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Nov 7, 2011


My beautiful baby girl came by the shop to surprise his hard working daddy, check out her BABY SWAG though! Probably the only baby rockin a pair of baby Visvims, thanks to the good peoples over @ UnionLA. Everything I do is all for her, proud Dad!

Shayla RAE, what did you wear today?

some Visvim FBT's (black/white) #BABYSWAG

ANDRE the BUM stays coming to the shop and sticking his middle finger at everyone since day 1. Can't believe we've been knowing this guy for almost 5 years now, we see this guy more than our own family!

Arthur, one of RIF's loyal consignment sellers, good peoples!

Jonathan, one of RIF's loyal customers, comes by the shop during the weekends when he needs to clear his mind and blow some money on some fresh kicks. Those SOUTH BEACH Lebrons for $300 is a STEAL! #SOLD

He also couldn't hesitate in adding these OLIVE V's for the low, $80! #SOLD.

No photoshop, I think Ed is like radioactive or something!

XLIXE, Pizzeria spot just open down the street from the shop! Finally some legit pizza from New Jersey! Make sure to swing by over there sometime, and don't forget to bring the RIF fam a LARGE Pepperoni pizza!

EDoki San and Manny chopping it up with UnionLA's finest .. Vic the Man NGUYEN...

Thank You Vic and UNION Fam once again for these fresh Visvims :)

Just added some Griffeys to the rotation, but how long does it take till they break in because these feel stiff as hell.

Is that who I think it is?! Is that the infamous A B C Chuck from #NT ?!?! If your one of the few OGs from the #NT years, then you must know ABC. Dude is a legend is the Socal resell game. Good peoples! dun!

A B C Chucks robocopp pick up: AF1 Questloves

Since I got 1/4 of my Wisdom taken away, I am restricted from drinking out of straws so ofcourse I had to improvise with some chopsticks ...


RIF after hours consist of Johnny Rockets and Dave Chappelle #GOODTIMES

Who the hell is dipping their chicken strips in their OREO shake?! Well, for new arrivals ...
make sure to Click --------> H E R E


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