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Aug 30, 2012


The wednesday hub is our favorite day working at RIF. It serves as a median for our weekly goals at the shop as it serves as a type of "half-time" for our week long goals. Adjustments are made and we enter into the threshold of busy/funfilled weekend.

Here is Connor prepping our ever-so tidy sales floor.

Connor making sure that all shoes are grouped according to Jordan/Kobe/Lebron generations.

Rarely will you see a missing link in our wide assortment of Nike Basketball goodness. 

Wednesday is also a day where coincidentally family and friends pop in chat it up and take a few flicks for the blog. Heffe and his nephew are 2 peas in a pod.

Foney and the Homie NSILO talking about the current street trends under the warm cali breeze.

If you haven't stopped by Foney's Headquarters make sure to check it out.

Here in Los Angeles the HEAT has yet to cease. These Flyknits are the perfect compliment to the ending summer days.

Some throw comfort out the window and embrace the winter days early.

Heres Murad in 14.5 oz Raw Denim with Vans Skate HI's

SOME of us here at the SHOP not only have a passion and LOVE for sneakers but other eclectic hobbies. Bikes, Baseball card collecting, snowboarding our interest stem from shoes but branch into our own personal interests

Manny Started taking keyboard lessons and decided on his free time here at the shop... PLAY LIVE music for our patrons.

Make sure to ASK him when you drop by the shop.

ITs no surprise that most of supporters and customer here at RIF are composed of men.

There is a small percentage of ladies that partake in this sneaker hobbie.

So if you are one of those LADIES, remember RIF even services your sneaker needs.

Pre-Wrapping BLUEs.

This is the transition point where an exchange of ownership is about to take place. 

Shoes are prepped, wrapped then put on the FLOOR ready for their new homes.

Some ACROSS the globe.

Its a bitter sweet site.

Its like a DOG pound of shoes, where the most popular ones get chosen first.


same aesthetic, different shoes.

Some can't afford $2200.00 Yeezy, nor $1200.00 Galaxy Foamposites others just find that idea preposterous.

Well in any case. If you like the shoes but don't like the price, we AT RIF have you covered.

Come pick up your NON-Authorized Nike inspired Shoe key-chain here at RIF. While supplies last or before we get a cease and desist letter from BIG Brother.


Speaking of Small Goodies we have at the shop.

The BIG Homie "Gentleman Gentry" came by to bless CARL with a few goodies.

If you guys didn't know CARL is an experienced and dedicated TOY collector. His TOY collection rivals that of your local TOYs R Us. 

And only is his shoe collection more vast and comprehensive 


OC Cycles X NBA X Cleveland Chopper!

Tiger WOODS X Looks like CARL Figurines 

And while OTHERs have Keyboard Hobbies, Toys Collecting Hobbies.

The Homie Willie decided to venture into the automobile collecting HOBBIE.

Here he is showing us his newest pickup.

We are not too car SAAVY here at RIF. Some not evening owning one.

But this CAR is GORGEOUS NON-The LESS regardless if you are a car person or not.

This is the 5th in United States.

Ferrari 458

$25.00 Shirt $250,000 Car.
Can't Judge a Book... etc. etc.


I think this motor is fast.

Enjoy the rest of your SUMMER WILLIE see you SOON. 

At any rate, Hobbies are some of the guilty pleasures of life and as long personal satisfaction and happiness come from your hobbie, then who's to judge.

Aug 27, 2012


Our homies LOUFOCK is back down again for Freestyle Session 15, it will be held at the Club Nokia in Los Angeles.  Come out and support!
Aug 21, 2012


Psychographics and demographics in our business is more important than the shoes themselves. The understanding of consumers behaviors, needs and wants is what guides us here at RIF to make the decisions we make. The simple idea of coming up with an idea from the "fire of the belly" is as obsolete as an old Italian grandma in the kitchen cooking her century proven recipe for a 5 star restaurant like Providence on the west side. (which is actually very delicious BTW) Our decisions are made as a reaction to ALL of your choices and decisions.

Along side having a keen understanding on the psychographics, understanding our demographics is just as important and the "yang" to understanding psychographics. 

When first deciding to plant ourselves in Little Tokyo, there was absolutely no type of street/sneaker inspired store next by other than Blends which is miles aways.

We understood the location of RIF was a risk but whats business without a little.
AS time progressed we grew accustomed to local eats and more importantly the cultural differences Little Tokyo has to offer.

WE had to change our thought process in which we conducted business and more importantly 
RESPECT the Locals.

If you don't know Little Tokyo is home to HUNDREDS of Japanese and Japanese American retirees.
We grew accustomed to random Japanese elderly walking into the shop filled with young adults while the NEWEST track from Rick Ross BUMPED obnoxiously through the shop.

It was part of our learning and growing process. 

As the years progressed, we embraced the fact that we entered into one of ONLY 3 Japanese Towns in the United States and slowly partook in cultural events and changed our mindsets.

