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Nov 30, 2009


Who does this guy look like? Everyone in the room thought the same thing HAHA.

Homie Tyga came by during after hours to see whats good @ RIF LA. Wheres the homie Q @ though?
Pinkberry is officially back on the map with this new chocolate flavor yogurt. Their toppings is also on point!

1st of the month in about 2 hours!
Nov 29, 2009


We here at RIF are all here to better serve you. But there is one person that deserves special mention.

PLEASE enjoy the VIDEO, be patient and wait for it to load : )


SNEAKER SHOT of the day. 2 fresh my friend. fackkkkkkin jr man!
not so sneaker shot of the day. nuff said.

We met these 2 guys a couple months ago and they made their way back to Socal to spend Thanksgiving weekend. They were thoughtful enough to bring down about 25 pairs of shoes to donate to the mission. We need more GOOD people in the world!

thanks guys!

BIG MAC came down to pick up the goodies the homies brought in. Instead of tossing away your old shoes, or selling them to buffalo exchange, why not donate them to someone who desperately needs them? So if you have any old shoes or just shoes in general you don't need, feel free to drop them off @ the store and we'll call good o'l Mac to pick them up and bring them to the Mission.

We've been receiving an overwhelming amount of shoes everyday, so make sure to visit the store or the website for your Christmas sneaker shopping!

Some randumbs.
We are always stocked up with some "used" goodies! From BEAT to almost looking NEW.

It saids "i LOVE BOOBIES" Support the right against breast cancer, actually support the fight against all CANCER.

Couple gems that came into the store the last couple days. Its hard to believe this hangtag is still hanging on after 14 YEARS! Props to the person who kept it like that, but how you going to lose the original box?
I always wondered if Nike Sb ever thought of doing majority votes on final designs. I'm pretty sure everyone would have picked these tweed samples over the original release pairs.
Can anybody help us figure out what's market price on these wooden bad boys?

Please consider there are no original insoles and no og box.

Man o MAN o Man oOOOoo Man, Ooooooooo MANNNNNNN!!!!! Finally! I've been waiting for some1 to bring in a fake pair of yeeeeeeeeeeeeezys for a minute now, and today was the day!
Someone brings in a FAKE pair of yeezys, a horrible fake that is.
" Y? y? Y? y? y Y yY? y? Y? Y? y? Y Y? Y y? Y y? y Y yy?
The seller wouldn't let me confiscate them, so I can slice them up. He said he was gonna try and get his money back from his friend. WHAT A FRIEND!
As you can see, we haven't perfected the whole shrink wrap thing yet, but give it a couple more weeks and I should be able to wrap 100 shoes a day.

December here we come... Anyone happen to remember what day we first open RIF?

HINT: sometime in December.
Nov 27, 2009


Stayed till about 9:30 PM just so I can update the website with all the goodies we received today. We got about 45 pairs today and I got all of them up!

We are thankful for all of our customers, consignment sellers, and ALL THE SUPPORTERS!




Nov 25, 2009


Day before Thanksgiving is always the best!  Miss making turkey drawings out of hands, eating cupcakes, cutting out pieces of paper to make pilgrim hats or indians feathers, etc.  So today, the RIF cats visited a local elementary school right up the street to relive our childhood days.  GOOD TIMES GUYS!
Nov 22, 2009


I just had to take a quick picture before we packed it up and sent it to its new home. We will miss you Space Jam 11. We will not replace you with the 2009 SPACE JAM.

Dope dope insoles, didn't know they came with these until someone came in and bought them just for the insoles lol.

Our boy, our homie, our parking ticket dude, the sneaker writer from LA, 3m Jon Wallace.
I love it when the room is filled with cats that are rockin some heaters. I wouldn't have snapped a pic if these were the cdp versions though.

Ofcourse I'm rockin my 99 bred IVS, thanks again WATABE SAN! If they ever break, I still love yo man!, no bruno!

Not sure how this got on the blog, these shouldn't be allowed in the store. Unless they were syndicate!
Good friend, Alvin came down to give us some " HAPPY ENDINGS ". Not what your thinking right now, more like......fine gourmet chocolate, with a touch of some fine designs on top. Who doesn't want a HAPPY ENDING? Come on?

If your interested in purchasing some HAPPY ENDINGS <---- CLICK FOR HAPPY ENDINGS


My favorite because im a filipino lol, UBE HOMIE.
Watch out for a RIF LA custom chocolate, its going to be the BEST HAPPY ENDING EVER. trust!

Some1 look out for the "sticker bandit", hes been posting stickers all over the shop. If you catch him, please notify EDOUCHE, so he can douche him!
JUNIOR DELUXE was in the buidling.
These past few days have been HECTIC! We've been getting in TOO MANY shoes. I have about 160 more pairs to put up. All being a mixture of everyone's interest and you already know we price our shoes competitively. This below is just 10% of it, just got lazy out of no where.

