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Jan 21, 2013


RIF LA is always looking for ways to improve.  Recently, we have added on
brand new SIGNS above each shop.  Here is a glimpse of RIF 1 aka "The Traphouse"
The days of not being able to find RIF on 2nd street are long gone.  If you are ever in the area be sure to keep an eye out for us.  Simple yet very recognizable.  RIF.LA

 Here is RIF 2 aka "The Clubhouse"
Again, this sign is a very nice addition to the storefront.

A couple of Sneaker Shots from Saturday.
Carl wearing his 1999 Jordan Bred 4's
Notice the IGNANT grey sweaties to go with the Nike Air

Here's Connor rocking his W)Taps Chukkas.  006

Who worked this past Saturday? None other than Jeffe, Manwell, and Carl.
The homie Snoop was chillin with the team as well. 

Our close friend SchoolBoy Q (@Groovyq On Instagram)  decided to swing by and chop it up with Jeff.  He ended up picking up those Olympic AIR More Uptempo's.  Thanks again we appreciate the support brotha.  Everyone be sure to stay up on his upcoming album set to drop sometime this year...

Shoutout to Joe (@joezilla90) for picking up the YEEZY 2's, enjoy the shoes!

Shoutout to the homie Dre (@nice_soles) for donating some clothes for the people of Skid Row.

Thank you to all the support and donations that we have received these past few months.  WE are still collecting shoes and clothes for the homeless, please feel free to bring your donations by the shop anytime.  #PushingWeight 

Attention: Our website (www.rif.la) is currently DOWN for maintenance.  We will be letting you all know as soon as possible when it will be going back up.  Thank you and we appreciate your patience.

Jan 17, 2013


Another weekend, another drop. 
Every other Saturday, we tend to drop/release new items.
Well, this time it is our own RIF clothing that dropped. 
Besides our "club-house" beanies, we had a quickstrike drop of crewnecks.
"REINFORCE" (That's what RIF means! We're not gang affiliated!)
Jan 14, 2013


This past weekend RIF celebrated the birthday of none other than
Co-owner Ed Mateo.  On behalf of the RIF crew we wish you a Happy Birthday.
Ed's custom Birthday Cake

Some of our workers felt the birthday spirit and lost their work ethic.  
Caught INTERN Willy big chillin' on the Job.
By the way, he's playing CSR Racing 

Sneaker Shot of the Weekend
Lebron X "Cork"

Keep your eyes out for the Original HEAT around the shop
The 4's are 89's

The past few days have been very busy for the Team at Rif 1.  
Not only is our website down for quarterly maintenance, RIF was closed today for our quarterly inventory check.  

Not only are all the shoes brought out of the racks, they are checked to be displayed
on the floor, and if they aren't on display they are wrapped accordingly.

A small portion of all the shoes that were wrapped today

By far the most popular shoes in the shop, the beloved Jordan section.  We have more Jordan's than ever, this is just a fraction of them being checked for our quarterly inventory.  

El Heffe  aka Everyones Enemy was working hard today in the "Trap House" 
He did inventory on hundreds of shoes today along with the rest of the team.


Half-way through the day and there's still plenty of work to be done.
 Pushing Weight

One would think that with all this hard work, the team would be hungry and expecting a full meal.  Looks like we just had some Krispy Kreme, as we like to call it, a traditional B.O.C. (Breakfast of Champions)

 Here is a preview of the next RIF release
"Good People Helping Good People" Snapback
Stay tuned for details

Manager Manwell is excited to see his favorite slogan finally make it onto a hat.
Or is he excited to eat the last few Chocolate Glazed Sprinkled Donuts?

Stay Tuned until next time, Manny plays against Willy on CSR racing for the last Krispy Kreme

Jan 12, 2013


After organizing and filling up the racks and shelves with clothes, we've decided to create a blog for RIF.LA Dos.
Yes, this is our first post...

Well, we finally received our shipment of RIF beanies.
The homie Lennard helped out ilnoj double check the stock just to make sure we have enough beanies for everyone for tomorrow's drop.

