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Jan 17, 2013


Another weekend, another drop. 
Every other Saturday, we tend to drop/release new items.
Well, this time it is our own RIF clothing that dropped. 
Besides our "club-house" beanies, we had a quickstrike drop of crewnecks.
"REINFORCE" (That's what RIF means! We're not gang affiliated!)
Since we had a quickstrike shipment of new RIF clothes, we have to sometimes delay our opening hours.
And yes, sometimes a line forms outside the store.
(Johnny Cupcakes product placement)

We just got this brand new Supreme RZA tee (photo by David Corio) and we haven't even put it up on Instagram (by the way, if you're not following us on IG, it is: @RIFLAII [Clothing store.Not the Shoe store.]).
(Yeah, just put it in the glass case the day before.)
When this person saw the Rza tee, he asked what size and how much. So we told him that it's a size Large and it's $150 brand new.
Then he goes, "I'll take it." So had to repeat the price and he was serious.
Yeah, he did pay the price.
Again, you gotta remember, we're a consignment store.

"Rags to Riches"
Jay-Z? Nope, that's the bossman. Haha.

Talking about business...

"Wait, I'm not ready! I think I got chocolate on my mouth." (Haha)

"Ok, I'm ready."

Money well spent. Took the time to dig through the brand new tees shelves and found those tees.
Thanks again!

Also, in RIF 2, we take some shoes for consignment, but only if they are Supreme, Vans Syndicate, First String Converse, and maybe some Vans Vault.

Bad image?

Possibly one of the best tees or collab done with Supreme.
Supreme x Neighborhood (part 1 since they did a part 2)
Check out this picture, the release day at Supreme LA
Supreme x Neighborhood release at Supreme LA

Meet one of our newest intern, Sobe.
Saying peace to this blog post.


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