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Jun 14, 2011


As we all already know Young Heat were humiliated this past weekend and shown NO mercy by those those Longhorns in DALLAS. It was a bittersweet victory to say the least, though Dallas pummeled the Lakers cabooses this year, it was pleasant to watch them destroy Miami.

Who else more deserving than KIDD and DIRK? The sportsmanship that Lebron displayed after the game only proves that respect, class and dignity are his lacking characteristics.

But hey its only B-BALL and I'm sure he'll get at least 3 rings in his career. fuck it.

LEBRON, why the long face?

At least his shoes are selling well at the shop, everyone is a FAN of $$$
BTW, we categorize these shoes worn(good) when some consider this "worn once"

You know JEFF had to carry around his Jersey/picture frame around Sunday soon as DALLAS won.

Hang in loose, good to see you bro.

Some sneaker heat for the day.

Priceless to some, revolutionary to all

If you don't already know, Jeff's baby collection is nearing the 200 pair mark, but with his habitual spending habits for his child, those 200 pairs can jump to 300 in less than a week.

IF ANY OF YOU HAVE BABY SHOES FOR SALE, COME TO SHOP or email. We will give you offers you cant refuse.

If you don't know about Karl Winslow, he's one of the nicest and open minded staff here at RIF. Being of Hispanic and Black decent and working in LIL Tokyo...the opportunity has opened his eyes to different cultures, ideals and behaviors.

Though starting here at RIF LA his main sneaker arsenal consisted of Dunk SB's Carl has blossomed in different sectors of NIKE and into one of the LARGEST COUNTRY inspired sneakers collections out there.

From the Holland Dunk, to Brazil AF1, BORN in the USA Dunk SB hi's. He has them ALL.


He just got his grails. AF1 PINOYs.

Now if everyone was as open minded as Carl.

Edouche on the other hand is strictly JP.

Moorad is entry level JP.

And Manny is trying to be a member of TEAM AM1 on Niketalk.

Couple more random shots of the day

$120 worn(good) in store only

Outlet heat for your feet.

Seems as if AF1's are trying to make a comeback.

overall a pleasant day, nice array of sneakerheads and sneakers. Cant wait til FRIday.


josh said...

koo seen u dudes at the shop to def be back soon!

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