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Jan 31, 2010


Just thought I'd post this picture because I never thought I'd ever see Manny Pacquiao rocking some jordans. If you have bad eyes, hes ballin in some BRED 11s.


We received about 31 pairs today and a few we just kept available for instore only.

Click HERE.


Jan 28, 2010


We've had this pair of cool grey 11s chillen on our display case for a while now, maybe no one bought them because they were a size 16. But we finally made a size 16 shoe head happy today, and it was a local cat that would always walk in and never buy anything for 3 straight years, and finally he bought these babies.

So homie below came out with some cool greys for a good $60.00! Thanks brotha man. Please enjoy!

Andre the bum is stunting on Cornbreads Evisu jeans, some exclusive stuff in DTLA.

Rob practicing for the next Archrival lookbook. :)
Loyal blog reader, Joel came down today and suprised me with my FAVORITE pair of shoes of all time. Remember when I made that post of the dude rocking them and I wrote my little story about what I had to do to get these shoes, and how I wish i can find another pair.

Well Joel happened to have a size 10 lying around and he read that whole post, and he was nice enough to bring them down and give me them for free. Honestly, I couldn't stop smiling, too happy. THANKS BRO.

GOOD PEOPLES is why i work @ RIF LA.
YEEEEEEEEEE! Ima rcok these till the soles come off, just like the pair I wore back in '96!
"Damn Andre, you still rocking that tee that I gave you 2 years ago!?!?" -JEFF
" yea mutha fcka! "

Jan 25, 2010


Weather is finally looking like Sunny California, but I heard it should be raining again soon so don't put umbrellas away yet.

My old friends from Cerritos High School came down to pay me a visit, so we took a quick reunion picture. Haha, yea almost everyone in CHS was asian!

Surprises the whole day! Homie Mr. Herrera brought us the best pastries from the infamous PORTOS!

We killed this whole box in literally minutes. If you ever go to Portos Bakery, make sure you get this little sugar covered pastries with cream cheese inside. Absolute crack.
You so yummy.

Our new favorite bum "Gangta Kev" came back out of no where and guess what, hes sober and off the drugs. Hopefully its forever! We told him he couldn't get girls rocking some gr chuck taylors, so we hooked him up with some fresh 89s. DS for that @ss.

We love helping people and seeing them smile, you only live once, so why not help people?

Note to our local customers, the City of Los Angeles has upgraded the parking meters to where you can use your credit cards. Its effin nuts, now bums can't hustle and use a piece stick to add minutes.
Instead of paying for meters till 6pm, it is now officially till 8PM. The City of Los Angeles is BROKE just like everyone else.

So remember 2 weeks ago when I treated myself out to a ds pair of 99 black Vs? Well, I bought another pair and I'm actually rocking them right now, so this is my 2nd attempt to rock a '99 retro pair. If this pair cracks, I will try again lol.
Recession got so deep that we even have post office drivers hustlin out of their rides! Edouche checking out whats good in the back.
EPPIN Manny Pacman tees. Straight from Philippines lol.

...And we have a happy customer. You can spot this Postal truck selling tees every Monday in front of RIF.

SPITZ never fails when it comes to deep fried goodies. Garlic fries and pita strips with a side of garlic sauce.

We just got this mixtape in the mail by Don Cannon and 9th Wonder. Ill be bumping this on the way home tonight and I'll let you know if its worth listening to. Thank you for the mixtape, highly appreciate it!

Brian, they call him Mr. Lawrys, everyone around gets all SALTY around his fits.
And we sticky fingers Eddie on the right, the only guy I know that jacked a Louis Vuitton trunk from the store. Don't get mad LOI!
Peep the infamous "BACON BITS" on the right, he is famous for eating bacon for 1 MONTH straight! Thank you brian for the exclusive picture.

ED <3's SAEM.
Jan 23, 2010


What up?

Have you guys gotten your Space Jams?  Shit was getting pretty crazy at a couple of spots that had them.  It’s the beginning of a new year so I thought it was only fitting the take a look back at 09. 

First off I would to say Rest In Peace to The King Of Pop Michael Jackson and DJ AM which we lost this past year, they can never be replaced.  Now as far as sneakers are concerned, there are definitely a couple of joints that stood out.  First has to be the Air Yeezy.  A first I really wasn’t a fan of the shoe, but there’s something about it that made everyone not only want to have it but Nike had to create a lesser version of the shoe (which I really don’t care for)  the RT1(how is Nike going to come out with a new shoe without Air???).  The second I think is release of the Live Strong versions of the Cartoon, Undefeated, and Busy P Air Force 1s as well as that version of the Futura Dunks.  It was like a second chance to get those shoes (in the Black and Yellow color way) and some of the money goes to charity.  Third of course was the before mentioned Space Jam Jordan 11.  Fourth would be the re-release of the Reebok Pump Basketball Shoes.  Only selected stores got them and those stores got to make their own version of the classic shoe.  Honorable mention would go to the Undefeated Poorman’s Weapon, Air ½ Cents, and the Gucci SB Dunks.  

