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Mar 10, 2010


AGAIN and AGAIN, Our boy VON never sleeps... he came through and picked up 2 pairs of GEMS. '99s and 01's (my favorite years)

For some it takes months maybe years for pick up a pair of AJ 5's and 3's in the condition we sold them for today, but since VON does his homework and stays on the webshop he was lucky enough to kill 2 birds with one stone.

well played gent, well played.
you mad?

Our boy MURAD aka. "The Bean Cake Bandit" aka next Gretzky in the game, swung by to pick up some DS Futura Dunk Sb Lows for $240.(STEAL OF THE DAY).

You can get these little bean cakes across the street in the Little Tokyo Plaza. They sell about a thousand of these a day! Maybe I should reconsider my business route lol.


Our Boy "Money Bags Shaheed" roll through to show us his newest pickup. Iced Out G-shock paved in white and black diamondsss. We call it OREOS...those aren't conflict diamonds, are they shaheezy?

Edouche calling in our lunch order.
Edouche-"Can I please order a foot long turkey sandwhich with onions, but no turkey and onions but please add tuna..thanks"

Subway guy-"So you want a turkey sandwhich with onions, but No Turkey and Onions but with tuna."

Edouche-" yes ...thank you"

Our boy Franky ALWAYS hurting feelings. I've actually NEVER seen anyone wear these, like who the hell has them? I know FAT JOE got a pair, Robin Williams got one, DRE, who else? I need one asap!

undftd ballistic nylon dunk high

Remember a few months back when we blogged about our boy Byron? Well he was sent to Jail for a little over 1 year over some BS....WELL ...He got off on good behavior. Welcome home BYRON, no more showers with multiple men.

I took my daily walk over to Starbucks when I smelled the most FOUL stench ever. It smelt like a TWIZZLERS and Bananas. NOT MANNY APPROVED (look closely)

I dont understand why anyone would live anywhere besides Southern California. Its Still Winter and peep the weather. DEFINITELY MANNY APPROVED

Our homie Ayomari , who's an upcoming rapper from ATL, was in the building chopping it up. Look out for this cat, he's bringing a whole new feel to hip hop. Expect his mixtape to be bumpin in our store on a daily!

Download Ayomari - The PB&J Solution at www.thecafeterialine.com

"Handsome Rob" from Archrival showing us his new pickups...A&W rootbeer and AJ 1's.

When Edouche came in today I thought he was wearing his girlfriends Frilly Boots, yanno those boots with the FRILLS that you can buy at your local ALDO... that ALL chicks wear. Well then he started to explain that these shoes came out WAYYYYYY before that hype

Visvims, some grown up shoes for shoe heads....very clean.

Here's another sneak preview of another one of our designs. If you know about RIF then you know about what we do.

Stay tuned for more INFORMATION...and dont sleep.
Designs produced will NOT be made again in the same colorways released.



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