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Apr 14, 2010


Happy 51st Birthday to our good friend GANGSTAkev. In and out of jail his whole life, landed in Skidrow and turned his life around! You deserve it bro.

RIF fam had to hook him up with 4 PURRS!!!

Started our day early with a mexican pizza that Juan and Carlos dropped off. Thanks guys!
This is perfectly normal in Little Tokyo, a bunch of ANIME fanatics dress up as their favorite anime character and start walking around attacking each other.

It was Nisei week in Little Tokyo so we took the time to walk around and check out all of the festivities. Looked pretty boring to me.

Since its Manny's Birthday tomorrow, I had him choose an early present.

Manny wouldn't let me take a picture of him jumping in the Spiderman jumper. He had his little 15 minutes of fun.

Multi tasking or what?!? Japanese people can do anything!

"sneaker shots" of the day
von x heffe


"couple sneaker shot"
of the day
hares x sjs

Mr. Shea driving all the way down from San Diego to buy him and his lady some fresh kicks, aww sooooo sweeeeet.

Mannyfresh's new favorite shirt. Someone buy him a white one.


brothers, haha jk!

thats his brother too!

The infamous Victor swung down to take the family out. Little Victor is getting soo big already! Visit my boy @ Union LA

This pitbull looks mighty hungry.

He definitely smells something....

sick em!!!!!

We added a few more display cases since we've been receiving a lot more precious GEMS.

Kyle & Jeremy swung down to show me a few vintage glasses they have to offer through their website, VINTAGEYE.COM.

Step your glasses up kids.

Edouches personal favorite. Fits perfectly with his style.
Thank you Sid for another bottle! Swedish Vodka tastes great, but dam thats strong!! I'll be sipping on this when I stay late working @ RIF.

I'm down to try ANY TRUCK that passes through Little Tokyo, because I'm tired of eating the same crap everyday. So thank you TABOMTRUCK for blessing us with some bomb brazilian food!

Time to try Brazilian Food for the first time, and time to gain about 5 lbs! You only live once! I'll give them a 8.5/10! Its a must try so follow these people on Twitter (TABOM!), and get off that Kogi Truck hype already, you damn beasts!

some brazilian carne asada burritos

#1 SODA in Brazil.
COXINHA (my favorite)
shredded chicken and cream cheese goes perfect together...
CACHORRO QUENTE (Brazilian Hot Dog)

We experienced finding a lot of disgusting things in consignment sellers boxes, from dirty ass socks, to dirty ass pornos, rolling paper, marijuana (thanks :)), and now THIS!

DIRTY BOXERS!!!! thats gross man, I quit.

Ya'll ready for the Playoffs?!? We got a special Laker tee coming out in a couple weeks, so we'll keep you posted!


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