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Sep 11, 2012


The Summer Sun is slowly fading and peeking its head amoung the thunderous clouds of East (pasadena) and the West (Northhills). The un-bearable heat is turning into cool breeze, and the humid air transformed itself to a light and soft feel.

Here in Downtown LA, the cooling weather hasn't stopped those wearing high-tops and shorts and scantly clad women are still abundant.

Our Good Friend , "Gentle-man Gentry", came by today to drop off a few sneakers, making room for winter footwear.

Though LA weather rarely changes, low-tops and Flyknits must make room for High-tops and Darker shades of sneakers. 

Gentleman Gentry with a shirt full of perspiration... from the looks of it... its gonna be a long summer.

Conner an avid B-Ball player has been cutting his hours short...making room for Varsity B-Ball practice.

Being impatient, here he is sporting a VINTAGE RIF Kobe shirt we designed for Lakers 09' winning season.

WE are all excited and Connor is ready for HOWARD NATION.

Chilling like Sasha Vujacic on the Bench, here he is being lazy and mundane with a busy store full of customers.
 Good work Sasha, time to trade you.

The homie "Gangsta Kev" came through before leaving for his Grey Hound trip to Las Vegas, letting us know that he has an interview at a popular NV casino.

Good Luck KEV, hope you get the GIG.

These cooler summer days means that walking 'Mans best friend" is acceptable. The ground no longer scorching HOT, this is the perfect time for DOG lovers to cruise these LA streets with a BITCH that doesn't talk back.


Seems like another BURNING summer day. But its ACTUALLY 72 degrees with a moderate breeze.

Carl even decided to take a stroll/ exercise around little tokyo and enjoy the weather.

 NO, Actually Carl ran a quick errand for the shop and picked up a much needed broom.

Thanks CARL!

Meanwhile Manny and Heffe chilling discussing Manny's much needed haircut/tapper.

Weather warm enough to enjoy a FREE yogurt from our neighbors at PINK Berry Yogurt.

Thank you PINK Berry.

Who here is excited for this winters BLACK and RED Air Jordan 11's? You know we here at RIF are ready for the onslaught of BLACK/red Jordan 11's consignment and are more than EXCITED for one of the best color ways to drop yet.

Meanwhile PICK up your CONCORDS here at RIF before the price SKY-Rockets into the $500.00 range. SMH

With Winter SOON approaching, make way for your winter sneakers (whatever they maybe) and come to RIF for your soon to be HOLIDAY NEEDS.

ENJOY your week and GOD bless.



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