Rarris and Rovers.

It has been a pretty eventful Friday afternoon here at RIF LA.
Not only are we prepping for our expected release of Beanies,
We also had an uexpected visit from one of our good friends.

Our 2 RIF Beanies drop this Saturday
We're going to be selling them for $22 each
Don't sleep on this release

Sneaker shot of the Day
Nike Lunar Hyperdunk 2012 + Sportpack 
S/O to Manwell

So who is it that rolled up to the shop in the Range Rover?
Any last guess?

Well if you've been following us on Instagram you may know by now
It was our good friend Soulja Boy (@1SouljaBoy) and his homies
He came by to pick up some Bred and Cool Grey 11's

Thanks again for the support, we appreciate you bro
Thanks to Arab for picking up some Jordans as well

Also shoutout to @FredoSantana300 thanks for stopping by too!
Hope to see you again, enjoy the Cherry 12's

FREDO in the CUT, thats a scary site.

We appreciate you @shoe_wolf

Thanks to the support of all our customers and supporters we've been to spread the awareness of RIF.  We are humbled by the opportunities all the support has allowed us to have, and we hope for many more to come.
Stay Tuned until Fredo and the rest of GBE stop by with Soulja Boy

Jan 8, 2013

Rif Clothing Consignment

This past fall has brought a great opportunity as RIF expanded to Rif II aka Rif dos.  
Our second shop is currently open for clothing consignment featuring brands such as:
Supreme, Neighborhood, Wtaps, and Visvim.

The front of Rif Dos features some of the rarest Supreme skate decks
and also some of the rarest Be@rbrick figures above our Hat and T-shirt section.

Towards the back of our new shop, you will find some of the best outerwear to start the new year off.
Above this is one of our glass cases featuring more rare items.
Don't forget about the bags on top, our selection includes a few Supreme bags.

Rif II is the place to get ALL of your RIF apparel 
We still have 334a Tees and GPHGP Tees/Hoodies 
Be sure to swing by and get yours before they SELL OUT

Similar to Rif 1, the Glass Case houses the grails of many customers
This is the place in Rif II to get the most limited and sought after Supreme Tees

Rif 1 & 2

Don't forget to swing by and say what's up to the HARD WORKING Rif 2 crew
None other than Murad and Ilnoj

Goodnight from Little Tokyo

Jan 6, 2013

Happy New Year

The Holiday season is always the busiest time of the year for us.  Here at RIF, we have been swamped with an enormous amount of sales, both ONLINE and IN-STORE.  It is safe to say that without YOU, our customers, we would not be where we are today.  

This has been a typical scene here at RIF throughout the past few weeks, as you can see we have been living our slogan of #PUSHINGWEIGHT

Not only are we helping all our customers on the sales floor, we are busy in the back wrapping shoes for display as well. We have dozens of new shoes coming in daily.

Shoutout to Trumaine Johnson (@truj2) for coming through with @kikcrazy and @dsdaily_
If you don't know who this young man is yet, chances are you will soon.  He is one of the best young cornerbacks in the NFL, playing for the St. Louis Rams.

Another rising star from the NFL decided to drop by RIF.  
Shoutout to #13 Josh Gordon (@Kamoflash) of the Cleveland Browns.
Clearly Carl is starstruck of his FAVORITE wide receiver.  

Since the Holidays are filled with countless hours of shopping and searching for a perfect Christmas gift for your friends and family, it is easy to forget to be thankful for what we have.

A few of us from RIF decided to give thanks and went to Christmas Mass.

Another slogan we have established at RIF is "Good People Helping Good People" 
If you have been following us on Instagram (@riflosangeles) then you are quite aware of how we have been working to live up to these words on a daily basis.

 2nd Street Willy & Shirley breaking out their Christmas presents.  
Bred 11's for HER and Chicago 1's for HIM.
It has been our pleasure to hire Willy to work part-time for BOTH of our shops.  Thanks for the hard work Willy, we hope you and Shirley enjoy the shoes.

Until next time, we wish you a Happy New Year from the RIF crew