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Jun 15, 2011

DIM SUM Wednesdays.

Another eventful day here at RIF. What you all don't normally see on a daily bases is what actually keeps the heat on. The meetings, phone calls, negotiations are the mortar to this small brick standing business of ours.

Without proper checks and balances we would all be out without a JOB/DREAM but thank GOD we're eating just right.

Today we closed one of the most important deals in a long time and though we cannot talk too much about it we will ALL be eating from the bountiful tree.

with that said...

Carl came through the shop with his new TEE to match his AF1 Filipinos.

What we wore today

With this hype on the REEBOK Kamakazi / SWIZZ BEATS... Jeff had to put the hype to a full HALT, making those that think those WEAK Swizz Beats Reeboks are actually dope by wearing the BEST REEBOK Signature shoe ever produced.

Now stop with those SWIZZ WEAK Reeboks

MOORAD getting his Ed on with Vans Authentic WTAPS. With ALL those WTAPS Vans that came out its hard to beat one of the Originals.

After a long day of standing around and modeling for the sneaker heads that came to the shop today MOORAD and his partner Manny decided to hit the Market and get a few refreshments. To replenish all those electrolytes they lost standing around taking about VISVIM and Nikes.

Sprite it is.

Some of the BEST Surprises here at RIF are when you loyal customers come and surprise us with LUNCH. BOYYYYY I tell this is better than Christmas morninggg...with the SAME food day in and day out its nice to have something different than Japanese food...though we were surprised with Chinese DIM SUM its different enough.

"Damm Japanese food againnn fuhhhhh"- Manny

"Its Chinese Food"-Ed


" *__*" -Ed

MOORAD is Muslim and doesn't eat pork, we forgot to tell him that these were pork buns. Sorry bro...Don't worry your still going to heaven.

Manny's favorite outta the bunch. He said it tasted like mothers meatloaf.

Did we mention that ILLEST shop is next door, when you stop by RIF make sure to make your way 50 steps west outta the shop. GOOD PEEPS.

Guess who made their way to the shop and chop it up a BIT? RIZZLE! If you've seen this guy around(he's actually all OVER LA) keep in mind he has no CAR!? Not a bad thing, but when he can make it across the town to UNDFTD faster than anyone at the shop without a car it kinda makes us wonder.

You know he troops around LA with his HERSCHEL Side bag.

IF you don't know, you better RECOGNIZE, Ho.

AVAILABLE HERE and ONLY HERE, unless your in LONDON then you can go HERE, or if your in PARIS then you can go HERE.

Some DREAM a lifetime that their clothing brand can one day become international let alone into these shops, it took TANTUM a little less than 4 months.



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