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Jun 8, 2010

When the cats away.

Since Jeff is in the Land of the RISING Sun, it was all up to EDOUCHE to carry RIF on his shoulders. Everyone Rest assured that Jeff will be well rested and BACK with FULL force at the shop this THURSDAY.

Here's Edouche Slanging shirts and shoes... making deals, "how to make in DTLA"

Our BOY Rob from Ohio repping CORPORATE came by the shop chatted it up a bit about sneakers and the Cincinatti SHOE scene, believe it or not OHIO shut's it down. GOOD seeing you Brotha.

LA Mug Shot.

KEL from Nickelodeon show Keenan and Kel, swung down to chat it up a bit and introduced to us his new recording artist.

Kel was my hero growning up, good to see humble cats out there will to chat it up about kicks.


Our Boy stay coppin heat. RIF MUG SHOT.

"HANDLES" Tapley came through with his Highschool buddies to hangout a bit. It always good to see kids staying outta trouble.

"Tapleys" sneaker game consisted of GR AF1 and Jordans, ever since he started coming to RIF his collection morphed in SNEAKER HEAT. AJ 1, 99 4's, Concords, hazes etc... not too bad considering he's 15.

PWA in the HOUSE. " We miss JEFF"

If any of you are FREE Saturday JUNE 12th and happen to be in ORANGE COUNTY. Make sure to hit up "PUDDING" at PROOF bar.

TWO of our favorite companies are hosting the EVENT. PWA X MONOTONE.

If you go and make sure to say hi to EDOUCHE.


BMW KINGS. ACTUALLY M SERIES BMW car KINGS. If you ever wonder who driving behind those modded M CARS fully modded from the GROUND UP these are those DUDEs.

Even though we dont have fully modded BEEMERs, we can appreciate anyone that has a hobby and share a community of enthusiasts.

Peep their FORUM, (MFEST) these guys are not only BALLERS but kind and generous BALLERSssss(the best kind)

Thanks for the FITTED's fellas SEE YOU SOON!


Stressed with no JEFF.

"where's Jeff At?"- 3m wallace
"He's in Japan"- Ed

"Dear Jeff...i miss you and wish you were here punking me around...your super intern..Manny XOXO"

Sneaker SHOTs of the DAY.


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