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Apr 29, 2010


Dam...we need a bigger stock room lol

Someone came in rockin the highly anticipated Chicago X Retros

Longtime customer and consignment seller, Rey Fernandez, came down to contribute donations for the less fortunate people of Los Angeles. We'll be making another run probably next week sometime, so if you have any shoes to donate, please feel free to drop them off anytime. Thanks guys!

So one of our friends is looking to make a quick sale and is in desperate need to sell these '99 white/cement IV's size US 10, brand new condition for $450 shipped. The catch is he needs them to be $OLD before Sunday, so if you interested feel free to email us. ( mail@rif.la )

bubble is super clear...
Since Gangsta Kev is all cleaned up and moving forward with his life. We started our new project. We are please to introduce to you "Dirty Jay" from the South Bay... please let us remind you that we did not give him this name , this is the name that he calls himself.

We hooked him up with some grub and a nice pair of shoes. We actually chit chatted awhile about the current state of HIP HOP. This dude knows his HIP HOP, he loves LIL WAYNE HAHA.

You know these guys don't need introduction..BLACKHIPPY (minus Absoul) take over! It was Jay Rock's first visit at the shop, mad humble dude. These cats are definitely changing the West Coast game as we speak.. rest of you cats better step your bars up!


Homie Kevin Lee came down to bless me and Ed with a late Birthday present. $50 each for Kabuki will definitely hit the spot, thanks brotha! Let us know when you can get 4 rows behind the Lakers bench again (ITS ON ED!)

Little does Edouche know, I took his too!

Mr.Quimson and Mrs.Quimson just introduced us to some Maple flavor Kit Kats.
salamat man. Taste like maple syrup...


Anonymous said...

I finally finished going threw all the page in the blog [2day process]
R.I.F. LA is one of my new top blogs to visit

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