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Nov 17, 2011


I rarely go to Vegas, but the whole staff had plans to hit up the SC Event for the PENNY PACK release, but they ended up postponing the event so we didn't even get to attend. Owell, they ended up raffling only 25 packs anyways and I would of been pissed if we didn't get at least one.

Our boy MAX killing it right now with these!!! Shouts to the people that won and kept their pack, definitely something worth keeping.

Thank you MAX for the Beard Papa's

We just got a 27in Mac monitor for the shop, so costumers can check what shoes we have in stock in the shop and also watch Mannys interviews on a bigger screen!

Had the opportunity to meet the infamous Dez Einswell, the artist who designed the 1 YEAR Anniversary Greyone X Nike Air Max 1 Viotech box. Probably the sickest Nike box ever and we happen to have one on display in the shop. Sorry for the bad lighting on the box!

Working @ RIF LA, you tend to get influenced in buying dope classic jordans, so Murad was lucky enough to grab a ds pair of 2001 black/cement 3s for a very good price (rather not say the price) and he literally un ds'd in a matter of 5 minutes.

You already know these shoes always deserve a BACK SHOT. Nike Air 4EVER!!!

The homie Chris from TEAM AM FAM #NT swung down to check out a couple air maxes that were too good to pass up on.. But dam Chris these black PATTA AM1s are #CRACK my friend, like true perfection!!!

These P A T T A AM1s definitely deserve a BACK SHOT. Anybody have a US 10.5-11 instock?!?

I also need a little help with these, does anyone have a size US 11.5 I can swap my size 10.5 with?

Check out this full breed english bulldog, this guy breeds them and lets em go for about $2,500 each.. its like dropping $2,500 for a pair of worn UNDFTD 4s ;)


RIF got Deals and Deals and DEals! Man we stay having deals on a daily basis, shouts to the people that sleep and big shout outs to the people that take advantage!

Homie copped these yesterday for the low $130 and came in today already rockin em looking like they in worn once condition. #SOLD

The yellowing wasn't too bad on these white - varsity red low AJ 11s, and no one could of beat that price, yes NO ONE!

S/O to the dude who came up with these babies instore. #SOLD

fine one more, weren't all Spiz'ikes retailed @ $175.00? Btw most of our ds Spiz'ikes are usually under $190 ... keep that in mind.

These really weren't NDS, someone just tried on the left side and the bottoms got a little dirty. #SOLD.

Alright one last one for the day, UNION Clerk 180s:::

By the way, not sure who designed these but very good job! S/O to the good peoples over @ UNION.LA #SOLD

Since theres no NBA Season, Demar Derozan's been coming down clearing out all of our size US 13 heaters on a weekly basis. Dude is good peoples and we can't wait to see him back on the floor, shoot we can't wait till we have an NBA Season! Btw can't believe you fit all those kicks in your ride!

Victor (Union LA) and Z)double)e (Tantum) swagging on all of us at the shop. SMH.

F*CK SWAG! We got Umami Burgers all around and I heard they opening one up in DTLA!!! But dam these burgers are like $11.00+ each!!! yes each!! bombbbb though!

you can play jenga with these fries :)

Heart attack, YUM :)


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