, pleasure to meet you bro.

Along with our busy work schedule, a few staff members have made it a point to use their free time to help lead a shoe drive in order to donate them to the less fortunate youth of Hollywood, California.  Carl arrived early at My Friends Place located at 5850 Hollywood Blvd. to donate the shoes.

Before donating the shoes, we were able to get a tour of the facility.  The front entrance facing Hollywood Blvd. is very nice, featuring a beautiful mural and some shade from the sun, it seems like a very welcoming and home-like feel.  


Each wall inside or around the facility feature some type of art painted or made by the kids that are in the program, it really adds a nice touch and shows the creativity that is encouraged here.

This place is located right between Hollywood Blvd and the 101 Freeway, here is the view from the courtyard (looking directly left from the previous picture)

The Core Values encouraged at My Friends Place

Cirque du Monde is a social circus program created by Cirque du Soleil and Jeunesse du Monde, which targets at-risk youth. It combines circus techniques together with educational social intervention to help young people.

There is also a state-of-the-art computer lab in the facility as well where students have full access to computers for any of their needs, whether it be typing a job resume or typing a paper for school.

Along with the computer lab, a fully functioning studio is available for the kids, it is equipped with pro tools so they can actually record or produce music.

Every day there is an average of 80-120 kids who visit My Friends Place, and in addition to providing a nurturing environment they also feed the participants.  Here you can see some pre-made sandwiches with chips.

A quick snap of the pantry with more food for the kids.

Here are just some of the clothes that have been donated.

Carl and Natalie unloading some of the shoes, you can see the spirit of giving back to the community has brought happiness to these two.

Edwin helping out Carl bring in the last of the shoes.

Edwin doing a final count of the donated shoes, looks like there were about 80 pairs.

Final group shot with some of the donations.

A big THANK YOU to Edwin and Natalie for helping make all this possible, we look forward to working with you two and My Friends Place in the future.

Thank you to all of the other staff members as well.

Here at RIF we want you to know that while we may talk about Good People Helping Good People it is not merely a slogan, but it is an aspect of our everyday lives that we have experienced with so many people at the store.  We would like to personally thank each and every one of you who have donated your new or lightly worn shoes for this shoe drive and we will be announcing further plans for another shoe drive later in the year. 

Have a Blessed week


Jun 11, 2013


Be sure to check out the homie Yultron's latest mixtape Skywalker here.  Also, be sure to check out his newest single Flexin featuring Honey Cocaine, the music video was actually shot inside of Rif Dos.

What he had on feet today, W)Taps 005 Sk8 Hi's

Have a Blessed day


Jun 10, 2013

On Point

This past Saturday we released Part 2 of our S/S '13 colleciton at Rif Dos.  We released a couple new colorways on some classic designs as well as making some new tank tops for the hot summer days.  

We restocked on the grey Tokyo Town Rats tee with the red accents, as well as making the new white version with blue accents.  Below, you can catch a small glimpse of the RIF wings tee as well as the white and dodger blue Pushing Weight shirt.

We also released a couple new colorways of the RIF circle tee in black and white, as well as heather grey and white.  In the middle, you can see our Virgin Mary tee in the white colorway.

Finally, we have our Virgin Mary tank top, as well as our new red colorway in the No Trickery tee.  Make sure to come by and pick up your RIF clothing before they're all sold out.

Meanwhile, it was another typical weekend at the traphouse.  The sales floor was constantly busy with customers and our staff was working hard to make sure everyone got the help they needed.  Cris was hard at work as usual.

While Cris helped customers out, Carl was busy making sure the sales floor was on point and presentable.  You can see him organizing the shoes on the Nike Sb wall, making sure each tier of the wall is properly presented.  

Shoutout to Diddy's son for coming through and always repping RIF LA, be sure to give him a follow on Instagram (@C3So_FLY).

When we were big chillin' at the shop, we had to check out Diddy's Jet Dance video, make sure to watch it for a good laugh!

Shoutout to these lovely ladies for making a trip out to RIF all the way from London, England.  We hope you had a great time visiting the U.S. and we hope you enjoy the kicks.  

It's not too often that a gem like this comes through the store in pristine condition, this AJ 6 Infrared sz 9.5 is priced at $500, be sure to pick them up before they're long gone.  

We also recently got in a Kobe 6 Grinch, these are becoming harder to come by each and everyday.  

Carl was very happy with his recent pickup, finally securing his pair of Nike Flyknit Trainers for the summer time.  

Check out this Shrimp plate, only the finer things for Heffe for his day at work.

Not only does Cris help customers with shoes at the shop, he's also the go-to for any navigational problems as well.  He helped an elderly couple find out where the 260 Metro bus was located.  #GoodPeopleHelpingGoodPeople

Beware of fake AJ 1 Royal's coming around, if you ever have any questions about whether or not your pair is legit, feel free to come by the shop for a Legit Check as seen below.  Luckily, this pair was REAL.

Shoutout to the homie Jason Lew for blessing the team with some Cafe Dulce treats, we always appreciate it bro and goodluck to the Chicago Blackhawks in the NHL finals.

Shoutout to the homie Hao Jiang for picking up these South Beach 8's.  He came all the way from Chi-town just to check out the shop, we appreciate you stopping by and look forward to seeing you again bro!

Now Available: Nike Zoom Kobe 8 Mambacurial.  How do you feel about the latest addition to the Kobe line?

The colors on this shoe are crazy.

Here's a glimpse of the soles, not bad to say the least.

Here's a couple sneakershots from the weekend:
South Beach LeBron 8

Kobe 8 NSW "Mexican Blanket"

White Cement 4 2012

Carl and the homie Pat (@Patshu) rocking their Flyknit Trainers

MVP LeBron 10

1999 Black Metallic Silver 5's

Peep the Nike Air Yeezy 2 Lineup at RIF LA

Here at RIF we are looking forward to a busy summer filled with some new releases, whether it be Jordan brand, Nike basketball, Nike sportswear, etc we will have you covered.

Have a Blessed week