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Jun 23, 2010


One of our good customers is finally slowly liquidating his HUGE collection of size 10-10.5 Jordans, Kobes, and basketball shoes in general. I say slowly because he's been bringing in like 15-20 pairs a day, but they don't last too long with the good prices he puts them @.

Stay tune but in the meantime, don't miss out! Click HERE.

...ds cardinal viis
ds flint viis $175!
ds motorsport vis...

some1 tryna stunt with his visvims...

Mannyfresh got his South Korea soccer jersey in today, right on time!!!! Shoot I'm going for Mexico... Manny and Ed, goodluck with South Korea! Ya'll didn't know Manny had a little Korean in him.

steal of the day, worn once griffeys for $60! Homie ROBOCOPPED!

Christmas is a little early for Manny and Ed, they both got matching S. Korea soccer jerseys!!!

But Ed actually got his for FREE from a secret admirer...
Eds been feeling really good these days, going out, spending some loot, treating himself out and hes been on a roll I tell ya...

He picked up a few necessary things from Louis Vuitton recently, but he doesn't want to put his business out there too much now. Even got some BBC jeans to match.
Murad stays droppin off kicks, picking up checks and then using the checks to buy more shoes. Doesn't he kind of low key look like kermit the frog?

Wouldn't it be crazy if there were ninjas running around Little Tokyo actually jacking people for their fixie bikes. More like funny, that would be dope!


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