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Jun 28, 2011


Summer is officially here, so break out the shorts and UN-DS your summer shoes! Everyone always has something nice stashed away, only to finally break them out for the summer time... so whats on your feet this Summer?!

Jun 26, 2011


A lot of good deals just hit the website, and you probably already missed out on them if your barely reading this so don't be surprised if you receive an email notifying you the item you ordered is currently SOLD OUT :(. Stay updated!


Sundays are our favorites days here at RIF LA. A Shorter day mixed with the company of ALL yaaaLL make Sundays fun and relaxingggg. Sunday also gives us time to reflect on the week and prepare for the week to come.


Here are a few shots from the past week mixed with pictures of our SUNDAY here at RIF. ENJOY.

Our days are SLAMMED with orders, consignment, instore customers MONSTER energy drinks helps us through the day and although our hearts are BEATING out of our chests, we break into cold sweats and our breaths are shorter mixed with a lil heaving ...Monsters are a must.

Jun 25, 2011
Jun 24, 2011


This past Tuesday I saw that Andy had Tweeted about grabbing some eats in Downtown LA, more specifically Little Tokyo. Took a second out and sent Him a Tweet saying "Stop By @RIF_LA......." or something to that effect. Well, He made His way in after hitting up the Original Shabu Shabu House of Los Angeles. Andy knows His eats! After telling Me He had recently gotten rid of a massive amount of Shoes, It didn't take long for Andy to reveal His True Love for Dunks. Highs, Lows, SB's. He was keen on this pair of Skunk Dunks especially after I had shown Him the Stash Pocket. But once He stepped over a few feet and glared into the Glass Case of Grails, He found His Victim. Sample Pair of Dr. Feelgood SB Dunk Highs. BOOM!!Let's talk about the Shoe/Sample: 1 of 1? Nope! Sorry to break some Hearts and make other sites look misinforming. But hey, if the SHOE fits, WEAR it. The Designer of these Shoes is a Huge Pothead. Yes, He tokes that Nana Kush! His Nickname is actually Doctor Feelgood because of His love of the Herbs and getting lifted. One other pair of this Sample can be found behind the scenes at Nike SB Head Quarters. Not for Public View, more of a Corporate Display. How do I know this? Come on, are You really asking Yourself these type of Questions still? The first Version was Scrapped due to Copyright infringement being too similar to the Design of the Motley Crue "Dr. Feelgood" Album Art Work and Concept giving way for the second and released version from March 2008 that many of You may have stashed.

Last but definitely not least, V Nasty Blessed Us with Her presence while hanging with Andy Tuesday as well. You can Download Her Mixtape Here "Dont Bite Just Taste" Presented By White Girl Mob. This Oakland representer had me Geek'd off the Free Styles She was dropping on Me. Swagged Out doesn't describe this Young Lady properly. I was so impressed that We had to have V Nasty and Andy over to the other Shop, New Era Los Angeles. I put out the invitation and they were with it. Jumped in the Whips and headed over to Ganja Land. That post is coming soon.. Stay Tuned As Always - Dr. FeelWOLF
Jun 19, 2011


Looks like everybody has been dumping a lot of shoes on us for the month of June, are you staying updated? WE HOPE. We always aim to have all of our consignment sellers price their shoes UNDER any competition, and if they want too much we simply don't take the shoes.
Lots of good shoes coming and going, for new arrivals Click HERE. (tell a friend)

...lots of 9.5s BTW!
Jun 15, 2011

Tantum LA for RIF.

Another one. This Saturday we will be releasing yet another set of TEE's. If you dont already know our TEE's have been flying OFF the shelves and as the old story goes.

when they are GONE they are GONE.

Our first set of Paisley TEE's ALL sold within 2 weeks of release
Our Second Patchwork TEE's ALL sold within 1 WEEK!
This third installment, only you can decide. DONT SLEEP 50 Pieces EACH.

THIS SATURDAY first come first serve. We will be taking PHONE orders SUNDAY Fathers day.

DIM SUM Wednesdays.

Another eventful day here at RIF. What you all don't normally see on a daily bases is what actually keeps the heat on. The meetings, phone calls, negotiations are the mortar to this small brick standing business of ours.

Without proper checks and balances we would all be out without a JOB/DREAM but thank GOD we're eating just right.

Today we closed one of the most important deals in a long time and though we cannot talk too much about it we will ALL be eating from the bountiful tree.

with that said...

Carl came through the shop with his new TEE to match his AF1 Filipinos.


If you dont already know our shopping cart on our webshop for RIF.LA is currently UPDATING.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE and rest assure your shopping experience will not only be smoother, but more USER FRIENDLY.


MAIL@RIF.LA if you have any further questions

thank you

Jun 14, 2011


As we all already know Young Heat were humiliated this past weekend and shown NO mercy by those those Longhorns in DALLAS. It was a bittersweet victory to say the least, though Dallas pummeled the Lakers cabooses this year, it was pleasant to watch them destroy Miami.

Who else more deserving than KIDD and DIRK? The sportsmanship that Lebron displayed after the game only proves that respect, class and dignity are his lacking characteristics.

But hey its only B-BALL and I'm sure he'll get at least 3 rings in his career. fuck it.

LEBRON, why the long face?

Jun 10, 2011


The past two days have not only been action packed here at RIF Ton's of consignment coming in, Ton's of clothing :) and most importantly meeting new sneaker heads from around the GLOBE. From what we remember these past 2 days we met sneaker heads that traveled all the way down from Sweden, Spain and Brazil. SOOOO sorry we forgot your names(we have them written down somewhere) but you all know who you are email us and we'll send out those Tee's we promised.

Theres nothing like meeting new people especially out of the country and them automatically knowing our names like we've been friends for ages. SO to ALL Those supporters from out of state and the COUNTRY make sure to say whats up to all the staff, we love chopping it up with all you all.

We just received our new BATCH of stickers come by the shop and make sure to pick some up. Grab em before they are gone.

Jun 7, 2011


Our boy Michael from Northern Cali just dumped a good 35+ pairs on us, all good sh!t and best of all all priced under ANYBODY. Deals only last a couple minutes on our website, so take advantage and stay updated everyday on our web shop. Not to add, we had an additional 30 more pairs that came from other loyal consignment sellers.


Jun 6, 2011


Our good friend ShoeWolf did a nice little write up about us on his website and even snapped a couple dope pictures, so make sure to hit his website (SHOEWOLF.COM) and check it out.

Once again, Thanks Wolf man!
Jun 5, 2011

NEW ARRIVALS 06.05.011

Bunch on new consignment just got to the shop so make sure to check out the website.

For new arrivals, please click HERE.