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Jul 31, 2011

Mister Cartoon

I know I haven't been browsing around sneaker blogs in a longtime, and I know I forget 90% of the stuff that comes out these days, but I'm pretty sure these Golden AJ 5s are FAKE. I wouldn't be surprise if Jordan Brand saw this picture and decided to make the same exact shoes, considering a lot of retros these days look fake.

WE see fakes come in everyday at the shop, but this time around we needed to call someone to take care of this matter. Click Read More... to see who came to save the day.

Jul 28, 2011


Theres like a month and a half left of Summer, and school right around the corner for a lot of people. This is the time to make sure you have all your books ready, your pen and paper stocked up and ofcourse a fresh pair of kicks to start the new school year. But for Edoki San, he is well pass school, he always saids "schools is for fools", but tell me why he has his Masters Degree already. Bet you didn't know we was educated over @ RIF! well except heffe.

Jul 27, 2011

Quiz - SUPER HIGH (Video)

Peep the homie Quiz's newest video titled SUPER HIGH. Look out for his next project titled "Dope Kicks, Fresh Hats" which is set to drop on 08.22.11. The shop even got a little cameo, so make sure to peep it out.
Jul 26, 2011


When words are not enough, you can head to our very own RIF TUMBLR thats personally ran by Edoki San.

Jul 23, 2011

1985, 1994

Its hard to believe our 5 YEAR Anniversary mark is just months away (12/9/11), feels like we just had our 2 Year Anniversary just yesterday. People say time goes by a lot faster as you get older, but dam that fast? Shouts to all of our supporters who come down every year to make sure they get a piece of RIF LA history and best believe we got something cooking up for our 5 year Anniversary tee. BrunoMURAD copped our 2 year tee even before he was part of the RIF LA team, and yes that is Andre The Bum on the tee!

Jul 22, 2011


Its funny because we had this track about 7 months ago and they finally leaked it with a video, definitely a BANGER! Make sure you support JAY ROCKs upcoming album FOLLOW ME HOME which releases on July 26th via Itunes.

Jul 20, 2011


Sneakers make the world go round right? I remember the first couple years @ RIF we would always wait for huge shipments of sneakers from Japan, even came to the point where we would get boxes every week for 2 years straight. Now its our turn to return the favor, you can say we are RE.IN.FORCING Japan. Shouts to our brothers @ LA AVENUE, we got shoes on the way!

Jul 18, 2011


LA is not the only place that buying fresh sneakers is trending topic. Japan is ON RISE again when buying NIKE heat. Can you believe there are 60+ pairs in these boxes? Packed tighter than a can of sardines...all strategically dismantled boxes shoes packed. Flat boxing is the way to go if you want to save on shipping.

Jul 17, 2011


Only our boy Croatianstyle can make this picture happen, maybe he's part of the Entourage? Well he just hopped on Twitter so make sure to follow him because he's been posting daily deals/steals everyday. I'm just happy he's on our side :)
Jul 13, 2011


Fresh RIF tees are being rocked, sneakers are being paraded around town, lovely ladies are scantly clad around LA...that only means ONE thing. ITs FULL ON SUMMER. The past months of hoarding all those sneakers now its TIME to break them out and SHINE harder than rihanna eye after C Breezy knocked her out.

If your breaking out those brand new sneakers might as well do it in style. Jeff just recently broke out his Undefeated IVs making the rest of us salty and wanting to wear any J's for a while.

Did we mention that we recieved the friends and family Dunk Sb Low ENTOURAGE's in? If this was '04 you best believe these would be hitting the $3000.00 range.

Jul 7, 2011


I recently just found footage of Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Qs first time performing in Chicago, and ofcourse they had to perfrom MICHAEL JORDAN.

...shouts to Q for rockin our navy Paisley Pocket tee! too bad we don't have any of those anymore.


Everybody and their mommas are rockin snap backs these days, even Manny wanted to get his Mac Miller on and throw on a Clippers Snapback. Very fresh my friend.

Jul 4, 2011
Jul 3, 2011

Kendrick Lamar- Section.80 (Album)

IF you haven't already, support good music and go cop Kendrick Lamars - Section.80 off of Itunes. This is a MUST listen! HiiiPower!!