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Mar 26, 2010


so clean...

Makes me want to ride fix gear bikes, sikeeeee.

Our good homie, PNOY IRON MAN JIMMY rolled through to chop it up, watch the Laker Game real quick off his Sling, and eat a few fish tacos.

Everything this dude owns is LIMITED! His jacket is even limited!

His bike is LIMITED too.

I forgot if his helmet was LIMITED, but I'm pretty sure its LIMITED, knowing Jimmy and all.

RIF LAs very own, Edouche Mateo wanted to feel extra LIMITED so he asked to borrow Jimmys Jacket, and he even found glasses to make him look extra intelligent.

tell me why he looks like a older filipino buzz lightyear, lol.


Don't forget you can't eat MEAT on Friday, so we had to order a couple fish tacos to go ofcourse.

bape boots, getting my grown man on.

By the way, we just received about 28 pairs of new consignment for today, so swing by the shop this weekend and treat yourself to some fresh kicks. Click HERE.

Time to add some quality west coast hip hop into your music selection, so feel free to pick up Jay Rock and Kendrick Lamars most recent Mixtape at the shop for your listening pleasure.

Towards the end of the day, Ed went around the corner to JAPON to get a cut.

He shaved his head like me, so he can look extra hard. So you must come to the shop this weekend, who doesn't want to see Ed with a shaved head.


deng anyone catch that Artest interview after the game? Homie was soo LIT!


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