And today RIF stands proud of our neighborhood, and while still keeping TRUE to the RIF Mentality. 

OUR Motto of: "GOOD People, Helping GOOD People", has spread past our regulars and all of you but to our neighbors and those that have been here Decades before US.

This weekend marks the 72nd Annual Nisei Week here in Little Tokyo. 

This Week long festivals celebrates the First Generation Japanese American's here in the US of A.

Its an interesting festivity where anything Japanese goes. From Food faire, Japanese anime to Japanese import cars.

This week has it ALL.

Many would have guessed this was a CAMPOUT line for the GMP 6/7 pack but its parade goer's waiting for the parade to start.

RIF's very own Man-WELL taking part in the celebration.

Manny has been with us for a few years now and ALWAYS Loves to WORK  during the parade.

HIS favorite Parade Float. The Union Bank B-BALL Float.

Look at the form, like KB in the fourth.

The 40Ft Launch

The anticipation.

Almost there...

SWOOSH!. Manny Actually made this SHOT, NO LIE. SMH.

The homie CONNOR decided to TRY his LUCK.
 He missed terribly nearly HITTING one of the kids in the head with the BALL.


See you next year B-BALL Float.

The view DIRECTLY outside of RIF.

This part of the Parade is actually the strangest. While a HUGE amount of Parade Goer's are family.

Ever year Japanese IMPORT cars cruise down the street honking horns and revving their ENGINES releasing a toxic amount of exhaust fumes into the CROWD of Children.

I never understood this, cool non the less.

It was business as usual in the shop, while traffic coming to RIF is near IMPOSSIBLE some still find their ways into the SHOP to buy those shoes they've always wanted. #SUPPORT

Now thats dedication.

Foams or 9's?

9's it was. Good choice.

RIF couple of the DAY, I apologize I forget their names and venturing all the way from Florida, I should have remembered. 

Non the LESS this couple enjoyed the festivities Little Tokyo had to offer and copped a GRAIL they have been eagerly wanting to buy for a decent price, nice to meet you two, HOPE you enjoyed yourselves.

Strike 2, SMH Venturing all the way from VIRGINIA Beach, I should have remembered these two names. SMH

Nice meeting you two and like I said, Ill get you two on the BLOG.

GOOD People Helping, GOOD People.

This SHOE was CARLS very FIRST Nike he BOUGHT with is own money.

 After starving himself through a few weeks in high school. He was able to buy this pair at the LOCAL Journey's sneaker store.

 This weekend we were fortunate enough to receive one for consignment. UNFORTUNATLY this wasn't Carl's size.

If anyone has a pair or ANY leads to the location of a brand new pair in a SIZE 10-10.5 you will be handsomely rewarded.

 Though it was madness outside and no one in their right minds should have some to RIF this weekend.

The homie JED and his lady came by to drop off some of the MOST Delicious Cookies to EVER make it past RIF Doors.

  DIDDY Reise in Westwood. IS TOP Notch.

If go to UCLA like these two, make sure to SAY HI! Then stop by DIDDY Reises' you won't be 

The couple actually brought a Dozen Cookies but Manny ate 7 Cookies before we could take photos.

 Overall it was a FUN Filled Cultural Weekend, and though non of us here can truly relate to the Japanese festivities Its always nice to respect and experience what your neighborhood has to offer.

Stay Tuned...NEXT Time we go MANNY's Family Party.
Aug 16, 2012


This summer has been on of the most memorable SUMMERS yet. With the steady growth of RIF and our supporters world wide we needed to expand our workforce by DOUBLE. 

Now that the SUMMER is coming to RAPID close we wanted to SHARE OUR THANKS with all of you.

This SUNDAY @ ICON ULTRA LOUNGE, We celebrate our accomplishments together and with those that help us reach our summer goals. ALL OF YOU.

COME Celebrate summer and remember

In CALI its a Never Ending Summer.  



THOSE that wear a RIF SHIRT RECIEVES 2 raffle tickets.


Aug 9, 2012


Sneakers are an exploration of different tastes.  How we wear them, where we buy them and what type of sneakers we wear are all part of this culture and defines us individually.  Different varieties of sneakers that we wear exhibit our individual personalities and interest. 

Los Angeles is a prime example of different personalities and interests melting into one. Like RIF having a varieties of sneakers from Basketball, Running, Training, and Lifestyle. 

The Los Angeles food scene is NO Different. The FOOD culture in LA is Diverse both in flavor/culture and price and LIKE RIF, Coming to Los Angeles you leave satisfied with whatever food adventure your decide to partake in.

Its No coincidence that RIF is located in Little Tokyo in LA (know your RIF history).
When we first opened our doors 5 YEARs ago, Little Tokyo was a FOODIE hot spot. Though there are plenty of places outside of LITTLE Tokyo to get your SUSHI fix, its the overall Japanese themed environment and different Japanese FOOD selections that make LIL Tokyo different from your local Sushi spot. Yakitori, Izakaya, Ramen you name it LITTLE Tokyo has it.