Yes you see it, I bought the store an early Christmas present. A shrink wrapper! Eventually all shoes in the store will be shrink wrapped, and if you ever want your personal shoes shrink wrapped, it will be 50 cents a pair! :) ......anytime of the day!

Christmas time is right around the corner, so do yourself a favor and make sure you swing down to RIF LA and peep out all the good stuff we got in. Also if your looking for anything specific, feel free to email us and we'll try our best to hunt down the shoe your looking for.

Nov 19, 2009


Our good friend Jon Wallace aka "3M WALLACE" is not just your regular traffic officer, hes a huge comic book collector who also loves shoes, and he has a passion for writing..

So he'll be taking his free time, writing up short articles surrounding the shoe game, so stay tune every 2 weeks!

When I was asked to start a blog about sneakers, I really didn’t know what to say. If you’re reading this then you probably have a definite interest in sneakers and sneaker culture. Of course I’m a sneaker head as well with a collection of over 100 kicks. I’m a fan of Air Force 1s and Air Jordans, but I also have several Air Max 1s and 90s with a definite affinity for 3M reflective material. I’m also a size 13 so I understand what it’s like not to be able to find that sick kick in my size and have to squeeze my foot into a 12 (even though my ½ Cents are pretty comfortable in a 12 after wearing them a few times). A lot of cats like to hate on sneaker re-sellers or people who buy kicks just to sale them at a profit. I’m not one of those people. Everyone has a hustle and some people re-sale kicks. I’m not a big re-seller myself as a matter of fact I usually only buy kicks I think are hot. Now I’ve been collecting off and on for over 15 years (which is kind of telling my age). My 2nd job in life was at a now defunct sneaker chain where I would sale the hottest kicks. Before then I would wear kicks but they weren’t exactly “that heat”. I was a senior in High School and I had a 40% discount at my store as well as Foot Locker and Champs (I was actually supposed to only get 20% off but I would always say that I was the Asst. Manager [which wasn’t a complete lie because at one point there was only 2 people working there]). I wasn’t the most popular kid in school but I noticed how kids would look if I had on some crispy Jordans or Air Maxes. People were always coming up to me saying “where did you get those” or “could you hook me up will those new Nikes”. I started to appreciate certain kicks over others. I love certain Jordans particularly the 3s, 4s, and 5s. I have at least 1 pair of each Jordan from 1 to 13 (hey Jordan brand, put the Nike Air back on the kicks). Other things about me that you might find interesting, I’m a comic book fiend with probably over 4000 comic books (I love X-Men and Batman) as well as a Hip Hop head and I may talk about those things or politics every now and then.

Anyway enough about me lets talk about sneakers. We are all waiting for the Space Jam Jordan 11 to be released the day before Christmas, but before that cats are looking forward to the Flu Game 12s (due in November) and the Rising Sun 12s (which are out now so run to your local sneaker spot).

If you noticed, besides the Air Yeezys earlier this year and the upcoming Space Jams, there hasn’t been too many camp outs this year. Of course the economy is part of it (if you don’t have the money then you can’t buy the kicks) but I also think that a lot of people were just in it for a fad. 2 years ago everyone wanted to have the new Air Force 1s (and Nike putting out so many pairs didn’t help either) like the Huf-quakes or the ill SB Dunks like the Dooms. Turtle on Entourage (great show by the way) was standing in line for exclusive Forces and every other celebrity (or wannabe) was trying to have that exclusive heat. Which also made it harder on real sneaker heads. Now that the fad-chasers have moved on to the next thing (skinny jeans maybe?) it seems a little easier to get the kicks we want. Unfortunately it also seemed that there was just less heat coming out. Example I’m a big Air Force 1 cat but I think I only copped 1 pair of AF1s this year (the new black all 3M joints ) when last year and the year before I copped about 13 pairs.

After the last countdown pack, I only copped 1 pair of Jordans so far (the Black & Blue 12s) and I don’t see myself getting any more Jordans besides the Space Jams and the Black/Infra-red 6s which come out early 2010. I think over all I may have copped maybe 8 or 9 pairs this year when in years before I would have easily copped double or triple that. Why? I don’t know but I think it could just simply be less heat. Less shoes that have cats drooling and more kicks that have cats yawning (like the ba-zillion Air Jordan 1s that came out this year). My solution, I once again don’t know but I will welcome your comments. Anyway I’m out but before I leave (and I think I will do this for each article) I will give my humble opinion on a shoe I would like to see retro-ed/re-released. This one is the Adidas Streetball 2. A sleek basketball shoe made for outdoor balling that was really comfortable and looked sick.

Next article will be the only 2 things I need in life, SHOES AND HUNNIES.