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Apr 23, 2010


We can never turn down GOOD food from GOOD people. Its coming to the point where we don't even need to bring lunch money to work anymore because our supporters surprise us with so much good food, that sometimes we can't even finish it.

fish and chips, why not?

Good friend Jerome brought us down about 5LBS of BBQ from his Uncles spot. Thank you my friend.

Zach mashed down to show us his new 2009 Bianchi Pista only released in Italy. Step your fixie game up!
Nick and his boys came all the way down from Frisco to show some support, peep the shop and chat it up a bit. If you ever see 3 asian dudes with Jesus pieces, then make sure to tell em we said wutup!

"sneaker shot" of the day.

The infamous shoewolf came down to donate some shoes and extra goodies for the less fortunate people of Los Angeles. Finally great meeting you my friend!

Our philosophy @ RIF LA is
"GOOD people, helping GOOD people".

You don't know how happy people get when they are given things they actually need. Its a great feeling! Bags and bags of goodies.
Edouche and Jimmys girl talking some serious business. Peep Jenns website (ETIKLAB)

Millionaire Chilly Willy came through with some gifts for the RIF employees. You better come down with your ferrari this weekend!

This is why hes a millionaire. His family distributes DRUGS all over the world, GOOD drugs that is. Thanks for the Japanese vitamins, now I can live as long as a Japanese person.

Homie Walker Sanchez came down to pick up his consignment check and gave us the good news he was accepted to UCSD. Congrats from the RIF fam.

gnite ya'll.

85 pairs of "new arrivals" just updated! Lets go!


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