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Apr 20, 2010

HAPPY 4 2 0

LiL Homie rockin an old @ss RIF LOGO tee, gotta start em young.

Our boy drives out from San Bernadino almost every week just to cop some fresh kicks and chop it up, good times!

"Like Father, Like Son"

Their "sneaker shot".  

Shoot, wish my Pops was around...R.I.P. Pops

Our good friends Jerrick & Jonli swung down to talk "sneaker politics".  Make sure to check out their blog when you have the chance.


Probably one of the craziest die hard collectors serving the U.S. Army.  We appreciate you brotha!

All I can say is BUTTER.

"Damn Paolo what happen to you bro?"
Now its official.  I say you should keep this on forever now.

What!?! West Coasts favorite djs came through, DJ Eric Deluxe and DJ Echo.

Bet ya'll didn't know these two dudes had a big impact in the music industry.  Eric Deluxe was the first one to play Kid Cudi on POWER106 and DJ Echo was the first one to play Kanye West on 106.  So thank them for playing goooood music.

good peoples!

Homie Manny said he needed a new Myspace picture.  What ya'll think?

"We Are Heroes" & "Boxcuttuhz"

Its that time of the year, happy 420 to all the people who get LIFTED in life.  Thanks to all the people who dropped us off some goodies.


Mr. Dixon coming by on his weekly pick ups.  Wheres Montel Jordan man!?

Homie selling some Manny Pacquiao singed memorabilia.

This guy will be losing in a couple weeks. Sorry Mosely

This picture cost us $2.00! So feel free to save it to your desktop.
Happy 420 again from Mannyfresh.

Remember, don't do drugs kids.  Don't even try it.  Don't even smoke cigarettes.


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