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Dec 9, 2012

6 YEARS Strong.

Today December 9th marks our 6th year ANNIVERSARY.

From our inception in 2007 we are blessed to have met new friends/ customers and more importantly happy to have the opportunity to service ALL your sneaker needs.

We have come a long way from our modest beginnings and still have a LONG way to reach our VISION.

We want to thank EVERYONE that has ever stepped foot in RIF.

Here at RIF we know and acknowledge the most important person, YOU.



WE will be releasing our SIGNATURE 6th YEAR Anniversary TEE.



Nov 29, 2012


The holiday season always brings family and friends together. Some travel across the country from lonily dorm rooms back to Moms house. Others re-unite with for this once a year holiday season to celebrate the little time before work or other obligations commence into their daily schedules.

There is one thing we all share during this holiday season (not only buying for ourselves) but giving to those that we care about and sometimes to those less fortunate.

The homie Taboo from the black eye'd peas always make sure to make it to the shop when he's in town. Not only to acquire those that much needed sneaker and clothing HEAT. But to knock out that Christmas shopping before all the goodies are GONE.

Always a pleasure to see you TABOO and enjoy the little rest and time with the family that you have.

Gifts and a possible pair for himself.

We are ALL working OVERTIME to get your online orders SHIPPED out and online inquires ANSWERED. 

2 computers 1 Manny.

Speaking about that HOLIDAY giving, can someone give MANNY a new pair of shoes his (W)tap Skate Highs are looking a little beat.

While many of you are resting peacefully in your homes, listening to Christmas Carols and sipping Hot Cocoa with marshmellows. RIF is on the grind making sure that RIF Clothing is FULLY stocked with ALL the holiday goodies for YOU and Yours.

RIF Clothing is in FULL Swing.

MAKE sure to STOP by and pick up some New Attire for that Holiday swoiree or that CHRISTMAS gift.

Stay tuned we will have an entire post on the NEW RIF Clothing Location.

Rare Clothing, Toys, and Accessories you won't FIND anywhere else.

Some of your FAVORITE brands.

Supreme is only a FRACTION of the HUGE variety of brands we have at RIF Clothing.

ALL Brand new. Good LUCK trying find a LARGER selection of rare limited pieces anywhere in the continental United States.



If T-Shirts seem too elementary to you, We have your Button down/ outer wear game on LOCK.

The Goods.

WE have MULTIPLES upon MULTIPLES of pieces so make sure to ASK.

Thats unless we are sold out for the day and did not prep the pieces.

These are ORIGINALs loaned to us by the homie E. 


So make sure to STOP by RIF II one door down from the ORIGINAL location.
Stay tuned for full coverage on RIF Clothing soon. 

Aside from running a sneaker store, creating a Clothing Store, and answering ALL your inquires.

RIF ALWAYS makes it a TOP PRIORITY to give to the LESS fortunate.

When we ADOPTED the motto:

"Good People Helping Good People"

We swore that we would ALWAYS do our best to not only show excellent customer service, prompt shipping but most IMPORTANTLY share what GOD has blessed us with.

We have never forgotten those in need and now that RIF has gained momentum we are fortunate enough give MORE to OUR Community.

The DAY before Thanksgiving.

We Tweeted, Instagrammed and vocally told locals around the LA area that RIF will be giving away 

50 TURKEYS. (this was to prevent lineups and overall chaos)

To our surprise the WORD Spread like wild FIRE and we were HONORED to give to those FAMILIES in NEED.

The goods.
This was 30 TURKEYS.

These were the OTHER 20 BIRDS

Because we wanted to make sure that those that couldn't make it to RIF received a much needed family meal. 

We trekked to DEPTHS of Skid ROW and gave to those in NEED.

Connor scared that one of these 15lbs birds was gonna crush his fragile skull.



Pushing TURKEYS.

Connor was a little intimidated at first because of the pushing and harsh words, but he maintained and did his duty. GOOD Job Connor.

Jeff talking to Mr Pringle... making sure that the line moves smoothly and discussing a Christmas Drop-off

The line was getting more dense than the line at SUPREME NY for a new release.


Connor is the real BIRDMAN.

Here are few RANDOM pictures from the morning.

Giving is ALWAYS better than receiving.

give that man 2 TURKEYS!

While back at the shop...The homie Junior made sure to pick his Turkey. Nice meeting you Junior.

At the end of the day we are all fortunate to be at the position we are in. Some have it better than others, but no matter your monetary status its always nice to hold back on the pair of shoes or that piece of clothing... to give what you can to those that took the wrong turn or never given the opportunities we take for granted everyday.

FROM The RIF Family to YOURs Happy Holidays.

Nov 15, 2012

RIF II Celebration RE-CAP.

 When Jeff and I made our trips to Japan years ago, we were engulfed in the culture and in the ideal FASHION mecca of the world, TOKYO.  IF you haven't visited Japan its reminiscent of a dream where brands, style, footwear, and over-all clothing is "over the top" but different sub-groups of fashion you are sure to find your niche.  Coming back to the United States we were always dis-appointed with the types of shops, customer service, and variety our niche offered here in the US.

Jeff and I wanted to create a store something different for those interested in something new.

RIF II Clothing.

This Past Saturday November 10th, 2012 we celebrated with those that have Supported RIF NEW and OLD. With the Soft Opening of DOORS of our new store.

 We wanted to SAY, "Thank you" by offering FREE Liquor, Free Tacos and place WE can ALL celebrate our accomplishments

Its takes a lifetime for some to complete a vision a dream. For some it never comes.

It took Jeff and I, 


Day one of construction.

End of Week one of Construction.

Mid-way of Week 2 of Construction.

DAY 28.

3 Days Prior to our Grand Opening.

OUR Celebration was from 7-10pm       3 hours only.

 This was 1 Hour into our Grand Opening some waited 2 hours before it started. 

We do this for ALL our Supporters. THANK YOU.

Heffe and His Lil Bro Alvin, you know its Family First.

Meanwhile in the Back. We had our back ups.

Night was a BLURR... but Our Team GOOD. ACE for the TEAM... The Magnum Rose' to keep it classy.

Carl Taking Advantage of the Staff ONLY Bottles. Its the best of nothing.

We Celebrate Together.

A sample of the whats instore for RIF II

2 Hours into the Party. WE APOLOGIZE, for those that couldn't make it inside.


Moisture kicking in.

" Mike why so Sad, its a Celebration."

More Goodies. that had to be pulled off the SHELF REAL QUICK.

Our Bartenders earned their tips that night, THANK YOU.


A view from the Back it was Over 90 Degrees inside with humidity worse than the St. Croix in June.

Thank you to our DJ's. Nothing but BANGERs the entire evening.

We not only celebrated this small step to our vision, but celebrated the friends, family, and supporters that made this a NIGHT to remember.

Without ALL OF YOU. There would be no RIF.

Thank you TOO ALL that made it out, and we are TRUELLY humbled with your NEVER-ENDING 


Good People Helping Good People.

With Love and Respect,


5 years ago... Heffe and Ed...tbt 

 Dreams do come true.