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Apr 3, 2010


Our boy ARUN came all the way down from MINNEAPOLIS to finally peep out the store. He picked up some ds busy ps to bust his "fat joe" pose.

Steven from San Francisco agrees we should open our next spot in Norcal, what ya'll think? Maybe Haight St? DTSF? Japan Town? RIF SF?

My good friend SULI, aka "crazy legs" came down to drop off some George Lopez tickets so I can take out my wifey. He recently came back from NIKE Beaverton, so he showed me a gang of air jordans set to release, ya'll ain't ready! Thanks SULI!


sneaker shot of the day
If you all didnt know it will be JEFF's birthday this coming MONDAY the 5th. This will be JEFF's third birthday here at RIF and for the very FIRST time he will have his birthday OFF!

Arturo blessed us with some Dinos Chicken. Just in time for JEFF's pre birthday celebration..here at RIF.
Not only did ARTURO drop DINO's Chicken but another homie MIKEY dropped off a DELICIOUS UBE Birthday CAKE. LOVE you MIKEY ...XOXO

We couldnt have a Birthday cake without CANDLES.!
Here's EDOUCHE Getting JEFF's Birthday cake Prep-up.
Homie DARRYL focused on the cake(he hasnt eaten all day) , JEFF(the birthday boy) more excited than a hypebeast waiting for the next SB release... and Edouche just being Edouche.
Darryl excited for the festivities, JEFF ready to blow out his 16 candles and EDOUCHE burning his fingers trying to light the candles.
"its Jeffs birthday and he can cry if he wants toooo.....cry if he wanttssss toooo.."
"Happy Birthday toooo you, happy birth dayyy too youuu..happy birthday JEFFERY JAMES, Happy Birthday to you..."

"ohh shit what about the fire alarm?"- Ed
Jeff still feeling like he's 18 showing us his CLUTCH SHOT(like Kobe in the Fourth)..Look at that finesse
Jeff showing his Jumpman pose.. this will be the last time he'll be wearing his Jordan 23 Jersey. On monday he turns 24 years young also known as his 3rd year anniversary of being 21.

Next he Needs a KOBE #24 Jersey...does anyone wanna get him one for his BDAY?
Jeff First cousin MIKEY AKA Money Mike came just as our little shindig was wrapping up. Thanks again for the CAKE CUZZZ. LOVE you XOXOX
Thanks again to all our supporters and to all that are patiently waiting for email responses, picture requests, and orders.

REMEMBER if no one loves you RIF LOVES you XOXO

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFF, and Enjoy your Easter Weekend.


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