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Nov 30, 2011

ScHoolboy Q - Sacrilegious (VID)

Our boy ScHoolboyQ was just at the shop yesterday and wanted me to give yall a heads up that he dropping #Hnc sometime in December! He should be leaking the track he has with Currensy and Dom Kennedy in the next week or so. hIIIpower!!!

Nov 26, 2011


I got the only thing I wanted for Christmas very early, the NBA Season! I honestly felt like there was no hope, but waking up to this surprise ... theres always HOPE! Thank You NBA!

God Is GOOD.
Nov 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving to everybody in the world, we are thankful to have some of the best supporters, the best consignment sellers, and best customers. We wish everyone and their family a safe Thanksgiving! Unfortunately this time around, we will not be having a BLACK FRIDAY SALE.... but we will be open for regular business hours.

Nov 22, 2011


So are these Dunk Sb Low ENTOURAGE "Lights Out" actually coming out or is it completely scrapped? What if Nike bust a secret release like what they did with the WHAT THE DUNKs and release them at selected shops worldwide? I guess we'll never know ;) But these did come out beautiful, I hope Nike Sb blesses everyone with these because they need something ASAP to save their future.

Nov 17, 2011


I rarely go to Vegas, but the whole staff had plans to hit up the SC Event for the PENNY PACK release, but they ended up postponing the event so we didn't even get to attend. Owell, they ended up raffling only 25 packs anyways and I would of been pissed if we didn't get at least one.

Our boy MAX killing it right now with these!!! Shouts to the people that won and kept their pack, definitely something worth keeping.

Nov 16, 2011


Top Sneaker Shops in LA (RIF LA) Episode 2 from Sneaker NationTV on Vimeo.

Dam Mannys been with us for about 2 years now and I swear he knocked out these interviews like it was nothing, talking like he's been with us since day 1. I know for dam sure I couldn't have done better than him, shoot I dropped out of college because I couldn't take Speech class! Shouts to RIF's biggest pusher, MannyFRESH!

Nov 15, 2011


Top Sneaker Shops in LA (RIF LA) from Sneaker NationTV on Vimeo.

Our boy EP, the man behind SneakerNationTV gave us the opportunity to be a part of his series of interviews for the TOP SNEAKER SHOPS in LA. Thank you for the opportunity and we look forward to part 2 and 3! Also make sure to hit his website for upcoming interviews with all the other sneaker shops in Los Angeles. MannyFRESH did a great job btw!

Nov 13, 2011


November is personally my favorite month out of the year, you can stuff yourself on Thanks Giving and you can blow all your hard earned money on BLACK FRIDAY on flatscreen tvs. Another reason why its my favorite month is because November is the time when we receive the most sneaker consignment in and it keeps us stocked up for December, so THANK YOU for giving us your shoes to sell. Who can beat our 85/15 consignment rate?! We take 15% for brand new shoes and 20% for USED shoes!

Nov 12, 2011

Aristocrats NOW OPEN

Aristocrats just open their 2nd shop in Little Tokyo, located directly across the street from us, so make sure to welcome them to the block when you make a trip down. They'll be stocked with a handful of streetwear brands and also their own in-house line, and by the way the shop looks super clean!

Nov 9, 2011
Nov 8, 2011

KICK'D (A Short Film)

Just a few weeks ago, my lady's cousin filmed a short movie at our shop titled KICK'D for his film class! Shoutout to Jeffrey Maninding and his team for directing this dope short movie and letting us be a part of it. #GPHGP

Nov 7, 2011


My beautiful baby girl came by the shop to surprise his hard working daddy, check out her BABY SWAG though! Probably the only baby rockin a pair of baby Visvims, thanks to the good peoples over @ UnionLA. Everything I do is all for her, proud Dad!

Nov 2, 2011


BRO...What the F*CK are you wearing?! Are those the ORION AJ 3s?! I rather rock his homies DCs to the left than those FAKE @SS jays. Go back to shopping in the deep DTLA area homie.

buying fake shoes support terrorism.