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Mar 31, 2010



This Palm Tree bares coconut fruit. A regular Palm Tree like we have in the states.
This Palm Tree has "Palm Fruit"..... there really isn't an American name for this fruit that I know of, but it looks like a mini-coconut.
This is the "Palm Fruit".
On the left is the Palm Fruit juice boiled and condensed into a molasses. On the right is old coconut cut into "chips".


We just received about 37 pairs of new arrivals for today and a lot more to be added tomorrow. Its tax return time, so do yourself a favor and treat yourself out to some fresh shoes. You deserve it.

For new arrivals, Click HERE.


!!REAL!! Ban Chau..... or for all yall Vietnamese, Ban Xeo.

On too many levels, we have it made easy in the States. It can be taken both ways, but as for food..... there are things that I just cannot comprehend! Making a birthday cake "from scratch" is difficult so we go to Safeway (aka VONS) and cop cake mix in a box.....

On the flip side, when I'm fient out for some Ban Chau, I hit up the homie's mom to cook up my favorite dish. But in most cases, even the Ban Chau crepe in the States is a "just-add-water" powder mix....

Bellow, is the OG, OG, OG, OG way to make the coconut crepes in Ban Chau.......

To my surprise, RIPE coconut is NOT hard! It's actually really gelatin-like..... ???
But in this case, we needed to use the old coconut to press into a thick paste.......

This is the crepe batter.

Mar 30, 2010


We didnt know we had such a huge following within the United States and Over SEAS. Everyday we recieve supportive emails from sneakerheads around the world. From as close as San Francisco, NY, Florida, ALL over asia, Korea(Ed responds to those) and even Europe. Kind emails about our BLOG, customer service and prices overwhelm our mailboxes. WE TRY our best to answer all of them but the UNDERLINING response to all the emails is, "Thank you for SUPPORTING RIF/LA. AVE/NAPSIZE"

It is because of all of you we are here EARLY Mornings and LATE Nights. THANK YOU AGAIN.

Our BOY Martin, came all the way down from the NORWAY with his sister and Dad to peep the shop, chat it up a bit and copped a pair of UNDFTD Poorman CONS. THANKS again Martin and hope to see you soon. RIF Loves you XOXO...
Speaking of Support, ED is FINALLY starting to SUPPORT the shop he's been working at for 3 YEARS. I dont think he's ever worn a RIF SHIRT!

Here is a sample of one of the colors of our INFAMOUS 334A shirts.
Shirts will be dropping SOON at the BARGAIN price of $23.00 50 Per a Color.
Stay in the look out.
Speaking of COLOR, the Penny "BLUE" colorway should only be on a "PENNY" model shoe.
but if you like this shoe and this colorway...too bad SOLDDDD
Remember when EDOUCHE got a haircut @ Hair DU Japon? Well his hairstylist dropped off a few goodies for us to share. MUFFINS! cheaaaaa
and Rice Ball treats...i dont even know the real name but it was DELICIOUS.

Life is ALL about Giving and Taking. At times we are all selfish and want to make ourselves happy and take more than we need. But with ALL of your HELP we were ALL able to GIVE a little to the less Fortunate.

Remember when we were collecting shoes for the PEOPLE of HAITI? Well we shipped out half of the shoes DONATED by all of you, the rest? Jeff and Manny made a special trip down to LA's SKID ROW meet and greet the less fortunate.

"Yo Ed, You wanna go to skid row with Me and Manny?"-Jeff

"Umm, Well I would LOVE to... but I need to stay at the shop"- Ed

"Well, then bring all the shoes to the car, thanks"- Jeff

Ed, Playing his part in the donation process.
Shotgun seat in the "Manny Mobile"
Made it to SKID ROW, not soo bad.

"whos this pretty young thing with AJ 20's chillin in SKID ROW"- Manny
Heres your "pretty young thing" Manny...Manny is NEVER not WORKING
So They park and POP the trunk and start the Donation Process.

Heres Jeff handling the situation...old boy must have been a sneaker head cause he went straight for the KILL. 03' Neon Air Max 95.

Homie on the right SALTY meannn MUGGIN, he didnt get first dibs.

Varsity Jacket and Fresh pair of AJ 8 Low Retros.
At this point ALL seems to be going smooth, but as soon as word spread that FREE shoes were being given out, SWARMS of needy people surrounded Jeff and even PUSHED MANNY out of the way.
Jeff Calling for MANNY "the ReInForcer"
What started off as a calm give away for the less fortunate homeless of LA became a "Dunk Ex-change" from deepest depths of SKID ROW. One word...MAYHEMM
Can you spot Jeff?
More homeless coming...
"I cant handle this anymore, this is getting dangerous"-Jeff

where was Manny, all this time?

He was taking pictures of the Lady with AJ 20's

"thanks Manny for the help"- Jeff
No one left empty handed... when there was no more shoes we started to pass out RIF store T's.
As we left... a SWARM of people surrounded the car looking for more shoes or shirts, at this point we gave everything away... We made a Loud Anouncement that we would be back in the SAME PLACE next month with more shoes and shirts. (SO please keep donating)
Until next time, see you back at the shop
We couldnt forget to take a picture of the homeless man with 99 AJ 4's.

home sweet home...ALMOST back to the shop.
To my surprise, this was waiting at the shop at least HALF, the homie JUAN left a steak sandwhich.
Here to greet us after the our SKID ROW adventure was a Mail Man Jean.

Its funny how LA can change with just 2 city blocks. Just 10 min ago we were among people that haven't showered in days, had no shoes no clean cloths, and less then $2.00 in their pockets. Makes you think what people do with their $1100.00 consignment checks ?
Our Boy GUSTO one of our shoe donators came through and happened to mention that it was DJ AM's birthday, how could we forget!? RIP AM
Here's EDOUCHE looking like a homeless with no socks, atleast its not DIRTY Socks.
ERIC DIXON... NOT looking like a homeless in Prada saddle shoes.
Jeff's newest Pickup PARRA AM1's ...those shoes match ED's Blouse.
Thanks again Christian.

Thank you again to ALL that HELPED the LESS Fortunate of HAITI and the homeless of LA.

IT'S Because of you all that donated homeless of HAITI and LA SKID Row have fresh sneakers. Even though they may have nothing remember EVERYONE loves a fresh pair of kicks.

We are now starting our NEXT round of donations. if you have anything to donate we will be more than glad to accept what you have to give.

God Bless, and remember if no one loves you RIF loves you. XOXO