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Oct 31, 2011


Everyone have a safe and fun Halloween!!! We will be closing at 5PM today.

Oct 30, 2011

Snead's Event RECAP

The FREE Snead's event was pretty chill yesterday,
Manny, Carl and Murad went down for the shop to show some love.
It was at a chill Location and well known sneaker heads went through.
A few to name were Franalations, Afrokix, Jigweezy, Shoewolf, and
the infamous C SWEEZY Carl 909.

Try Hard Carl and the homie Kingpoetic head of the event

Oct 25, 2011

Dom Kennedy - When I Come Around (VID)

Shouts to Dom Kennedy! and someone please tell him to come pick up his check!
Oct 22, 2011


Murad Gadaffi hard at work putting together more racks for the shop, just so much shoes coming in everyday! S/O to Cosco for the Racks on Racks on Racks.

Oct 14, 2011


Just in time for the winter...This SUNDAY we will be releasing our RIF crew necks, one being our basic logo in a black/red color way and our 2nd crew neck will be our classic RIF . LA front hit in a grey/black color way.

Size: SMALL - X-LARGE will be available.
Price: $48.00

Mr. Sun in My Eyes Manny is rocking the RIF logo crew neck in the black/red color way.

Cruncy Carl rocking the RIF . LA crew neck.

Oct 13, 2011


We apologize for the lack of Blog updates, but we've been busy everyday receiving tons of new arrivals! Hows everybody else coping with the record heat waves in Los Angeles?!? Like serious, 110 + in DTLA!? Maybe because we got so much HEAT in the shop!

Oct 7, 2011

WANTED: Dirty Little Jackers

We understand it might be a recession for some people these days, but dam is it really worth it to go steal a Hundreds beanie? Like man, go to Ralphs and steal a couple steaks and feed yourself. We personally didn't catch these little f*cks below, but our good peoples over @ Bowls on 1st Street made sure to give us a heads up just incase they try to pull some big scamming on our side.

So if you ever see any of these guys below, feel free to knock them out, take a picture and we'll give you a couple free shirts.

Its kind of obvious this guy would steal, this dudes wearing an Angry Birdz shirt that he probably stole from Target. If you look closely you can see him stuffing his shirt with a beanie.

I ain't gonna lie, its usually dingy lookin cats on skateboards that we notice trying to pull fast ones. I will personally knock you out in the shop and wait for some pigs to pick you up if yall pull this in our shop.

Oct 6, 2011


FAKE SHOES have been ruining the shoe game for a longtime now and people these days are failing to double check the authenticity of their shoes. We honestly don't go a day without a person walking into the shop trying to consign a fake pair of shoes, some people try n trick us and a few just had no idea they got F*CKED with some fakes. NOTE to people, if you try and bring a fake pair of shoes to us, we will confiscate it and chop it up. (unless your a big cholo, then you can keep your fakes).

M A N N Y fingering the fake breds, more like handing ...

Oct 4, 2011
Oct 3, 2011

Money Makin JONES

One of my good buddies swung down to UNLOAD all his pre-owned shoes and all of them were price to go, some literally sold within minutes of getting price tags on them. Sometimes you never know when you'll need a quick couple Gs, thats why its always good to have a nice shoe collection to dump when you need to.