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Feb 28, 2010


This past weekend, I found the time to watch "Shutter Island" starring Leonardo Dicaprio, Directed by Martin Scorsese.

I honestly expected a GREAT movie, only because you got the infamous Mr. Dicaprio working with the master movie maker Martin Scorsese, but it was JUST mediocre.

If you like crazy flashbacks, puzzles that hurt your brain, and huge twists, then WATCH it. But I will have to rate this movie a 7 out of 10 STARS!

The ending left me bitter :/

But on a side note, I will rate you an 8 out of 10 STARS for wearing 1 of my favorite Air Force 1 lows of all time, 3m Snakeskin lows.

...till the next movie review! btw AVATAR was wikity wikity whack!
Feb 27, 2010


Happy birthday to our friend Juan Hernandez, representing the HP for life. Homie finally turned 18, now you can buy cancer sticks and waste your money on the Super Lotto!

Don't you hate it when your High School uses your freshman picture for your senior picture id. Talk about cutting back in funds for school. Juan looks like hes 8 in this picture lol.

First time Benjamin Buttons wore shorts in the store, so we finally found out he has a jordan tattoo of every model that released! Even the 1.5s, 5.5s, etc! Die hard jordan fanatic!

Benjamin Buttons (below) said hes gonna get "MICHAEL JORDAN" tattooed on his lips, hopefully it comes out great!

"slipper shot of the day"

Do ya'll remember when Kobe first got sponsored by Nike and he was rocking these huaraches first then eventually some jordan pes, then ofcourse his signature shoes. Well theres only a dozen of these in the world and they were all given to Kobe, all in his size which is a size US 14.

So if your one of the biggest Kobe collectors, then this piece is a must have in your collection.

If anyone finds a picture of Kobe wearing this specific shoe, we'll give you a free RIF LOGO tee in the Lakers colorway. ( THANKS EDWIN, Expect your package this week)

size 14 brand new $2,000.

Same seller who brought the Kobes, brought down a set of Lebron 5 "Fairfax" in both the away and home colorway.

both size 13 brand new
Feb 26, 2010


Let me introduce you to my dog London that I personally named after the LONDON Dunk Sbs just because I bought him the same day I bought a pair of londons.

Chillen relaxing behind the counter.

Hes quite photogenic, maybe he got it from his owner ;) HAHA!

I wonder if he got his laziness from his mom or dad...

Below is one of our customers who's been MIA for a while now, but Kevin finally strolled right in and told us about how we effed his knee while playing ball, they had to take off his whole knee cap off. OUCH!

A little close up after surgery. At least you won't be creasing your shoes for the next 6 months!

Edouche practicing some modeling poses, just incase he can't sell shoes all his life. I can see it now, front page of GQ magazine.

Los Angeles is land of the tatted people.

donating some 213 blazers, thanks
A handful of customers that came in today were wearing some eye catching air maxes. My personal favorite air max has to be the kidrobots am 1.

Good peoples from NSB fam.

Is that who I think it is? YUPP, Mr. AIR MAX has made another appearance! along with his wifey.

Big ups to Cris1 on this design.

Only had these babies for a couple days, so sad to see them go to another home. Netting is pure colgate white, bubble extremely clear, IMMACULATE.

You will be miss '99 white cement 4.

Lots and LOTS of goodies came in today, Click HERE for the new arrivals for today.

You didn't know we wrap shoes for a small fee of $1.00 a pair? Well take advantage now and bring any shoes you want shrink wrap.


Had to snap a picture of these ILL safari dunk low customs and the paint wasn't cracking at all.

not bad!

DAMMM there was like 3 spiders in this dam shoe. People who keep their shoes hidden in the dark for years should do an annual check up on their shoes to make sure no spiders are chillen.

Got in a few ORIGINAL Jordans you rarely ever see in brand new condition. Too bad these September blues are cracking, but these would be great piece to add to your ORIGINAL AJ collection.

Original steels, one of the many jordans I remember seeing my cousin rockin back in '94 along with his Raiders jersey.

The original steels had this on the toe, but Jordan didn't like it so they stop putting that extra leather on the toe for the AJ 10s. GOOD choice MJ!

Who wants to pop some tags?

Ya boy Jeffrey James contributing some AIs to the Haiti donation box.

Christen is the first girl to actually walk into our store and donate some shoes for the woman of Haiti.

Thank you very much! Someone will definitely put those UGGS to use.

AHHH only 250 worldwide, released in Amsterdam. Never thought I'd see a pair in person, that was until the head dude of PATTA walked right in wearing them. Thanks MAX for letting take a picture!

Hopefully you find a extra 10.5-11 very soon :) Defintely GOOD PEOPLES!

Dam hurting feelings right now my friend.
Feb 25, 2010

Hop, Skip and a Jump.

If you ever wonder where RIF and Staff buy their gear, there's only one place ARCHRIVAL, just a few steps away from RIF Lies a hidden cornecopia of fresh gear, books, bikes and beer.
If your ever at RIF make sure to stop by our boys shop across the street.

Peep the variety of jeans ..word

Edouche just scooped up pair of these joints to match his Redwings..too fresh.

Make sure to stop but if you decide to pull a fast one and Jack something...you gotta deal with this man. Handsome Rob by day, at night "your nightmare that never sleeps"

Assortment of mens goodies

Just like their Little Brother Over here at RIF, they have the same bench.

We dont understand sneaker heads these days. We witness some of the most funny circumstances that sometimes we dont even understad.

Example 1: There is a Pair of AIR Yeezy in the Black colorway for $800.00 at the shop, we think that's pretty ridiculous. On the other hand there a dead-stock pair '94 Jordan both the same size for $700.00 Which one would you choose?

Guess what? The yeezy will sell over night while the AJ 1 is chillen on the shelf for more than a week until someone like Jeff picks them up and copps. Makes NO SENSE.

Our boy Von never makes the wrong decision and all you Yeezy lovers(not a bad thing) will soon realize history and quality will never get played out.

It's gonna be like Christmas morning every time you wear those brotha, trust me I have 3 pairs, and its not enough.

VERY NEAR DEADSTOCK? You can keep your Yeezy's... give me 2 pairs of 99 IV's

You mad?

Here are few more sneaker shots of the day.

Fcuk the CDP PACK Bullshit, homie stay Nike Air til the day they DIE. Goes to show money can buy you Yeezy's, but it won't buy you class. Well Played Gent, Well Played.

Two of my Favorite Kicks old and new..again Well Played Gents.

And for the ladies we never leave you out, here is the shirt that Edouche bought for himself. Reaallll classy Edouche. Thanks MILKMAN!

Stay Classy Los Angeles.