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Apr 29, 2010


Dam...we need a bigger stock room lol

Someone came in rockin the highly anticipated Chicago X Retros

Longtime customer and consignment seller, Rey Fernandez, came down to contribute donations for the less fortunate people of Los Angeles. We'll be making another run probably next week sometime, so if you have any shoes to donate, please feel free to drop them off anytime. Thanks guys!

So one of our friends is looking to make a quick sale and is in desperate need to sell these '99 white/cement IV's size US 10, brand new condition for $450 shipped. The catch is he needs them to be $OLD before Sunday, so if you interested feel free to email us. ( mail@rif.la )

bubble is super clear...
Since Gangsta Kev is all cleaned up and moving forward with his life. We started our new project. We are please to introduce to you "Dirty Jay" from the South Bay... please let us remind you that we did not give him this name , this is the name that he calls himself.

We hooked him up with some grub and a nice pair of shoes. We actually chit chatted awhile about the current state of HIP HOP. This dude knows his HIP HOP, he loves LIL WAYNE HAHA.

You know these guys don't need introduction..BLACKHIPPY (minus Absoul) take over! It was Jay Rock's first visit at the shop, mad humble dude. These cats are definitely changing the West Coast game as we speak.. rest of you cats better step your bars up!


Homie Kevin Lee came down to bless me and Ed with a late Birthday present. $50 each for Kabuki will definitely hit the spot, thanks brotha! Let us know when you can get 4 rows behind the Lakers bench again (ITS ON ED!)

Little does Edouche know, I took his too!

Mr.Quimson and Mrs.Quimson just introduced us to some Maple flavor Kit Kats.
salamat man. Taste like maple syrup...


With the NBA Playoffs already started, and Round 1 is almost wrapped up, Archrival just released their "KOBE Vs. LEBRON" Tee.  Hopefully this is the match up we'll be having for the NBA Finals.  Lakers Vs. Cavs, doesn't that sound as good as Pacquiao Vs. Mayweather?!?  They already selling like hotcakes, so hurry up down there!

349 East 2nd Street
Los Angeles, California 90012

Apr 27, 2010

Lakers 111, Thunder 87

Where them Laker Haters at though? Overheard a lot of people doubting the Lakers to Win Game 5, sorry guys! We'll be taking Game 6 on Oklahoma's floor too! Good job Lakers!
Apr 26, 2010

" 9.5 PLEASE "

Someone bought the wrong size toilet paper lol. Each roll should last us month!

OG SID came down to drop off a bottle of "nuvo" vodka to add to our little collection we have in the back. He also picked up a check and we just had to have a discussion of what is happening with Kobe!?!

He said they are done for the series, but I think we should take in tomorrow and the next game. Edouche said "We need the old Kobe back, not OLD KOBE".

"BLACK MAMBA will get the job done" - JEFF

"nuvo" time!

Its looking really good right now for our size 9.5 customers. I kind of wish I was a size 9.5 myself, but I'm personally anywhere from a 10-11.5.

MR.9.5 has just arrived to unload some goodies.

Today and yesterday we've accumulated a handful of heaters, in mostly size 9.5. Click HERE for todays "new arrivals".
nike sb

all 9.5

25th anniversary xi 10 10.5, space jam xi 9.5, true blue iii 09 9.5

varsity red vi, motorsport vi, flu game 12, wht/red 12, nelly 6 rings...

Couple worn shoes here and there.

...and of course your miscellaneous
Apr 23, 2010


We can never turn down GOOD food from GOOD people. Its coming to the point where we don't even need to bring lunch money to work anymore because our supporters surprise us with so much good food, that sometimes we can't even finish it.

fish and chips, why not?

Good friend Jerome brought us down about 5LBS of BBQ from his Uncles spot. Thank you my friend.

Zach mashed down to show us his new 2009 Bianchi Pista only released in Italy. Step your fixie game up!
Nick and his boys came all the way down from Frisco to show some support, peep the shop and chat it up a bit. If you ever see 3 asian dudes with Jesus pieces, then make sure to tell em we said wutup!

"sneaker shot" of the day.

The infamous shoewolf came down to donate some shoes and extra goodies for the less fortunate people of Los Angeles. Finally great meeting you my friend!

Our philosophy @ RIF LA is
"GOOD people, helping GOOD people".

You don't know how happy people get when they are given things they actually need. Its a great feeling! Bags and bags of goodies.
Edouche and Jimmys girl talking some serious business. Peep Jenns website (ETIKLAB)

Millionaire Chilly Willy came through with some gifts for the RIF employees. You better come down with your ferrari this weekend!

This is why hes a millionaire. His family distributes DRUGS all over the world, GOOD drugs that is. Thanks for the Japanese vitamins, now I can live as long as a Japanese person.

Homie Walker Sanchez came down to pick up his consignment check and gave us the good news he was accepted to UCSD. Congrats from the RIF fam.

gnite ya'll.

85 pairs of "new arrivals" just updated! Lets go!

Apr 22, 2010

81 + PURRS

We are officially swamped with too many shoes, but I rather have more shoes than no shoes, right? We used Edouches ride to transport all the shoes.

Time to unload his Escalade.

81+ pairs. Half will probably be updated onto the website tonight or tomorrow before we open.

One of our favorite homeless people came down today to see if we had any extra clean shoes to donate. So we ended up hooking him up with a ds pair of kobe 1s since the Lakers are in the Playoffs and all. Probably see Lakers vs Cavs at the end. Who will win?!? Lakers ofcourse.

A lot of gems, but also a lot of randumbs, but still goodies.

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