Things have changed around these parts and huge conglomerates (american apparel, starbucks, yogurt land) have become our neighbors, buts its the local restaurants and small shops that have been here for over 30 years that serve as the cornerstone for our home here in LITTLE Tokyo.

Like LA itself our STAFF here at RIF is diverse both culturally and in our interests outside of the shop.

Carl being Half Mexican half African American, Murad half Saudi half Filipino, Manny half mexican half bear. These three are thrilled Eating Japanese food.

Connor Being Half Japanese Half Irish dislikes Japanese food and prefers Mexican Food. Go Figure.

Heres Conner showing us his FAVORITE ALL time DISH. NACHOS.

Aug 4, 2012


Entering in to the SECOND week of the olympics, USA basketball is headed into their most difficult week yet. Though projected to bring home the GOLD its still fun to watch these NBA ALL-Stars smash their way to GOLD podium.

Though the 92' DREAM Team in our opinion is the GREATEST OLYMPIC Basketball team to pursue the GOLD. This YEARS Olympic team CLOSLY rivals its fore-fathers. 

NOT to mention the 92' DREAM team had the greatest PLAYER ever to play on the hardwood floor.

Im memory of that team and the GREATEST B-BALL player ever. We want to share this CLASSIC Kendrick LAMAR VID. Entitled "Michael JORDAN" Enjoy your weekend and enjoy the LONDON Olympics.

Did you see what we saw?

Aug 2, 2012


Though we have a VERY CLOSE bond/brotherhood with LA. AVE and NAPSIZE.COM

There ARE different OWNERS of ALL ENTITIES.

Its been under a STRICT NON-DISCLOSURE agreement according to our attorneys.


#BLESSEDLIFE #dreamscometrue #4YOU 


Aug 1, 2012


Its no secret that the RIF relies on ALL of you, the support of our loyal customers and friends.  Through our daily work schedules all of you make our short time at the shop enjoyable and when disaster strikes its humbling to see all of you exceed our expectations of support and lend us a shoulder to lean on and someone to confine in.  The irony is that we see most of you on a weekly basis more than our own families.

To tell you the truth our days depend not on the sales we make, but the relationship and bonds we create with all of you. And with that said,
 thank you.

This past week we here at RIF experienced a passing of someone in our circle of friends and with all the positive and blessed emails and gifts from ALL of you, it has made this tragedy easier for ALL of us, especially CARL.

We here at RIF have never closed on a SATURDAY in our 5 YEARS of BUSINESS... (7/28/12) being the first, Saturday being the most hectic and busy day out of the week its rare, but some events are more important than making a nickel.

Seems as if SOMEONE from above was watching over us because when we resumed our normal business day on SUNDAY the 29th, after the Robert Farris Jr. memorial

we were blessed with this ORDER...coincidence? we think not.

was the ORDER confirmed and ready to ship?

 The Y means YES to all of the above.


International MONEY REAL LONG.

BTW ANY Confirmed ORDER over 10 thousand dollars receives FREE NEXT DAY SHIPPING, courtesy of RIF.

The ORIGINAL #WILDBOYZ came to pay their respects to CARL and brought a small gift to help ease the pain.


Thanks again @thee_sma and @qualmes.

We will put this to good use.

Our Good Friend @coach_payne came through a blessed us with a HOMEMADE Chocolate Cake.

Cake makes everyone FEEL better,

Thanks again bro.

Manny Fingering the CAKE as usual. SMH

Our BOY Mr. Cortez as in NIKE Cortez came to give his condolences to CARL.

After that, he decided to chill for a while and play Temple Run on his iPhone.

The gifts never stop coming, The homie FRANKIE came through with these delectable treats. BEARD PAPA...if you never TRIED them make sure to stop by the bakery its on 3rd street and is small walking distance from RIF.

Trust us you won't REGRET it.

Gifts on Gifts, Frankie even dropped off a Gift for Jeff's Daughter, now thats #SUPPORT.

Our Boy @xmilescoltranex even dropped off Edouches GRAIL of SNEAKERs

OG Nike Air Spiderons. #support #GPHGP #blessedlife #free

Appreciate that gift BRO!

CARL could hardly contain himself with all this LOVE being thrown around and collapsed with the power of the holy spirit.  HALLELUJAH.

ASHTON giving us the STONE face seeing CARL fall down.

Mr. Cartoon and Esteban Oriol also watching CARL collapse, while taking this photo.

Good to SEE you TWO. @mrcartoon @estevanoriol

Its  ALWAYS difficult losing a LOVED one not matter the circumstance. Its even harder when that loved one was your best friend.

Its FUNNY to see the Homie James with his SON the day after both wearing matching sneakers.

Interpret the matching shoes of the FATHER and SON the way you like... but we saw it as the weekend coming to a FULL circle.

HAVE a BLESSED rest of the week all.