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Mar 30, 2009


We got a huge amount of consignment today, all priced reasonable compared to our competitors!

Click HERE to view all the stuff we just got in.
Mar 28, 2009


Scuba Steve has a pair of prototype yeezys on the bay( click HERE for auction), but I personally wouldn't show my face on ebay because there's TOO many cats on ebay.

I wouldn't want to be out in public being pulled to the side asking me if I'm the dude who's selling the prototype yeezys. LOL

Homeboy has a site too. Peep HERE.

Mar 27, 2009

GOOD people helping GOOD people!

Longtime RIF LA supporter, David, came down today to treat himself to a little birthday present.  He came right on time, where he stumbled on a pair of grails he's been looking for a minute now.

Enjoy the FUTURA Dunk Lows brotha.  $200, can't go wrong!  Happy Birthday !

I didn't believe it was his birthday till he showed me his high school id.  So I had to hook him up with the RIF BDAY SPECIAL.  
Griffeys, 95s, hawaiis, milis, deck his, and much more ! Peep the site daily so you don't pass up on some kicks you've been looking for.
My boy who's the manager of Pastagina hooked me up with a " recession meal " .  When you make your way down to RIF, make sure to pay a visit to Pastagina and treat yourself to some lovely pasta.
Ricky Jones came down with a handful guys from the La Mission to personally shake my hand and thank me for all the times I donated shoes and clothes.  

RIF LA has been donating shoes and clothing almost every month to this specific mission, so if anybody would want to help donate some shoes or clothes to some GOOD needy people, then feel free to come down and we'll be happy to donate it to the Los Angeles Mission.

These are rough times for everybody, so anything would help.  Anything for the good people of Los Angeles!
Thank You KAWS for adding to my little collection of beabricks!

Mar 26, 2009


Tony, Yaos bro, came down to sell us some Original Jordan heat! Time to upgrade our display case.

Few new arrivals for today.
There this legit sandwich spot right behind us, $5.00 Pastrami meal is LEGIT!


Do you guys remember when we posted that Eds been in Paris?Which is the reason why hes been "mia" at RIF. Well my friend sent me a picture of Ed at his new job, lol. Hes currently working @ Sea World, swimming with Shamu.
Mar 25, 2009


QUEST crew came by to teach EDouche some dancing moves.

Looks like MO is coming from heaven lol


Johan came down to show us his upcoming mocassins for 3sixteen.

Can't teach Ed how to dance with these slippers. lol
Couple new arrivals for today.
Mar 24, 2009


Its been mad busy these past few days, so we apologize for the lack of updating! This is tax return season, so all business's should be doing a little better!

We've been receiving A LOT of shoes in the past few days, so don't sleep! Put that tax return to use already!

This isn't even half of it!

Its dangerous to keep this much CASH on you during this recession! But if your using @ RIF to buy shoes then its all GOOD! haha
Mar 23, 2009


We fell into the HYPE and signed up for a Twitter account. We'll be posting anything from, who's in the store, what shoe deals or steals that come in, or what any bullsh!t that comes up!


Mar 19, 2009


Our boy Phillip came down with his bestfriend " SPANKY ", he's been coming down to RIF LA ever since we opened, thanks for always supporting us!

During these rough times, we all need to help each other in some way!  With that being said, our good friend Phillip has 4 bully puppies available and they were just born this past Sunday.
He describes the puppies as short, compact, very friendly with a blocky head.  

These aren't your regular pit bulls, these are the thick bully dogs, or others called them part of the GOTTILINE.

If you seriously interested, please contact Phil on his cell phone: (213)-280-9900

Say hello to Spanky!

Seafood ANYONE!?

I've been working in Little Tokyo for almost 2.5 years now and I honestly thought I hit all the great spots for grub, but I was totally wrong. Edouche came down to surprise me with some food from Fisherman's Outlet Seafood Restaurant, located a couple blocks down from Little Tokyo.

I had a huge plate of fried calamari, breaded shrimp, fries, cole claw, and CLAM CHOWDER!  Everything about it was on point, fresh, right amount, price, EVERYTHING!
Next time you plan to take a trip to RIF LA or anywhere in Downtown Los Angeles, make sure you swing down this spot, you won't regret it!

Click HERE to peep our their reviews on YELP.

529 S Central Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 627-7231
Mar 18, 2009


Nike should really take time to think about what product they put out, instead of just producing pure cr@p.

Leave the CLEAR shoes to the cats who invented fake nikes. This is something I would find in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, in the ALLEYS ( edited, sorry!) to be exact.

super FAIL!


Todays weather was EXTREMELY hot!  I guess Summer is coming early this time around, gotta re up on some fresh tees and shorts.

Received a couple new arrivals.

Some newer sbs that we just got in ,all with reasonable prices.
Ed trying on some white supreme blazers(9.5) we just got in. You cant beat the price!

DJ "Wayne With It!" (bape la) swung by to chill for a while.
Someone needs lotion. LOL
LOIpreme came down to bother me about some Supreme tees, not today buddy!
Loi asked me why I didn't post this picture below from the other day, wellll here you go LOI.  Also meet Bryant (Cassette) on the left, been knowing this cat for a minute now.
If you see this dude IANbreezy, be sure to greet his @ss Happy Birthday.  He finally turned 18, sike, more like 21.  If you don't know him, go to his myspace and read this part:  "google me and act right!"
We'll be getting piss drunk @ LAX this Saturday to celebrate his birthday, so swing down if you got nothing else to do because its gonna be NUTTS!  Ian said hes gonna pop a bottle for all the homies!

Click, click, to ENLARGE!

Mar 15, 2009

WOW!?!?!? GUCCI DUNK 2009!

One of the most RAREST Nike Dunk Sbs will release in late 2009. These were suppose to come out about 3 years ago, back when P-rod was still with girl. They were scrapped because P-rod left girl and the main designer of the " GUCCI " Dunk was ANDY JENKINS, who designs for GIRL.

Maybe Nike paid ANDY JENKINS to release em? Who knows?

Well these babies were hitting anywhere from $1,300-$1,500. They'll drop to $200 once they release the quickstrike version so whoever owns the sample versions, CASH OUT NOW!

If ya'll don't know what the " GUCCI " Dunk His look like, here a few pictures from a longggggtime ago!