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Mar 18, 2009


Todays weather was EXTREMELY hot!  I guess Summer is coming early this time around, gotta re up on some fresh tees and shorts.

Received a couple new arrivals.

Some newer sbs that we just got in ,all with reasonable prices.
Ed trying on some white supreme blazers(9.5) we just got in. You cant beat the price!

DJ "Wayne With It!" (bape la) swung by to chill for a while.
Someone needs lotion. LOL
LOIpreme came down to bother me about some Supreme tees, not today buddy!
Loi asked me why I didn't post this picture below from the other day, wellll here you go LOI.  Also meet Bryant (Cassette) on the left, been knowing this cat for a minute now.
If you see this dude IANbreezy, be sure to greet his @ss Happy Birthday.  He finally turned 18, sike, more like 21.  If you don't know him, go to his myspace and read this part:  "google me and act right!"
We'll be getting piss drunk @ LAX this Saturday to celebrate his birthday, so swing down if you got nothing else to do because its gonna be NUTTS!  Ian said hes gonna pop a bottle for all the homies!

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