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Oct 6, 2011


FAKE SHOES have been ruining the shoe game for a longtime now and people these days are failing to double check the authenticity of their shoes. We honestly don't go a day without a person walking into the shop trying to consign a fake pair of shoes, some people try n trick us and a few just had no idea they got F*CKED with some fakes. NOTE to people, if you try and bring a fake pair of shoes to us, we will confiscate it and chop it up. (unless your a big cholo, then you can keep your fakes).

M A N N Y fingering the fake breds, more like handing ...

We already know about 30% of shoe heads probably don't know they own a pair of FAKE SHOES. We are happy to LEGIT CHECK any of your shoes, but honestly fakes are getting really good these days and don't be surprise who sells fake shoes. IF you really love shoes, do some research, smell your shoes, compare, etc.

Our good friend Carlos never buys fake jordans, hes actually strictly originals or 1st and 2nd retros. DOPE tee my friend, and check the kicks!

People like Victor stay on our website like snipers on Ebay, Vic came up on a pair of DS Entourage Af1s for only $880.00, after it being price down from $1,395.00. Once an item is price down, you need to act fast!!!

Hands down probably 1 of the best Air Force 1s that have ever released, and you gotta love that LA hit on the back.

#SOLD #SLEPT ...go back to sleep kids

s/o to our customers and sellers that stay blessing us with food at the shop, your the reason why we stay fat and hungry!

ED & Manny says THANK YOU Keroppi and Badtz Maru for the K F C.

#WDYWT HEFFE?! : Supreme Timbos

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 makes up this tattoo...

olive and orange is UNDFTD's signature colorway:

Z)Double E x 2 ?

Officer 3m Flawless Wallace and Subway Cookies = less tickets for the good people of Los Angeles.

3 and a Half Man after hours

Its been a long day + this free KAWS Hennesy Bottle from LEE bros (thank u) : #PRICELESS

Manny being thirsty #TRUTH


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