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Jun 8, 2010


I was lucky enough to attend the 5th Kicks Lab event @ Club Harlem in Tokyo, Japan which turned out to be a successful event. I couldn't believe how much heat was on the tables and the prices were VERY REASONABLE, so you couldn't really leave the show empty handed. I sure didn't ;)

I apologize for the horrible quality of pictures, but my camera sucked and the lighting in the room wasn't the very best.

Club Harlem hit the nail on the coffin when it comes to space, it wasn't too big nor too small, just perfect!

Couple heaters on La Avenues table. Word in the room was that they had the most deals to offer! More like Word from Gusto haha.

Bumped into the infamous Gusto while I was @ the bar grabbing a jack n coke. I got there probably an hour after the event started so he filled me in on what deals I missed out on and what STEALS he came up on!

Pair of Stussy Blazers he came up on for I think he said around $100!? Funny because I ended up buying a ds pair earlier that day.

Not too familiar with Dj Clark Kent, but he put on a pretty dope set.

tables, tables, tables, who needs a table? Shoot I wish I had one!
RawDrip Harajuku

What's a sneaker event without a table filled with custom nikes?!? Saw some pretty ILL ones, but these came out decent in the pictures.
"sneaker shots"
of the day
medicom 1s

1st girl employee for Kicks Lab rockin some blooooo lobstas...
..eminem iis..

wmns vi's

ONO & Atshi holdin it down for L.A. avenue

Walked around everywhere and hit up every single table, but some tables didn't want me to take pictures, owells!

robo copped!
Gusto was literally hawking at these cement ivs the whole event, till the seller finally got desperate at the end. DAM THAT WAS A STEAL =X

Can you read? Better yet, spell?
Kicks Lab Staff

ONO representing and showing support for the BLACK MAMBA.

First time I ever caught anyone wearing these, I say caught because I didn't think anyone would dare to try, but anything goes in Japan.

couple af1 heaters on this table.

Do you guys see someone familiar? Wouldn't think he would be all the way in Japan, but he told me he'll be running something in new York very sooooon.


Bumped into Tetsuya from Kikstyo again. I met him @ my first Kicks Lab event back in October in Shibuya. Real chill dude, might be talking soon about possibly doing a Kikstyo collabo, we'll see!

"sneaker shot"

Check out these air force 1s Tetsuya made by hand. On his blog he actually teaches you step by step how to make a shoe by hand, might take sometime, but looks fun.

Kicks Lab event ended with an interesting raffle which all came down to what shoes you were wearing. They raffled about 5 shoes, 1 La Avenue Hupbox, and a couple other random stuff.

Great event overall, congratulations to the Kicks Lab staff for putting up a memorable sneaker event once again. Good seeing old faces and new faces! Till the next event!


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