As far as movies go, I would say the best this year was a movie you may have never heard of.  It was a independent release and wasn’t in theaters too long but when it comes out on DVD in a month or so, do yourself a favor and buy it, trust me.  The movie is Black Dynamite and it funny as hell.  It’s a spoof of the Blackplotation movies of the 70s like Shaft, Dolomite, Black Ceasar, and Foxy Brown but you don’t need to be familiar with those movies to laugh yourself to an asthma attack at this.  Honorable mention would go to The Hangover, Avatar, Star Trek, Inglorious Basterds, Capitalism A Love Story, and The Watchmen.

Best album has to be Cuban Link 2.  Everytime you see a part 2 album, it never comes anywhere near the original (think Blueprint 2 and Infamy) but Cuban Link 2 is the exception.  Raekwon lyricism is as fresh as when we first heard him and with production from the likes of Rza, Dr. Dre, J-Dilla, and Erick Sermon Cuban 2 maybe a classic in it’s own right.  Honorable mention goes to Clipse’s Til The Casket Drops, Brother Ali’s Us, and SlaughterHouse.

In Comic Books (remember this is me) Dark Avengers takes it.  Bendis’ storytelling about villains pretending to be heroes along with Deodato’s artwork makes this book a must read.  Honorable mention goes to New Avengers, Uncanny X-menBatmanIron Man, Blackest Night, and Justice League.

OK enough with the look back, let look forward to what good in 2010.  On sneakers, Jordan Brand is coming with a lot of heat.  Several Jodran 6s including the Infra-Red that released today; a black 3M Jordan 9 (you guys know how I fell about 3M); a few Jordan 3s; and perhaps at the end of 2010 another Jordan 11 (and no I don’t know which one it is).  There’s also the Copper Foamposites, Air Maxes with Torch technology, and a couple of Air Force 1 classics.  

As far as music, I’m looking forward to new albums by Lupe FiascoThe Game, Immortal Technique, and the Raekwon, Ghostface, and Method Man project.  In comics, Siege starts this month and promises to be one of the best crossover in years.

OK that’s it for now but I’ve got to ask.  Have you guys seen that show on MTV called Jersey Shore?  Is it me or does that girl Snooki look just like Lil Kim?  Oh yeah, the sneaker I want to see retro’d this time is the original Reebok DMX running shoe.  I wore that shoe literally until it fell apart.  It’s was so comfortable.  

Anyways till the next article, which will be up very soon since we took a while to get the 3rd one up!

Peep the blog tomorrow, you won't want to miss this. TRUST!

-3m Wallace


MORE HIP-HOP FROM THE SIX. Just some feel food to keep you busy during the Cali Storm :)



TR3 NUT "Represent"

Jan 21, 2010


First off, congrats to Edward. You did an amazing job at your show last night. I never knew you were so nasty at riding!! (pause)

Peep the Seattle swag.
They Live & Dyme Def. Massive Monkees Crew:

And an OG SEA favorite, Jace from Silent Lambs Project:

....... and about all that rain. PWAHAHAHA. Seattle is like 55 to 60 degrees wit the sun out CUUUUUUZ. (that's mad skurry though. It's January, no snow, no de-icing my windshield, no crazy thunder storms..... but a typhoon in LA??)
Jan 20, 2010

Gloomy day, LA.

The RIF/Jeff Bailout Plan
, If your looking for quick cash for your sneakers this is the man to see. Peep the smile.... tell me you cant trust this man.
If your in Los Angeles im sure you've noticed the typhoon type weather. Ed was prepared today, he rolled up his pants and was sporting his Cristos in the rain, parading around Little Tokyo like a mad man.
"Stop Taking Pics Jeff."- Ed
Our Boy Chaz came through and it was a coincidence that our in-house body guard/bum was here to collect his weekly paycheck of $3.00 from Jeff.

Chaz wanted a limited edition signature from the "Skid Row heart breaker" Andre himself.
Peep the pics

Our 2nd year anniversary shirt.
CHAZ himself.
Andre " the skid row heart breaker"
If you see Andre around make sure to stop him and say hi. He has the most crazed stories ever!
Jan 16, 2010


One of our favorite consignment sellers James brought us some bake goodies from the famous Porto's Bakery. If you have not experienced Portos baked goods, your missing out of some of the most delicious pastries in all of California.

I wish there was some leftovers left to bring home. Owell! Ill swing by the bakery tomorrow.


Not sure how this American Apparel worker got behind the counter, looks like we'll be needing security soon.

Ladies, meet DOWNTOWN "Heart Throb Rob". He loves long walks around downtown los angeles, his favorite color is red and hes always rocking some fresh gear. Oh yea, hes SINGLE for the night.

Come by ARCHRIVAL across the street and thats where you'll find him.

"I'm not looking at you, i'm looking past you" Follow him on TWITTER.