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Aug 30, 2012


The wednesday hub is our favorite day working at RIF. It serves as a median for our weekly goals at the shop as it serves as a type of "half-time" for our week long goals. Adjustments are made and we enter into the threshold of busy/funfilled weekend.

Here is Connor prepping our ever-so tidy sales floor.

Connor making sure that all shoes are grouped according to Jordan/Kobe/Lebron generations.

Rarely will you see a missing link in our wide assortment of Nike Basketball goodness. 

Wednesday is also a day where coincidentally family and friends pop in chat it up and take a few flicks for the blog. Heffe and his nephew are 2 peas in a pod.

Foney and the Homie NSILO talking about the current street trends under the warm cali breeze.

If you haven't stopped by Foney's Headquarters make sure to check it out.

Here in Los Angeles the HEAT has yet to cease. These Flyknits are the perfect compliment to the ending summer days.

Some throw comfort out the window and embrace the winter days early.

Heres Murad in 14.5 oz Raw Denim with Vans Skate HI's

SOME of us here at the SHOP not only have a passion and LOVE for sneakers but other eclectic hobbies. Bikes, Baseball card collecting, snowboarding our interest stem from shoes but branch into our own personal interests

Manny Started taking keyboard lessons and decided on his free time here at the shop... PLAY LIVE music for our patrons.

Make sure to ASK him when you drop by the shop.

ITs no surprise that most of supporters and customer here at RIF are composed of men.

There is a small percentage of ladies that partake in this sneaker hobbie.

So if you are one of those LADIES, remember RIF even services your sneaker needs.

Pre-Wrapping BLUEs.

This is the transition point where an exchange of ownership is about to take place. 

Shoes are prepped, wrapped then put on the FLOOR ready for their new homes.

Some ACROSS the globe.

Its a bitter sweet site.

Its like a DOG pound of shoes, where the most popular ones get chosen first.


same aesthetic, different shoes.

Some can't afford $2200.00 Yeezy, nor $1200.00 Galaxy Foamposites others just find that idea preposterous.

Well in any case. If you like the shoes but don't like the price, we AT RIF have you covered.

Come pick up your NON-Authorized Nike inspired Shoe key-chain here at RIF. While supplies last or before we get a cease and desist letter from BIG Brother.


Speaking of Small Goodies we have at the shop.

The BIG Homie "Gentleman Gentry" came by to bless CARL with a few goodies.

If you guys didn't know CARL is an experienced and dedicated TOY collector. His TOY collection rivals that of your local TOYs R Us. 

And only is his shoe collection more vast and comprehensive 


OC Cycles X NBA X Cleveland Chopper!

Tiger WOODS X Looks like CARL Figurines 

And while OTHERs have Keyboard Hobbies, Toys Collecting Hobbies.

The Homie Willie decided to venture into the automobile collecting HOBBIE.

Here he is showing us his newest pickup.

We are not too car SAAVY here at RIF. Some not evening owning one.

But this CAR is GORGEOUS NON-The LESS regardless if you are a car person or not.

This is the 5th in United States.

Ferrari 458

$25.00 Shirt $250,000 Car.
Can't Judge a Book... etc. etc.


I think this motor is fast.

Enjoy the rest of your SUMMER WILLIE see you SOON. 

At any rate, Hobbies are some of the guilty pleasures of life and as long personal satisfaction and happiness come from your hobbie, then who's to judge.


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