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Jun 29, 2010

Curt@!n$ & Friends l @ THE ROXY FRI

We'll be @ the Roxy this Friday to support our boy Curt@!n$ and there will also be a handful of other artists performing on stage as well, including Kendrick Lamar, El Prez, and many more

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Jonli and his basketball team came down to pick up some black mamba tees to prepare for Lakers next season, thats gonna be a long wait guys. All age basketball team?!?

TOO many shoes these days, but more shoes means more happy people! just more work for us. Click HERE for newest arrivals.

sauce katsudon from T.O.T. (right across the street from RIF)

This guy loves coming into work rockin RIF shirts in colorways I've never seen before. This was Jeffs FIRST TIME wearing shorts while working @ RIF LA for 4 YEARS, can you believe that!? But on a side note, please remind Jeff to get me a "334A" tee in this burgundy colorway :)

Jeffrey James has a love for collecting baby shoes, especially when they are OG baby jordans. He said he wants his future little kids and babies to be decked out in fresh kicks, dam deadstock too.

Homies below came all the way from Toronto, Canada to visit beautiful Los Angeles. You can't visit Los Angeles without visiting RIF LA right? thanks guys for the constant support, great talking to you guys!

me in my penny iis, always a classic...
Beautiful night in Los Angeles.

Jun 27, 2010


We aren't that active on Twitter, but its a good place to connect with your fellow sneaker heads. Every week we'll be doing our " #WDYWT Twitpic " to make sure people are really rocking their kicks and not just wasting them. So starting Friday of every week, feel free to send us your #WDYWT Twitpics to @RIFLOSANGELES and they will be posted that weekend.

Lets make this movement for every sneaker head out there to WEAR THEIR SHOES! Who knows, maybe one day we can make this a trending topic on Twitter.

Thanks again to all of our followers who support our movement.
Jun 26, 2010


Just in time for the Dodgers Vs. Yankee games this weekend, we thought it would be cool to collab with La Lemon on their traditional "I LOVE NEW YORK LA" tee in our choice of colorway. This is strictly for the Dodgders game, we love New York and the people! But when it comes to Sports, we gotta rep our City, LOS ANGELES baby!


LA Lemon . RIF La
Get them while supplies last! We are taking phone orders since we don't offer our RIF LA Apparel online just yet, but will be ready in July.


Homie drove all the way down from Riverside to finally take a look @ the shop, he was saying how his friends wouldn't believe him that he was driving all the way down here, so we shot him on the blog, picked up some necessary AJ V's and a Black Mamba tee to REP! Thanks for the support hope you enjoyed coming to the shop.

Nice Spacejams!
Jeff is always working extremely hard, but sometimes we all need a little break, so Jeffrey went to the front and put on his latest Pick up some 92' Nike Huaraches, They're so fresh, and that suede is butter, the colorway is nice too.

Jeff was probably thinking in his head, "Dam hope these don't crumble after I take a couple steps"

Heffe said this was probably his best pick up in 2010!
edouches shoes don't even come close!

Shouts to Victor!
Eric Dickson brought his son down to the shop to say what's up, check out his kicks. Hes half Japanese and half of Mr. Dixon.

"Pull My finger?!"-Ed

"no problem!"-Manny
After we closed up we headed Just a few steps down to the hold up art show they had on 2nd St. For some reason Ed and Jeff have this thing where they talk to each other on their cell phone, but they're right next to each other.

Soon as we got in there people were writing on this white man, so me and JB put the RIF LA stamp on it also! Check it out!

ReInForce Los Angeles

JB's Turn, this guy was behind the maniquin for a little toooooo long.

Hold Up Art will be having an Art Shows every 3 WEEKs with a special artist, so be sure to check it out if your ever in Little Tokyo.

If you've been to Hold Up Art before then you'll be pretty surprise how big it really is, its way bigger than our store!

beautiful art everywhere

"Hey Ed, look! Its you in 5 more years!!"
- mannyankee

heffe, edouche, mannyankee...the 3 locos

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